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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 The following conditions or situations are linked to a higher risk of developing kidney disease: a family history of kidney disease age - chronic kidney disease is much more common among people over 60 atherosclerosis bladder obstruction chronic glomerulonephritis congenital kidney disease kidney disease which is present at birth diabetes - one of the most common risk factors hypertension lupus erythematosis overexposure to some toxins sickle cell disease some medications Complications of chronic kidney disease If the chronic kidney disease progresses to kidney failure, the following complications are possible: anemia central nervous system damage dry skin - or skin color changes fluid retention hyperkalemia - blood potassium levels rise, which can result in heart damage insomnia lower sex drive male erectile dysfunction ostemalacia - bones become weak and break easily pecarditis - the sac-like membrane that envelops the heart (pericardium) becomes inflamed stomach ulcers weak immune system
28 Apr 2017
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www herbscellnutrition com Afib Symptoms And Treatment - What Is The Best Afib Treatment? Many people with atrial fibrillation or those who are undergoing certain treatments for atrial fibrillation are at especially high risk of blood clots that can lead to stroke. The risk is even higher if other heart disease is present along with atrial fibrillation. Your doctor may prescribe blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants) such as: Warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven). Warfarin may be prescribed to prevent blood clots. If you're prescribed warfarin, carefully follow your doctor's instructions. Warfarin is a powerful medication that may cause dangerous bleeding. You'll need to have regular blood tests to monitor warfarin's effects. Newer anticoagulants. Several newer blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants) are available. These medications are shorter acting than warfarin and don't require monitoring. Also, these medications are not approved for people who have mechanical heart valves. It's very important to take these medications exactly as prescribed. Dabigatran (Pradaxa) is an anticoagulant medication that's as effective as warfarin at preventing blood clots that can lead to strokes, and doesn't require blood tests to make sure you're getting the proper dose. Many people have spells of atrial fibrillation and don't even know it so you may need lifelong anticoagulants even after your rhythm has been restored to normal.
1 May 2017
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HealthyLife is presenting some fun tongue twister phrases for children and their friends. Try each tongue twister at least 3 times fast. But we want to challenge you to go for 7 times! So, Are you Ready?
4 May 2017
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Finally, when you make a decision of selling your business, you have to consider how the business will be marketed as it is one of the most important things you should be doing. A significant segment of the sale process is the way it is presented to the buyers, and a business which is marketed well is very likely to attract serious bidders.
5 May 2017
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Living off the grid you must take advantage of renewable energy. This renewable resource originates from several sources, consisting of sun, wind and water, to start with ... Researchers are constantly on the lookout for more ways of making green energy. Here are the 2 types you must understand now. Living off the Grid: - Advantages of Solar Power i. The energy that originates from simply one hour of sun suffices to supply energy for a year for the whole world ii. A battery can be used to store off grid solar power for evenings and cloudy days iii. Solar panels on a roof work when the sun's rays strike the cells in the panel and electrons are released, producing energy iv. Using solar power will typically provide a saving of $100+ each month on utility costs for the property owners of off grid homes . Living off the Grid: - Advantages of Wind Energy i. When wind goes through the blades of a turbine that is connected to a generator, the energy produced by the spin is converted into electrical energy ii. A single large wind turbine can provide electricity for around 500 off grid homes iii. Last year, 42 % of the houses that were geared up with a source of off grid power used wind iv. Unlike most other sources of energy, wind utilizes hardly any water; not only is wind energy carbon neutral, it helps water conservation also v. There is around 10 times the amount of wind available in the U.S. than is needed to supply power for the whole country vi. Wind energy is presently the fastest-growing source of renewable energy: - Around two wind farms are set up weekly in the U.S. For living off the grid, the facts indicate that the advantages of solar power combined with the advantages of wind energy now exceed any advantages that fossil fuels may have had. However it is probably down to individuals to begin the shift to a larger scale adoption, so that we may all enjoy living off the grid.
