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******* Nur eine kurze Vorführung der sehr bekannten, kostenlosen iPhone iPint Anwendung
24 Jul 2008
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My Top 10 Free Apps For Iphone/Ipod Touch 1) Tap Tap Revenge 2) MySpace 3) Ipint 4) Zippo 5) Forture 6) Lightsaber 7) MiniPiano 8) Banner Free 9) Pac Man Lite 10) My Panit Free Ir0nIsland Is Awsome With A Iphone ^-^ =D Ir0nIsland: ***********/Ir0nIsland Check Out!!!! *******steviet7.blogspot**** AND *******www.blogtv****/People/steviet7
14 Dec 2009
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In this video, I give my initial thoughts on the iPhone 2.0 software. If you recall, I was excited about the new firmware (v2.0) moreso than the new iPhone 3G hardware. My excitement was well warranted as the iTunes App Store is absolutely amazing! The applications are abundant (there are plenty of free ones out there) and while I've only spent $5, I have almost 5 pages of apps! Some of my favorite apps are Pandora, Remote, Tap Tap Revenge, and Tuner, to name a few. Overall, I think Apple hit a home run with iPhone software 2.0. I feel like I have a new device without spending a dime!
31 Jan 2009
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300.000 views :O Watch my new top 10! ***********/watch?v=2N8jDIs5Qr4&feature=channel_page The apps were: #15 Banner Free #14 iSlots #13 Drummer NOTE: This app isn't free anymore. it's 1$! #12 Knots #11 Tap Tap Revenge #10 Cube Runner #9 iChoose #8 Scratch #7 BiiBallLite #6 Scribble #5 Remote #4 iPint Note! In order to download this app, you will need to set your iTunes account to an age of 17+! Also you can't get this app if your account is set up for the United States! -Thanks to felipeprost for the info about iPint! #3 LightSaber #2 Aurora Feint #1 MotionX Dice All of them are available for free on App Store
20 Sep 2009
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