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NE LAGGAI PHOOLVARI PHOOL THODE LONA CHAMARI JO ISS PHOOL KI SUNGE VAAS(((+91-9876425548)))in delhi bangalore uk usa londonएनई लॉगजी फूलवारी फुल थोडे लोना चमारियां जो आईएसएस फुल की सोंग वास ((+ 91- 9 876425548)) दिल्ली में बंगलोर में यूके यूके लंदन
18 Apr 2017
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Iss Fake Give Me A Break
15 Sep 2016
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12 Aug 2016
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Iss Dulhe Ko Baratiyo Ki Jarurat Hi Nahi
11 Aug 2016
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9 Aug 2016
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So, I watched Gravity when it first released and was instantly inspired to make something space-y. It started off as a quick experiment and slowly grew into this little thing. ;) Behind The Scenes: [coming soon] As per usual, thanks to August 'Rantis' Loolam for his awesome custom personality core models: ***********/Aug440 Space music: 'ISS' - Gravity OST by Steven Price ----- Follow me if you want: =) Facebook: ********www.facebook****/Harry101UK Twitter: *******www.twitter****/Harry101UK Tumblr: *******harrycallaghan.tumblr****/ -----
2 Feb 2014
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The space industry has worked to increase capacity and to provide different alternatives for microgravity research. Today companies have the option to fly microgravity experiments that last anywhere from a couple seconds to dozens of months using parobolic flights, suborbital vehicles, sounding rockets, and the ISS. The focus has now shifted to expanding the user base and to encourage interesting research, and the key to sustainable growth is to make it commercially viable. Panelists: Todd Meyerrose (moderator) - Talos Ventures Kira Blackwell - Chrysalis BioTherapeutics Mark Deuser - TechShot, Inc. Rich Godwin - Zero Gravity Solutions Jacque Vallee - Euro-America Ventures Erika Wagner - Blue Origin
27 Jul 2013
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28 Jun 2013
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In this live episode we look at a ton of space news from around the world! Here is a list of all of our stories: NASA Curiosity Rover Collects First Martian Bedrock Sample ******* What is this metallic looking object on Mars? ***********/news/um-whats-weird-hunk-metal-215530971.html Chris Hadfield may be the coolest ISS commander, ever! *******www.globaltoronto****/chris+hadfield+to+take+part+in+first+google++hangout+from+space/6442805422/story.html ************/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Cj0xADpjSW8 ***********/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=f1ro4zkw-LA#! SpaceX Software engineers did a Reddit AMA *******www.reddit****/r/IAmA/comments/1853ap/we_are_spacex_software_engineers_we_launch/ China developing new propellantless thrusters *******www.wired******/news/archive/2013-02/06/emdrive-and-cold-fusion NPP saw Snowpocalypse from a few miles away *******io9****/5982915/without-this-machine-there-would-have-been-no-advance-warning-of-the-nemo-blizzard Just listen to this solar flare! *******io9****/5982092/this-is-what-a-solar-flare-sounds-like-here-on-earth NSS kickstarter Campaign update *******www.kickstarter****/projects/351762534/our-future-in-space-a-national-space-society-video?ref=live Social Network in Space *******www.indiegogo****/projects/spacecapsule1-the-first-social-network-in-space NEA Space Agency *******www.indiegogo****/projects/321049 Don't forget that the conversation continues! Spacevidcast After Dark is our show after the show. To view After Dark you'll need an Epic subscription which you can get for as little as $10/mo or $100/yr! That contribution helps Spacevidcast continue doing what we do and cover more and more space related events. Check out *******www.spacevidcast****/epic to subscribe today and help us continue producing the show!
