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the new ipods seve jobs annuce,ipod touch, ipod, nano, ipod classic. enjoy
6 Sep 2007
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Watch how to get an ipod touch - completely free of charge!!!
18 Sep 2007
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Some of the characteristics of the new apple toy, the iPod Touch. It is like the iPhone but without the phone.
21 Sep 2007
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*******www.freeipodtouchoffer****/default.aspx?r=906451 No credit cards!...ipod touch shuffle ipodtouch nano apple mac steve jobs reviews no credit cards
21 Sep 2007
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iPod Touch Scratch Test scren
9 Oct 2007
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this is the way to get a free ipod touch this site is totally legit and has been reviewed in the news *******youtube****/watch?v=eyG-Gg0PQ3E ^^^ thats the url for the news review copy and paste this url to your adress bar to get your free ipod *******ipods.freepay****/?r=40952732 it might look like a scam but trust me its not i thought the same thing until i saw it in the news
3 Nov 2007
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iPod Touch from Apple.Inc. - The revolutionary iPod Touch puts all entertainment just at your fingertips. Find out the latest iPod Touch reveiw at *******shop-directories****/ipod-touch-16gb/
10 Nov 2007
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1:16 - Wie man einen Kaledereintrag im ipod touch vornehmen kann
25 Nov 2007
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Complete, hands on review of the iPod Touch. This review covers unboxing, set up, and basic navigation. It also covers listening to music, watching video, and surfing the web. Pros and cons discussed. Learn about the iPod Touch and decide for yourself whether it is worth the price. Learn more at TheDigitalLounge****/Touch. Brought to you by The Digital Lounge (www.TheDigitalLounge****). Please rate and comment on this video. Your feedback is appreciated.
27 Nov 2007
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Crayon Physics port to iPhone and iPod touch. This is a demo of an early version of the game. Thanks to r4m0n for the app! For further information, please visit *******www.iphone.r4m0n****/
7 Dec 2007
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Samsung P2 against Apple's iPod Touch to see which interface is most user friendly.
31 Dec 2007
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This video will teach you how to downgrade your ipod touch/ iphone to firmware 1.1.1 and jailbreak it. I am not held relponsible for this and I did not create these websites. Here are some mentioned in the video Downgrade to 1.1.1 for 1.1.1
2 Jan 2008
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Get new iPhone 5 for free - www.iphone5promo****uf**** How to jail break an iPod Touch or iPhone. Jail Breaking is when you hack an iPod Touch or iPhone to run illegal applications. I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your iPod Touch or iPhone. If you do this it is at your own risk. Also doing this will void your warranty. Do NOT do this if you don't understand this video. Once again I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong. Enjoy the Vid :)
4 Jan 2008
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