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Tom Huelin demonstrates a quick workout using the stability ball. x10 Training is Tom's ultimate workout system and this video is aimed at people who have used the stability ball before. To find out more about Tom visit:
16 Jan 2009
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In the summer of 2007, G4S launched an innovative sports programme to support a group of aspiring young athletes from around the world. With the advice and support of leading sporting bodies and National Olympic Committees, fourteen young sportsmen and women who demonstrated the strong set of values required to develop and compete at the highest level were identified and selected to join G4S 4teen. The programme also attracted the support of double Olympic Gold medallist and global sporting icon Haile Gebrselassie. In this video we see Haile mentoring one of the G4S 4Teen, Pauline Korikwiang of Kenya. She is aiming for success at London 2012.
11 Mar 2009
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*******hitting4power**** - Coach Dan is a little bit nervous for the next 4 years for a very unique reason. Find out if Coach Dan thinks Barack Obama knows where to start, has the ability to hit the goals that he is aiming for, & can follow through strong!
22 Jan 2009
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*******vitalcoaching****/wakeupyourpower.htm *******vitalcoaching****/coaching.htm New mind set! - Concept - Life is a white canvas - Life is a path to self realization - Life is an opportunity to make money - Life is an experiment - Life is a game - Life is a play - Life is a training ground - The goal of the game is life mastery - Everything that happens in life is aimed at training you to achieve that - - See every situation in life as a challenge in that game - The goal is to win - Help you win that game - Coaching is Easy! - Urgent feed back! - Non secheduled sessions -
16 Feb 2009
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*******www.DominicButler**** I'm proud to present this presentation to you. This video is aimed at the business opportunity seeker who needs some sort of guidance in what to get into. It's got a few navigational pointers that will help you out. Enjoy! Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Feb 2009
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The course is aimed at students aged 16-19 years, who prefer to spend time with their peers in Vienna. Lessons take place at the ActiLingua-Dependance Sacré Coeur, which is situated directly next-to the ActiLingua Academy. With its spacious park and many sports facilities it is well epuipped for housing a youth course in summer.
7 Oct 2009
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This episode of The Web Mix is aimed at pet lovers. We look at sites on the web for communities for pet owners and their pets, as well as places to share photos and videos of your pet and get information on pet health.
7 Mar 2009
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*******www.bodykini**** The Bodykini swimwear is designed with the respect of Islamic values and is aimed to enhance the lifestyle of the active Muslim women. *******www.bodykini****
6 Jun 2010
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*******www.thefa****/TheFA/Respect/ Hollywood tough guy Ray Winstone shows his support for The FA’s Respect Parent Guide to Youth Football Winstone is here to promote The FA’s new Respect Parent Guide after research showed that more than 7,000 youngsters had hung up their boots over the last couple of years due to pressure from the sidelines. Winstone believes that parents need to lose the “win at all costs” attitude and bring some enjoyment back to the game: “Kids want their parents to watch them play football but they want to be supported by them, not embarrassed. The FA Respect programme has already had a major breakthrough in the grassroots game with dissent figures showing an 8% improvement nationwide on last season’s totals while 567 leagues have shown their support by becoming Respect Leagues. With one in three matches taking place across the country without a qualified match official, The FA is aiming to recruit 8,000 new referees by 2012. Other FA plans to improve pitch side behaviour include teaming up with the Football Foundation to provide grants for Respect Barriers which ensure that spectators are standing well away from the touchline at youth football games. Check out www.TheFA****/respect for more info on The FA’s new Respect Parent Guide Uploaded for the FA
6 Nov 2009
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www.unigo**** Villanova students have a lot to say about what happens on their campus - and their voices make change happen. This week we look at students' issues with dining on campus and how the University is aiming to address their concerns.
24 Mar 2009
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The Pars (Anatolian Leopard) armored personnel carrier is design and developed by the Turkish FNSS company, teamed with the US GPV. The Pars APC was first publicly revealed in 2005 with a 8x8 chassis configuration, however it is also available in 4x4 6x6 and 10x10 configurations. This family of armored vehicles is aimed at Turkish Land Forces Command requirement and export customers. The Pars has a modular design and can be fitted with various armament fits, including external and turret mounted armament. Vehicle can accommodate one- or two-men turrets. The 8x8 Pars has a crew of two and can carry up 12 troops. Over 8 tones of cargo can be carried in place of the troops. The APC has an active hydropneumatic suspension system. It enables to adjust ground clearance electronically or to lean vehicle in any direction. Ground clearance is adjusted depending on road conditions. The Pars is also fitted with a central tyre inflation system. Vehicle is fully amphibious without preparation. On water it is propelled by spinning it's wheels, however hydrojets are optional. The Pars can be airlifted inside the C17 or the future A400M transport aircraft
20 Apr 2009
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21 Apr 2009
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The Bee3POD is a simple solution for carrying heavy shopping loads on the rear of a push bike. The device clips onto standard bike racks and allows the user to hang a large reusable bag on either side of the rack. It can also be clipped onto a shopping trolley, enabling the user to directly load the Bee3POD when checking out. At home, the Bee3POD can be easily unclipped and brought indoors for unloading. The Bee3POD and the empty recyclable carrier bags can then be rolled up and stored for future use. This intrinsically supports shopping bag reuse. The Bee3POD can also be used by commuters as it can carry a full-sized suit bag folded in half allowing for a suit, shirt and shoes to be transported, as well as a shopping load if required. According to the Department of Transport, 96% of cycle owners in the UK currently shop by car, taxi, bus or on foot. Lightweight and convenient, the Bee3POD is the breakthrough that opens up a new way to shop for millions of UK consumers. It is aimed at urban cycle owners who live within 3 miles of a supermarket, who now have the option to shop by bike for health, time, cost or environmental reasons.