29 May 2013
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Rundown by Spacevidcast r3d3 0:00 Intro 4:23 Space News -- 4:23 Radiation Belt Storm Probes Launch -- 7:39 Falcon 9 Wet Dress Rehearsal -- 10:21 ATK & Liberty -- 12:40 ATK tests new Delta IV solid motor -- 14:09 Shuttle Endeavour's final flight itinerary -- 18:10 A special message from Benjamin Higginbotham -- 18:16 A penny on Curiosity -- 19:07 Spare toothbrush helps fix ISS 19:57 Launch Calendar 20:48 SpaceUp Europe news 22:30 Main topic 33:38 SpaceUp Europe promo 34:42 Viewer Comments 49:56 Outro In Space News we have the launch of an Atlas V carrying the Twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes. Falcon 9 performs a Wet Dress Rehearsal. ATK may no longer be making the Liberty rocket. Politics. Where do President Obama and Mitt Romney stand on space policy? Which will be better for space and where do they stand on the issues? Finally, viewer comments! We love to hear from you. Leave your comments wherever you're watching this video and we'll grab the best of the best for our next show. Want to continue the conversation? Watch Spacevidcast After Dark by signing up for epic. For just $10.00 a month you can not only help Spacevidcast continue to produce content, but also get exclusive access to additional content not available anywhere else. *******www.spacevidcast****/epic
28 May 2013
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As NewSpace firms begin flying, they must first cross through the airspace of public opinion, where they and their goals are being re-defined in terms of the old paradigm of servicing the government or to provide frivolous entertainment for the 1%. Thus the old school can dismiss the idea of helping create a new industry that will open the frontier in favor of making sure NASA gets a ride to the ISS, and regular people see no connection between what is happening and themselves. We must stop playing around the edges as a movement and get to the heart of the matter. It is time to stop fighting for scraps from someone else's agenda and change the agenda completely. It is time to get back to the Vision of settling space as the central and driving goal of human spaceflight, and to make it official -- thus creating a new blueprint by which to make decisions in space and a new yardstick by which to measure progress. Mr. Tumlinson will address this concept, and also explain his new EarthLight Institute project. Presenter: Rick Tumlinson
28 May 2013
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SpaceUp LA 2011 Paul Wrencc
28 May 2013
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This is a recording from NASA TV on the launch of the Soyuz TMA-03M/ISS 29S from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. Aboard are three members of the next Expedition crew destined for the International Space Station
27 May 2013
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For the full show notes, links and awesome stuffs check out our wiki page at *******wiki.spacevidcast****/en/4.15 We may spend a lot of time talking about the larger NewSpace companies such as SpaceX, but in this episode we look at a couple of the smaller entities that are doing some amazing things with next to zero budget. NASA has returned some beautiful videos of the shuttle attached to the ISS while ESA wants to make sure we don't go stir crazy during our ride to Mars. All that, a bit of Spacevidcast crazy and your questions answered on this Jun 10th, 2011 edition of Spacevidcast Live.
27 May 2013
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SpaceUp DC
27 May 2013
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3 new crew members reach the ISS and a really interesting way to look at our own moon. I'm Benjamin Higginbotham and this is your Spacevidcast SpacePod for December 21st, 2010. On Wednesday, December 15th 2010 a Russian Soyuz rocket lifted off carrying the next 3 crew members bound for the International Space Station. Then on Friday the 17th the capsule docked with the space station at 20:11 UT. A couple of hours later The expanded Expedition 26/27 crew opened the hatch and ingressed to the station. The three person crew of Soyuz TMA-20, Dmitri Kon-drat-yev, Catherine Coleman and Paolo Nespoli represent the partner organizations of Roscosmos, NASA and the European Space Agency in the ISS program. While the US and Russia added more people to the Space Station, China launched a rocket to add more satellites to their upcoming GPS constellation this last Friday. A new satellite navigation and positioning network or Compass System was launched aboard a Long March 3A rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 20:20 UT. This is the 2nd of what will be 35 satellites providing both civilian and military GPS data to China. Being that we just saw a lunar eclipse, how about a new way to look at the moon? NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or LRO is orbiting the moon creating the most precise and complete map to date of the moons complex surface. Originally launched to help scout out landing sites for the nearly defunct Constellation program, LRO remains in Lunar Orbit gathering data. Using an instrument called the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter or LOLA the spacecraft sends a single laser pulse down to the lunar surface through an optical element that splits the pulse in to 5 beams. These 5 beams then strike the surface of the moon and depending on how long it takes for each to return, LOLA is able to map out what the surface terrain looks like. The end result are some psychedelic pictures of our moon. By artificially adding color in we can get a good idea as to what the surface of the moon looks like. The red areas indicate high elevation whereas the blue areas are the lowest. You can get more pictures and videos at NASA's LRO web site. Ever wish you could get rocket and shuttle launch notifications sent to your iPhone? Maybe countdown to the next launch on your iPod Touch? Well now you can! MissionClock is a $5.00 application available now in the iTunes Apple store for iOS devices. This awesome space geek app allows you to see what upcoming missions are launching, when they will launch and even get mission details. It is a great showpiece to help get your friends excited about space flight and for the next 24 hours Spacevidcast is giving away 10 copies to 10 lucky winners! It's easy to enter! Simply send out a tweet with a link to this video and the hash tag #spacevidcast and you'll be automatically entered! The contest starts December 21st, 2010 at midnight UT and ends at 23:59 UT the same day. You have nearly 24 hours to enter to win! And if you think this is a cool prize, you should see what we're giving away during our live show this Friday at 0200 UT. It's going to be awesome and I know we'll see you there!
26 May 2013
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