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Iran Air Force
7 Sep 2009
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iranian f-14 ready for take off
9 Sep 2009
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New Iranian Attack Helicopter Shahed 285 with 2 variants Naval & Ground Iran Military, Iran Navy, Iran Air Force, Iran, IRGC, sepah vs Israel Military, Artesh Iranian Aircraft, Helicopters, New Helicopters
25 Dec 2009
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IRAN military IRAN AIR FORCE IRIAF IIAF-Military of Iran T-72 Type-59 T-54 T-55 Type-69 BMP-2 M-113A1/A2 D-30 M-46/Type-59-1 WAC-21 GHN-45 M-71 FH-77B G-5 Thunder 1Thunder 2 M-109 M-1978 Type-63 Haseb Fadjir 1 Hadid/Arash/Noor BM-21 BM-11 Type 81 RM-70 M-1985 Fadjir 3 Fadjir 5 Shahin-1/-2 AH-1J Shabaviz 209-1 CH-47C Bell 214 Mi-8/-17 AK-47 PKT-80 G-3 Su-25K F-5E/F TIGER II F-14 TOMCAT F-4D/E / RF-4E PHANTOM إيران- القوات الجوية الايرنية -- سلاح جو الجمهورية الإيرانية- سلاح الجو الإمبراطوري الإيراني القوات المسلحة الإيرانية Iran Military IRGC IRAN military Irani millitary exercises Iran's military wargame Military of Iran F-4D/E / RF-4E PHANTOM F-5E/F TIGER II F-14 TOMCAT MiG-29A/UB Su-25K RF-4E RF-5 C-130E/H Mig-29UB F-5B
2 Mar 2010
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Qaher-313 (Conqueror-313) advanced military aircraft was put on display during a ceremony on Saturday in the presence of Commander of Iran's Army Major General Ataollah Salehi, Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi and Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Brigadier General Hassan Shah-Safi on the occasion of the Ten-Day Dawn celebrations commemorating the victory of 1979 Islamic Revolution.
15 Feb 2013
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