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Go to to watch the season 3 premier episode of iCarly S03E01, iThink They Kissed, online full for free
20 Sep 2009
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26 Feb 2008
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*help with getting vids in HDS,anyone who knows how tell me please* Yep I made another one.This is the second time I had to start this vid over because the first time my computer crashed on me.This vide is not like the first one but Ithink it's better.It may be a bit choppy but it gets better and I'm learning how to edit the clips beter than on my other vids.COMMENT PLEASE!!!!
24 May 2009
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i have it seen on Flicker. Ithink this picture is a fake, but i dont know. but i hope it is real:)
6 Sep 2009
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Season 1 1#iPilot : 2#iWant More Viewers: 3#iDream of Dance: 4#iLike Jake: 5#iWanna Stay With Spencer: 6#iNevel: 7#iScream on Halloween: 8#iSpy a Mean Teacher: 9#iWill Date Freddie: 10#iWant a World Record: 11#iRue the Day: 12#iPromise not to Tell: 13#iAm your Biggest Fan: 14#iHeart Art: 15#iHate Sam's Boyfriend: 16#iHatch Chicks: 17#iDon't want to Fight: 18#iPromote Techfoots: 19#iGot Detention: 20#iStakeout: 21#iMight Switch Schools: 22#iFence: 23#iCarly Saves TV: 24#iWin a Date: 25#iHave a Lovesick Teacher: Season 2: 1#iSaw Him First: 2#iStage an Intervention: 3#iOwe You: 4#iHurt Lewbert: iGo to Japan(Movie): 5#iPie: 6#iChristmas: 7#iKiss: 8#iGive Away A Car: 9#iRocked the Vote: 10#Meet Fred: 11#iLook Alike: 12#iWant My Website Back: 13#iMake Sam Girlier: 14#iGo Nuclear: 15#iHate Sam's Boyfriend: 16#iDate a Bad Boy: 17#iReunite with Missy: 18#iTake on Dingo: 19#iMust have Locker 239: 20#iTwins: or 21#iFight Shelby Marx: or Season 3: 1#.iThink They Kissed: 0N5 2#.iCook: EKQK3 3#.iSpeed Date: Z 4#.iCarly Awards: EAB 5#.iCarly iHave My Principals: UBXBW9S or 6#:iCarly iFind Lewbert's Lost Love: 7#:iCarly iMove Out: 8#iquit icarly: if it dosnt work click ths link
19 Dec 2009
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Calves muscle female legs- no kidding ithink her calves were like 18 inches plus
16 Jun 2010
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iThink this is my fourth lyrics video... Yeah, enjoy this. Next up: Notorious by The Saturdays Requests for songs are open!=/
15 Oct 2011
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The clip Buck agrees to babysitting from Uncle Buck (1989) Yeah? Buck, this is Bob. Bob? Bob who? It's your brother. Bobby! Hang on a minute. Just used your Christmas present. The Clapper. You little pissant, how you doing? Geez! Are you drunk? You knowsomething? We gotta get together. I haven't been overyour house since you moved in. I'm sorry about those bushes too. Ihadno idea that they would catch on fire like that. You were right. I should never have put the barbecue that close. Cindy's father had a heart attack tonight. We'dIike toget to IndianapoIis assoon aspossibIe. But we have a problem with the kids. We're stuck for somebody to watch them. Ifyou're not doing anything-- Is this okay with Cindy? It's got Cindy's approval? Oh, yeah. That'd be great. I'd be honored. I've still got the one bedroom. I'm going to get a bigger place. But they can bring their sleeping bags. We'll have fun. We'll make tents. Get some toys and peanut butter. We'IIhave a bIast. I thought you could come here. The kids have school. What am Ithinking?Sure. Tonight or in the morning?
28 Oct 2011
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UPCOMING iCarly EPISODES: iCarly Awards iThink They Kissed iCook iHave My Principles iSpeed Date iFix Ginger Fox (iFix a Popstar) iSaved Your Life iSplit Up iEnrage Gibby iDiscover Fleck & Dave iFind Lewbert's Lost Love iWas A Pageant Girl iRace For Space iSpace Out iBelieve in Bigfoot iMove Out iBeat the Heat Hope u like!! Go to
28 Nov 2011
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This is my edited iCarly Intro ^^ I had a lot of fun making this. I used the iCarly Intro of season 3 and some parts of the episodes iThink They Kissed iSpeed Date iCarly Awards iSaved Your Life iWas A Pageant Girl My favorite parts are 0:17, 0:38, 0:45 and 0:53
30 Apr 2013
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