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Have you ever been to the Canyons Dive Site in Puerto Galera Philippines? Located along the famous Verde Island Passage and known as the Center of the Center of marine biodiversity of the world lies under a blue water descent the dive site called Canyons. This site is one of the most famous and well visited dive sites by advanced divers in South East Asia. Located in West Escarceo Puerto Galera, Philippines and about 20 minutes from BADLADZ Dive Resort by boat. As you cruise along with the current, It will bring you to the huge split rocks called the Canyons. Hard and soft corals, giant barrel sponges, gorgonian sea fan and whip corals are abundant and grows densely all over the reef. Cheers, Sean
22 Mar 2017
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The Squat Academy is Staten Island, NY's premier all female fitness academy and gym. The Squat Academy focuses on building a strong, firm and shapely butt, legs and core. Our all female fitness classes are fun and lively and our personal trainers keep the class moving with music and constant variation
23 Mar 2017
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A handful of stunning Ortak Pendants taken from a choice of over 500 designs. All these pendants are from Orkney Islands and are handmade. For more information check our website
23 Mar 2017
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Some lovely examples of Ortak Jewellery, just a small selection of pendants from over 500 designs all handmade in Orkney Islands. For more information visit our website
23 Mar 2017
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Great article by the Staten Island Advance in yesterday's paper. Despite what you may have heard, CrossFit is for anyone and everyone. Any gender, age, shape, size and physical ability. Watch The video to see our members in action. Contact us today to get in the best shape of your life!!!
23 Mar 2017
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A short selection of lovely Ortak Jewellery, this time a selection of their earrings collection, all handmade in Orkney Islands. For more information visit our website welovejewellery co uk
23 Mar 2017
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culinary hallmark of the province of Aceh at the far end of the island of Sumatra Indonesia country is very interesting to visit because in addition to having a beautiful beach also has a culinary original famous that Aceh noodle and has already obtained a license from the tourism department of the culinary food the most attractive to tourists both local and foreign
27 Mar 2017
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If you have a fear of being surrounded by small animals like spiders or rats, Christmas Island in December is the place to overcome this fear. At the first rains of the wet season (December) about 120 million crabs come out of hiding and start heading towards the ocean.
27 Mar 2006
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The Maltese Islands are a group of 3 islands in the middle of the Mediterranean. They are full of culture and sport, relaxation and adventure, museums and parties. All you might need in a small island!!!
5 Jun 2006
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This one is also one of my jorney videos in Khai island, Thailand.
5 Sep 2006
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An island on the end of the world.
9 Oct 2008
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Old footage of a UFO flying over Catalina Island in 1966.This footage was filmed by coastguard helicopter.Looks real enough to me, what do you think?
25 Sep 2006
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Really funny surf of professionals in Noronha Island in Brazil !
1 Oct 2006
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somewhere in a Island in south shore...
19 Oct 2006
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A cool Island just for an house. Not only that, it's owned by one man
24 Oct 2006
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These are the Palm Islands at Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. They have luxury homes and shoppings.
4 Nov 2006
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