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Makers of Touchgrind and Labyrinth comes SWAY! Great Game, Unique, and beautifully evaluated. NO CRASHES! Great Soundtrack. This games feelign is alot like Little Big Planet. Thanks For Watching Please Subscribe.
8 Mar 2009
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www.ipodsandmacs.blogspot**** SpaceX begins with a spaceship taking on enemies in somewhat Galaga-style action. The ship is controlled with either your finger or by tilting the iPhone/iPod touch. The controls are quite responsive — the ship moves both from left to right and up and down on the screen so you can shoot enemies and snag upgrades that float across.
27 Feb 2009
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www.ipodsandmacs.blogspot**** iBowl's gameplay is pretty simple. It's a bowling game so all you have to do is roll a virtual bowling ball towards a group of pins on a realistically rendered bowling lane. It's as simple as that, and yet I really find this game pretty interesting and entertaining at the same time. SGN made sure that this game would not turn to be just another virtual bowling game by introducing another element of fun in the game. And it is through the way way you control the bowling ball.
27 Feb 2009
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The first thing that hits you about Fastlane is the games graphics quality. Fastlane is the best looking iPhone racer, hands down. Whats more, the game runs at a decent framerate and experiences very few slow-downs. Of course, youre racing only three other vehicles and the on-road traffic is at a bare minimum, but stillits a lovely looking game.
1 Mar 2009
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Zen Bound is a calm and meditative puzzle game about wrapping wooden sculptures with rope. A game in which a high score is not the goal - instead it is something to focus on and enjoy at your own relaxed pace.
28 Feb 2009
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4 Mar 2009
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******* This is one casual, addictive, and mind-bending puzzle game that is destined to become an instant classic.
18 Nov 2009
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Get ready to feel the rhythm as you tap your touch screen! The controls are simple: just tap the panel when the arrows coming from the bottom of the screen line up with the arrows at the top. Features a selection of the greatest DDR tunes, a huge cast.
6 Mar 2009
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Behind a champion there's always a great team. Are you ready to be that team and to demonstrate to the whole World who is the faster? PitChallenge for iPhone/iTouch is the game that allows you to perform a real pit-stop: jacks, gas-line, tires, lollipop. Everything's in your hands... well, in your fingers! A World HiScore is waiting for you, if you'll be fast enough to deserve it. Are you ready to challenge? Be faster!
10 Mar 2009
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In the iPhone podcast's maiden voyage, we tackle zombie games and the new Brothers in Arms title in our news section. There are also reviews of SciFly, SPiN and Midnight Pool. To subscribe via iTunes, just head here: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=300280568
11 Mar 2009
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This week we take a look at a juicy Metal Gear Solid rumour and review Brothers In Arms: Hour of Victory, Toy Bot Diaries: Entry 2 and Guitar Rock Tour. To subscribe via iTunes just head here: *******tinyurl****/amgg99
14 Mar 2009
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There are three big hitters on the review list this time, including Hero of Sparta, I Love Katamari and Low Grav Racer.To subscribe via iTunes just head here:*******tinyurl****/amgg99
13 Mar 2009
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Konami gets busy with iPhone versions of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill plus reviews of Rolando, The Fast and the Furious: Pink Slip and Sim City. To subscribe via iTunes just go here: *******tinyurl****/amgg99
12 Mar 2009
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Two new award-winning games are iPhone bound and the platform's first GTA clone, Payback bears its teeth. All that plus reviews of Laze, Silent Hill: The Escape and Bike or Die 2. To subscribe via iTunes, click the link below: *******tinyurl****/amgg99
13 Mar 2009
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In episode 6 there's news of a new iPhone snooker game, a attack helicopter game and a rastafarian primate game. There are also reviews of Edge, Pop and Crayon Physics deluxe. To subscribe via iTunes click below: *******tinyurl****/amgg99
21 Jun 2009
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Some fresh Underworld news and first looks at the hot new titles, Sway and Hysteria. All that plus full hands-on reviews of Radio Flare, Paper Pilot and Orion: Legend of Wizards. To subscribe via iTunes just click here: *******tinyurl****/amgg99
13 Mar 2009
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