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Moussah is a young man who has a hard time keeping his interest in women in check. For him, temptation is ever-present. With a friend already ill with HIV/AIDS, he is well aware of the dangers he faces. His male friends tell him about the prevention strategy they've chosen as an alternative to condoms. They feel it corresponds well to where they are in their lives right now. But poor Moussah doesn't realise that the expression they are using - "iron underpants" - is their way of talking about "mind over matter" in the sexual realm.... As a result, he gets himself into a hilarious mess! By Fanta Régina Nacro, Burkina Faso, based on an original idea by Malick Diop Yade, aged 18, from Pikine, Senegal Scenarios from the Sahel is a unique collection of 13 films exploring the issue of HIV/Aids in Africa. The films combine humour, drama and animation with information about the nature of HIV/AIDS and the best forms of prevention. They provide an insight into the daily experience of living with the disease as experienced by people of all ages in Africa. In 1997, thousands of young people under 25 in Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso took part in a contest inviting them to come up with ideas for short films on HIV/AIDS. The contest was so successful that a second contest was held in early 2000. Special emphasis in this contest was placed on encouraging girls/young women, rural youth, and young people who do not attend school to participate. Scores of organisations worked in partnership to bring the conteststo communities, and almost 22,000 young people took part. Scenarios from the Sahel (now known as Scenarios From Africa) is a community mobilisation, education and media project. It offers children and young people the opportunity to work with international directors in the production of short fiction films to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. For more information about Scenarios From Africa please visit the Global Dialogues Site here: *******www.globaldialogues**** To watch more great films about HIV and AIDS in Africa please visit the OneWorldTV Site here: *******tv.oneworld****
8 Apr 2008
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Compare, find and review the best available deals for Iron Man on the Nintendo Wii at CheckCost UK. Visit us at *******www.checkcost******/video-games/
8 Apr 2008
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This guy sits on a chair and lets his buddy whack him in the head with a large ironing board.
12 Apr 2008
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Alan Heap, MD of Global Commodity Analysis, Citi Investment Research, comments on the importance of India in the iron ore exports equation, iron ore price negs & fears of the U.S going into recession. For more Info visit www.informa****.au/ironore
15 Apr 2008
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Iron Chef Japan returns on Fine Living Network! In this clip, Italian pasta master Marco Molinari uses some crazy pasta-making technique to try to oust Iron Chef Morimoto. Does he succeed?..... Iron Chef airs M-F at 11pm starting May 5th
10 May 2008
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From bananas to sea urchins to live eel….. the secret ingredient is what makes Iron Chef Japan so awesome (well, that and the voice overs). Iron Chef Japan is back, only on Fine Living Network, every M-F at 11pm starting May 5th
16 Apr 2008
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Morimoto hacks up a giant sea bass – pretty gross, but pretty badass too. Iron Chef Japan is coming back, M-F at 11pm starting May 5th, only on Fine Living Network
7 Oct 2008
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The Iron Chef Japan secret ingredient this week – King Crab... Those crabs are huge! Check out Iron Chef Japan on Fine Living Network, M-F at 11pm starting May 5th
3 May 2008
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Rejoice! Iron Chef is coming back, this time on Fine Living Network. Check out the chef’s crazy kitchen skills every weeknight at 11pm only on FLN
15 Apr 2008
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Iron Man Trailer To Be Full-Length Film
7 May 2008
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Iron Man flying clip – IN CINEMAS 2nd May’
17 Apr 2008
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Learn All About Iron Man: Legacy Of Doom #1 On Shazap****
21 Apr 2008
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Learn All About Iron Man #28 Right Here On Shazap****
22 May 2008
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Learn All About The Iron Man Video Game Right Here On Shazap****
21 Apr 2008
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I met Iron Man son!!!!
21 Apr 2008
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Doug Hammer, PGA, from Talking Stick Golf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz say making solid contact is the key to hitting the golf ball farther. But a proper impact position with an iron is significantly different than that of a driver. Learn how to do both correctly.
2 Apr 2010
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