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******* ....Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Black 7th Generation
18 Jan 2012
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*******www.AppleiPodTouch16gb**** This video reviews and compares the iPod shuffle, nano, classic and touch.
16 Dec 2008
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This video at the very least will show you how to get files onto your iPod. iPod and iTunes will play: audio.MP3, audio.AAC, audio.M4P, video.M4V and video.MOV iPod will not play WMA or WMV, sorry.
21 Aug 2010
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18 May 2011
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*******www.ipod.cindybug****Cheap iPod NanoiPod Nano Instructions
4 Jun 2011
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*******www.badgizmorepair**** This repair guide will show you how to replace your old worn out battery in your iPod 6th Generation Classic.
18 Jun 2011
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*******www.ipod.cindybug****ipod classic reviewapple
5 Jun 2011
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The NEW 7th Generation iPod Menu!!!!
13 Oct 2007
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*******www.freegifthome****** claim your free iPod touch now Discover how to claim your free iPod with this video, learn the business model behing this new marketing technique and how to take advantage of it.
4 May 2008
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I just got my replacement iPod from apple, the service was great, and I made a little unboxing video. If you're having trouble with your iPod, check out *********** Don't try surfing the web randomly, everything you need is either on the forums, or available in the various articles. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Jul 2008
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How to fix a frozen IPod in 55 seconds. Visit my website at www.askrbushman****
30 Jul 2008
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Cool site if you wanna cheap ipod touch, archos media player, iriver mp3 players and much more check it out www.thismp3player****
10 Dec 2010
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31 Dec 2008
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Go to ******* if you want to get a free ipod today! Choose your favourite mp3 player and get one for free! U.S. citizens only. Special giveaway going on, so act fast. There is no other place to get Ipod for free!
21 Aug 2009
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16 Mar 2010
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Claim your free iPod in 3 simple steps. Join the thousands of other users that have already received theirs. www.freeipodsuk****
12 Jun 2010
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