13 May 2017
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*******www.masteryourlifevideos****. The power of now is present moment awareness of unconditional love. Create your life in the present moment of now for self improvement. Richard Blackstone can help
10 Nov 2009
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The totality is present
8 Jul 2010
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Seductive, fearless, and outrageous, Marina Abramović has been redefining what art is for nearly 40 years. Using her own body as a vehicle, pushing herself beyond her limits – and at times risking her life in the process – she creates performances that challenge, shock, and move us. MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ THE ARTIST IS PRESENT follows the artist as she prepares for what may be the most important moment of her life: a major new retrospective of her work, taking place at The Museum of Modern Art. To be given a retrospective at one of the world’s premier museums is the most exhilarating sort of milestone. For Marina, it is far more: it is the chance to finally silence the question she has been hearing over and over again for four decades: “But why is this art?”
6 Jul 2012
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Verführerisch, furchtlos und unverschämt: Seit fast 40 Jahren definiert Marina Abramović ständig neu, was Kunst heute bedeutet. Als Werkzeug benutzt sie ihren eigenen Körper – dabei überschreitet sie immer wieder Grenzen, oft riskiert sie sogar ihr Leben. Ihre Performances provozieren, schockieren und bewegen uns. In seinem Film MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ: THE ARTIST IS PRESENT begleitet Regisseur Matthew Akers die Künstlerin bei den Vorbereitungen auf den wohl bedeutendsten Tag ihres Lebens – die Eröffnung einer großen Retrospektive ihres Werks im Museum of Modern Art in New York. Jeder Künstler würde diese Ausstellung in einem der wichtigsten Museen der Welt als extrem motivierenden Meilenstein empfinden. Für Marina Abramović bedeutet sie viel mehr – denn vielleicht verstummt jetzt endlich die Frage, die sie seit 40 immer wieder zu hören bekommt: „Aber warum ist das Kunst?"
29 Nov 2012
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Latin American leaders, born out of US backed repression, demand an end to 50 year-old US-Cuba standoff
25 Apr 2009
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Lorynda shares her story about having a "spectacular crash" on a motorcycle and shattering her upper arm and how God healed her! She came to the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Healing School to tell her story. Website: *******www.kcm**** Blog: *******www.kennethcopelandministries****
20 Jun 2009
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Andreas Zauner is in TV in ARD in the first German television as King of the Hackers and Andy and Andy are presenting this movie. This cut is dedicated to Andrea Kožuszniková (as we found it in the internet on the YouTube page of Andreas Zauner) who was always the good Andy behind Andy2 (Andreas Zauner). Andreas Zauner was always in his life supported by his big love Andrea Kožuszniková, where even that time when that movie was filmed (that TV show) Andreas Zauner was supported by Andrea Kožuszniková, because he always believed that a girl like Andrea Kožuszniková exists and will be with him and he reserved his heart for her till he found her. As you can see in this show Andreas Zauner had to tell the TRUTH and told in the age of 17 years to the public to 7 million TV viewers that he doesn't have a girlfriend, even Jürgen Fliege and Gerti Sänger and Susi Müller (Herzblatt) were not believing him or were thinking that because of his attractive look and beauty (as she said in TV) he must have a girlfriend. Anyhow, Andreas Zauner was always prepared for the special girl in his life and were believing that this girl exists, where he finally found her 3 years later: Andrea Kožuszniková !
13 Mar 2012
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Marina Abramovic s'est imposée comme une des performeuses les plus audacieuses en art contemporain. En 2010, alors qu'elle prépare au MOMA son ultime exposition impliquant qu'elle reste assise dans l'atrium durant 716 heures, l'artiste serbe dresse le bilan de sa vie.
12 Dec 2012
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Seductora, valiente, atrevida. Marina Abramovic ha redefinido el arte de la performance en los últimos cuarenta años. A través de su cuerpo, la artista serbia crea un trabajo provocativo que emociona a todo el que lo ve. El documental sigue a la artista mientras se prepara para lo que puede ser el momento más importante de su vida: una gran retrospectiva de su obra en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Nueva York.
8 Feb 2013
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Apparently she is presenting the weather or something...she looks nice!
29 May 2006
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This clip is presenting the Exo drink.
25 Sep 2006
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