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12 Sep 2010
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After the heroic efforts of Amaterasu and Issun, it's now time for Okamiden to take up the challenge of vanquishing evil from their land.
17 Sep 2010
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Fishing time again. Ammy helps Benkei catch his 1000th sword, "Living Sword." She catches a Goby and a Smelt in the process. Benkei was upset that the Living Sword didn't turn out to be what he expected. But even so, he made the bridge crossable again. On the way across the bridge, Ammy and Issun see a huge tornado-looking thing. They then see Waka, and talk to him for a little bit. After talking to him, they go inside the a room where they meet Priestess Rao.
5 Aug 2009
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*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* This video is a direct continuation of the last one. Ok this Busty babe has been making Issun going crazy since a good amount of hours lol. Though I think Ammy wants to hit on her... at least it looked like that the first time we met her. *looks at dragon orb* holy s***, to the palace we go! -------------------------------------- Console: Wii First Playthrough
25 Feb 2010
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