7 May 2009
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A new annual review from Scientific American is aimed at “fostering a worldwide innovation climate with clarity, not clichés.” The report is called Scientific American Worldview: A Global Biotechnology Perspective. Yali Friedman, author of Building Biotechnology, and Jeremy Abbate discuss the report at the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s annual convention, providing a look at areas where innovation thrives and where it does not. They also discuss the impact of the global economic crisis on innovation. Friedman is also managing editor of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology and lead editorial consultant for Scientific American Worldview. Jeremy Abbate is the director of Global Media Solutions for Scientific American. BIO represents more than 1,200 biotechnology companies, academic institutions and state biotechnology centers in the United States and 30 other nations. To see Friedman and Abbate discussing the scorecard go to, click on BIO Innovation and play or download the video. If you are a news station and have access to Pathfire, this story is also available on Pathfire DMG. Click on the binoculars, select advanced search tab, highlight DWJ archive, and use keywords: BIO Innovation This segment is underwritten by the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Contact: Cynthia Boseski DWJ Television moreinfodwjtv****
21 May 2009
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Egg preservation is available with oocyte cryopreservation program in India at a less cost. Oocyte cryopreservation is a rapidly advancing, breakthrough technology in which a woman’s eggs are extracted, frozen and stored. Later, when she is ready to become pregnant, the eggs can be thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos. Oocyte cryopreservation is aimed at three particular groups of women those diagnosed with cancer, those undergoing assisted reproductive technologies and those who would like to preserve their future ability to have children. Oocyte cryopreservation program in India is important for individuals undergoing IVF In Vitro Fertilization).The egg-retrieval several weeks of hormone injections and hormonal contraception in order to stop ovulation, followed by more hormone injections to stimulate ovaries and ripen multiple eggs. Oocyte cryopreservation program in India is rapidly becoming the favorite option for women due to less expenses and giant growth in this area of medicine. The preservation program is provided at various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. You can enjoy varied tour packages with the your treatment through medical tourism in India. Get more info on Oocyte cryopreservation program in India at *******www.indianmedguru**** or mail us at contactindianmedguru****
30 Sep 2009
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*******www.omejo****/ This zippo style Lighter Camera DVR is aimed at market demonstration of a MINI DV product, has advanced digital camera industry, sound recordingmobile storage function, novel appearance refined, beautifulpractical, easy to carry. Here is a hi-tech gadget that appears it could have come from Q's laboratory. Who would believe that this Zippo-style case does not contain a lighter, but instead actually contains a digital camera capable of holding video recording? This lighter camera uses brand new technology to capture highly-detailed videos with incredibly clear video compress file sizes. After all, it wouldn't be terribly stealthy stopping in the middle of a "mission" to insert another memory card, would it? of course not.because it's built in 4GB menmory .so no need to insert another memory card.Sneaking a video indoors is also inconspicuous thanks to omejo technology that allows you to take clear videos in day light without using a flash. Of course, you can also capture video clips with sound, so you can record that elusive piece of evidence wherever you may find it. This little gadget can also come in handy when you need to take a quick mental note, thanks to its voice recording function. This tiny little gem will record up to 2hours of resolution 640x480 clear video, so you don't forget any important pieces of information.i think that everyday businessman who aspires to get one... Specification: 130 million pixels CMOS 65 degree Angle Minimum 1Lux illuminance Storage temperature - - 80 The operating temperature - 10 degrees - 50 Operating humidity 15-85 RH Storage capacity : max support 8G card Video :(video codec adopt Motion JPEG), recorded video : AVI format ., 640 * 480 VGA (15 fps) USB1.1/2.0 Operating system Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP/MAS OS/LINUX/VISTA32 Charging time: 2 hours *******www.omejo****/ *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=251 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=251 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=254 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=234 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=236 Omejo technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Tel: 86-755-83316811 Fax: 86-755-83319595 Email:salesomejo**** sales1omejo**** URL: *******www.omejo**** *******shop.omejo**** MSN:salesomejo**** sales1omejo**** Head Office:16D/118# ,Yitian Village, Fuqiang Road , Futian District , Shenzhen,China Zip Code: 518000
10 Sep 2009
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