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iRock inside Led T-shirt
10 Sep 2009
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0:42 is the best place to buy LED Electro Luminescence iRock-Inside Funny Gadgets Rave Party Disco Light T Shirt 12016 Men's Short Sleeved T Shirts. Find out more here:
3 Aug 2011
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This keyboard is very much like a standard short throw mac keyboard but with the bonus that the keys light up!
16 Jul 2009
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my camaro burning rubber sliding around at auto cross races drifting at auto cross races and spinning out at a track in 06' also a friends IROCK and my wifes 99 SS doing a burn out at a track
4 Jan 2008
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WATCH THE iROCK SKINNIES OFFICIAL VIDEO NOW IT'S DOPE!!!!! [sorry about the missing "s" in skinnies and the missing "z" in boyz i was in a rush] comment and subscribe if you like! taking any song request or lyric video request
28 Sep 2011
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DISCLAIMER I OWN NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO!!!! LYRICS BELOW: chorus : iROCk skinnies(I iROCK SKiNNIES) iROCk skinnies(I iROCK SKiNNIES) iFRESH( ima independent jerk) iFRESH( ima independent jerk) iJERk solo iJERK so low iJERk solo iJERK so low verse 1(j-giz) new kid on the block yeah iNOT single but new kid on the block and yo kid on my jock not faboulous but im so into my watch(huh) call me taco dude and I crack that jerk like the macho dude(unhuH) and im not cho dude and I gets my cheese like the nacho dude (aaaye) iWORK iFLIRT iJERK iJERK til my side bones hurt (yurp)(laughing) Flow so sick when I rap iBURP And I laugh and them lames who chirp (yurp) Freshboyz so VIP And we smile at them dudes with the fake I.D(dont do that) (huh)Cuz you fake I see And my flow so silly like V.I.C Chorus 2(repeated) Verse 2 (infant saint) iCOCKY iFLIRT iWORK with my X-wear shirt yeah you know iJERK(jerk jerk jerk jerk) and you know I cant iNOT as think as DRUNK iAM yeah you know iDRUNK the way iROCK the skinny jeans yeah you know iPUNK but punk iNOT iWAY too sick ima independent jerk thats so legit and the chicks iWITH wanna take my pik(cheese) Cuz they see iCOCKY and they know iTHE (lAughing) And they see my fit (fit) Creatives on my feet iKNOW you see my kicks And iFLIP my chicks Like iJUST gotta aim on my sidekick(laughing) You see what I do My jerk strike lightning like picachu Oh yeah on the way I go Ima independent jerk that jerk solo (aaaa) Chorus 3(repeated ) verse 3 (perodinj) hello world (perodinj) jerkin is a habbit jerk jerkin is a habbit so I stay with my skinny jeans and a extra bag a kicks freshboy entertainment yeah thats where im from and club frozen where the crew goes n get dumb and my jerk on lean 2 steppin in the club like I sipped codine Like ya boy got green Like ya boy so mean And my super cocky so you know it sting Like what you mean Give me a quarter and you can have it like a bubble machine Cuz my jerk so mean I turn heads when I come thru Got them that you only see on youtube Jerkin so right lanes stop and just look dude Independent jerk is what ya boy thru Chorus 4(repeated) Check out the Official Video for iRock Skinnies! Link Below:
31 Oct 2011
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Andy shaving his armpits at 2:26 in the mornig..... "haven't you heard of personal space??" lmfaoo
4 Sep 2008
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16 Nov 2010
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IRock Elims
6 Sep 2009
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Season 1 1#iPilot : 2#iWant More Viewers: 3#iDream of Dance: 4#iLike Jake: 5#iWanna Stay With Spencer: 6#iNevel: 7#iScream on Halloween: 8#iSpy a Mean Teacher: 9#iWill Date Freddie: 10#iWant a World Record: 11#iRue the Day: 12#iPromise not to Tell: 13#iAm your Biggest Fan: 14#iHeart Art: 15#iHate Sam's Boyfriend: 16#iHatch Chicks: 17#iDon't want to Fight: 18#iPromote Techfoots: 19#iGot Detention: 20#iStakeout: 21#iMight Switch Schools: 22#iFence: 23#iCarly Saves TV: 24#iWin a Date: 25#iHave a Lovesick Teacher: Season 2: 1#iSaw Him First: 2#iStage an Intervention: 3#iOwe You: 4#iHurt Lewbert: iGo to Japan(Movie): 5#iPie: 6#iChristmas: 7#iKiss: 8#iGive Away A Car: 9#iRocked the Vote: 10#Meet Fred: 11#iLook Alike: 12#iWant My Website Back: 13#iMake Sam Girlier: 14#iGo Nuclear: 15#iHate Sam's Boyfriend: 16#iDate a Bad Boy: 17#iReunite with Missy: 18#iTake on Dingo: 19#iMust have Locker 239: 20#iTwins: or 21#iFight Shelby Marx: or Season 3: 1#.iThink They Kissed: 0N5 2#.iCook: EKQK3 3#.iSpeed Date: Z 4#.iCarly Awards: EAB 5#.iCarly iHave My Principals: UBXBW9S or 6#:iCarly iFind Lewbert's Lost Love: 7#:iCarly iMove Out: 8#iquit icarly: if it dosnt work click ths link
19 Dec 2009
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