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UAE wins the Arabian Gulf Cup and ismael was amazing in the final.
5 Feb 2007
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Ismael García en TU GRAN DIA
29 Jul 2007
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ismael rivas-luxtro with club BIJU Pleven,BG
7 Aug 2008
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Watch biotech farmer Ismael Purroy discuss the benefits of agricultural biotechnology in Spain. The Conversations About Plant Biotechnology Web site offers additional video discussions with farmers and experts from around the world.
30 Aug 2008
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Un homenaje musical a la leyenda, "El Brujo de Puerto Rico", "El Rey Maelo", "El Sonero Mayor", el gran Ismael Rivera.
25 Jan 2010
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Ismael Serrano Morón (Madrid; 9 de marzo de 1974), es un cantautor español de la nueva generación de cantautores aparecida en los años noventa. Sus letras son una mezcla de canciones de amor, desamor y música reivindicativa, propias de la canción de autor. No en vano, entre otras, reconoce influencias de Serrat, Aute, Joaquín Sabina o Silvio Rodríguez, así como de poetas de la talla de Luis García Montero o Mario Benedetti
11 Oct 2010
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The Heart of Jenin Asia Pacific Premiere Das Herz von Jenin Germany, Israel 2008 / 89min. / Arabic, Hebrew, English with English subtitles. Directors Leon Geller, Marcus Vetter. Producers Ernst Ludwig Ganzert, Ulli Pfau. The long standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict has made many of us complacent and unresponsive; it takes an extraordinary story to jolt us out of the status quo. The Heart of Jenin is one such story. In November 2005, Ahmed Khatib, a twelve-year-old Palestinian boy, was playing with a plastic gun in the Jenin refugee camp on the West Bank when an Israeli soldier, mistaking the toy for a weapon, shot and killed him. In the midst of his grief, his father Ismael had a moment of clarity and consented to donate his son’s organs to six Israelis, who would otherwise have no chance of survival. Thanks to this act of humanity, four of those children, each from a different part of Israeli society, are alive today. With great sensitivity, Academy Award winning director, Leon Geller, and co-director Marcus Vetter explore the complexities and the sorrow dividing Israel and the West Bank. Centre to the story is Ismael, who has lived his whole life under occupation. He joined the resistance during the first Intifada, spent time in an Israeli prison but eventually gave up fighting to focus on his family. He has lost two businesses to the conflict. You feel the frustration and pain as the family is prevented from travelling across the border for their memorial commemorations of Ahmed’s death. In spite of all these troubles and the death of his son, he maintains a willingness to seek peace through his own means. His journey is a triumph of the heart. This is a heart-breaking documentary that leaves a legacy of hope.
16 Jul 2011
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Sesame Street has announced the addition of a new Hispanic neighbor, Armando. Played by actor Ismael Cruz Cordova, Mando is a Puerto Rican writer, who will be moving into the neighborhood this fall. Ismael was chosen to join the cast after Sesame Street held its first ever open castings. In a statement released by PBS, Ismael says to be incredibly proud to be a part of a show that acknowledges and celebrates diversity so whole-heartedly and he's grateful to have been given the opportunity to represent Latino-Americans on Sesame Street. The new season will have a special focus on Hispanic Heritage with lessons and new songs. Mando is just one of several neighbors who make up Sesame Streets growing bilingual community.
16 May 2013
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Arabian Gulf Cup...
24 Jan 2007
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Salsa on 2 dance instruction DVD at kissyesenia**** recommended by dancesavvy****
21 May 2009
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"BAUL DE LOS RECUERDOS" Ana, es tan corta la vida, y son tantas despedidas llenas de promesas vanas. Ana, ¿qué será de nosotros cuando caigamos y otros ocupen nuestro lugar? Ana, ¿dónde será la batalla próxima en que perdamos la guerra contra la soledad? Ana, volverás a escuchar las piedras que contra tu ventana lanzó la felicidad. Lanzó la felicidad. Ana, es tan corta la vida, quizás me vuelva mentira y no te conozca mañana. Ana, cuando te esconda un abrazo recuerda entonces el año en que forjamos la paz. Ana, quizás me marche y no vuelva, quizás me muera y no tengas que maldecirme jamás. Ana, te veo y me declaro culpable de desear tu presencia más que desear la paz. Ana, ¿qué hago yo con mis canciones, con el manojo de escarcha, con mis ganas de matar? Ana, ¿qué hago yo con las montañas de papeles que he firmado jurando morir o amar? Jurando morir o amar. Ana.
18 Oct 2010
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10 Sep 2011
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الفيلم الحائز على 11 اوسكر
16 Jun 2012
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22 Dec 2014
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video y fotos de viaje desde machu pichu, cuzco, la isla del sol, la paz ,copacabana,uyuni, el salar y bajando hasta tilcara jujuy argentina ultimamente ismael serrano clip 2006 vacaciones vieje
17 Dec 2006
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hicham ghalali 2eme assistant realisateur h'rash de ismael iraki avec pauline rocher productrice ; monim al jarib 1ere assist realisateur ; ben rufi chef op; raph rueb 1er assist op ; vergile vangenneken ing. de son ; thoma michard perchman ;ben lemmonyer chef electro ; leonie ; mustapha;mbarek le comedien said bay.....
24 Sep 2007
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