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See more Microsoft Office Visio demos at ***********/en-us/help/FX100485311033.aspx. It may be true that every picture tells a story — but does it always tell the story you want? By using data graphics in your Microsoft Office Visio 2007 diagram, you can be sure that you're presenting the right data in the right way and making your points clearly. You can customize progress meters, icons, color coding, and other graphical elements to emphasize sales trends, product performance, critical deadlines, or whatever information is contained in the data behind your diagram.
24 Sep 2010
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Todays Gamers Video Update is a video review so here you go, PlatformNation****'s official video review of the Flip Video, Ultra Series. MSRP 179.99 but you can easily get it for around 130 Pluses + Point and click video recording + Easy share videos with friends by using email or youtube like sites + Uses AA batteries so it always easy to make sure you are good to go + Video quality is surprisingly great of out this little device +Easy to make and edit movies using Windows Movie Maker Minuses - Even though its is small I would have preferred it to be a little smaller - You have to convert your files to edit with iMovie *******theflip****/ To subscribe: *******feeds.feedburner****/TheGamersVideoUpdate
7 Jun 2008
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Six Song ALBUM RELEASE on JUNE 17th on itunes! three of them never before seen on the internet. the ep is called "Bo fo Sho" thinks i'm gay YO this is NOT homophobic...its suppose to be a joke? ha ha? subscribe if you like it music and lyrics by bo burnham Everytime i go to dinner it seems like im getting a little bit thinner I'll sit down at the breakfast table i can talk, but theyre not able When i look at them i find there's a single question on their mind. i wish it could go back to the way it was its not easy no because... My whole family thinks im gay i guess its always been that way. Maybe its cause of the way i walk, that makes them think that i like...boys The goddamn question just wont go away cause i get asked every single day but the way they ask it is no disguise, like "How was your day? Do you like to kiss guys?" This is the worst, baby this was my fear Now their opinions are crystal clear. My whole family now is shocked, I'm in the closet and the door is locked. Now my glory days are gone, I was John Elway now im Elton John. My whole family now suspects, That watching spongebob had side-effects. But im not gay and thats what i said, If i'm gay then god strike me dead. Just cause i go to an all-guys school, Doesnt mean Justin Timberlake makes me drool. When I go outside, what do i see? The clouds in the sky spell "F-A-G" I think that God might think im gay, What does he know anyway. My grandma gave me a present just last year, and the card said, "Happy Birthday queer!" My whole family thinks im "fab" There's a guys butt, hey bo, take a stab! Why doesn't he get women, theres no other way, Its cause I'm lanky, not cause i'm gay. Just cause I'm afraid of the snow, Or my favorite color is, the rainbow. I dont mean to yell but i fear i must, Cause I'm losing the people that i thought i could trust. Even my boyfriend thinks im gay...just kidding You all probably think I'm gay, Man this song is counterproductive... la la la la la... Cause my whole family thinks I'm gay, What am i suppose to say? Baby you gotta see right through the haze, Easy-Bake oven was just a phase. My whole family thinks i'm queer, That is all i ever hear, But ive been as straight as a ramp, If you dont count Bible camp.
25 Feb 2009
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I love when birds start their dance at dusk, it always hypnotize me... this time i decided to film it and, to give it more grace, I added an electric minimal tango as a music background - I love it!
15 Jun 2008
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...and it always has been :) SORRY FOR QUALITY ITS ONLY SONY..
28 Jul 2008
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Broken Poets new video, Idle Thought, was produced and edited by Cary Cook at VU West Productions. This video was conceived from the idea of capturing actual moments in life as they happen while to or from what could be anywhere. For me, these moments have always carried a certain spirit with them, especially when put to music. It always seemed to be that life itself was the video to my favorite song while driving. The images chosen for this video do convey a specific meaning for us, but can be perceived in many different ways of course. So feel free to express your own opinion on what they might mean to you. We hope you enjoy it! -- Tim McDonald / Broken Poets
3 Aug 2008
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"Scott gets cuter every time I see him. Too bad we turned out to be THE MOST in compatible. We dated for about six months a little while back. It was good for awhile, then it wasn’t, and then it ended…but don’t worry, we’re still “friends” – but…well…it’s complicated. Isn’t it always? Ha."
22 Aug 2008
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If your looking to get started in Fortune High-Tech Marketing FHTM you might want to watch this video first. Its always good to do all the reasearch you can before joining any MLM company not just Fortune High-Tech Marketing FHTM. At first glance Fortune High-Tech Marketing FHTM looks like a solid company and since I dont have any personal experiences with the company I cant say otherwise. But before you join Fortune High-Tech Marketing FHTM you should Http://www.TakeASeriousLook****
4 Sep 2008
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If your looking to get started in ACN you might want to watch this video first. Its always good to do all the reasearch you can before joining any MLM company not just ACN. At first glance ACN looks like a solid company and since I dont have any personal experiences with the company I cant say otherwise. But before you join ACN you should Http://www.TakeASeriousLook****
5 Sep 2008
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If your looking to get started in Lightyear Alliance you might want to watch this video first. Its always good to do all the reasearch you can before joining any MLM company not just Lightyear Alliance. At first glance Lightyear Alliance looks like a solid company and since I dont have any personal experiences with the company I cant say otherwise. But before you join Lightyear Alliance you should Http://www.TakeASeriousLook****
5 Sep 2008
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Meet Scott… he gets cuter every time I see him. Too bad we turned out to be THE MOST incompatible. We dated for about six months a little while back. It was good for a while, then it wasn’t, and then it ended… but don’t worry, we’re still “friends” – lately he’s made it pretty clear he wishes we were still together… but… well… it’s complicated. Isn’t it always? Ha.
9 Oct 2008
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Bungeesafe is an all new easy strap and go baby product. No need to pick up anymore germy bottles off of the ground. No need to worry about a sippy cup being thrown from the back car seat. Absolutely no more looking for lost bottles in the car. Bungeesafe attaches to your child's wrist, this way it goes where your child go! This product attaches to bottles, sippy cups, baby dolls, stuffed animals, and water bottles. With the assistance of Bungeesafe you can go shopping, go to events, and pretty much anywhere you want even travel without ever losing another bottle, toy, or sippy cup again. This product is: Safe Stretchable Helps keep germs away Washable Attaches directly to child Bungeesafe is a product every mom should have. We all have the same problem with one child throwing their bottle or sippy cup out of the grocery cart and onto the floor, only to pick it up full of germs. I know you will agree when I say "We don't like germs do we"? So take the next step and get your Bungeesafe so we can keep our kids germ free and healthy. Bungeesafe will take away all your worries about having a clean safe bottle. Knowing that you have a product which you can take along on trips, walks in the park, football and baseball games that will stay with your child where ever they go. This new design will keep you hands free of picking up any bottles while grocery shopping and help your child learn self control. New parents catch on quick. One of the first things you learn is that you can't punish a child for throwing food off the table, it's part of their learning process, both in figuring out how gravity works and how their limbs work. That doesn't mean its not annoying, especially when you're out to dinner or strolling through the mall and junior keeps tossing his sippy cup to the floor every 30 seconds. For that reason alone, you need Bungeesafe. This extremely simple item can fit a bottle of nearly any size, including water bottles, and it always can adjust back to fit a small cup. For questions call Keshia at(602)740-6252 or visit *******www.bungeesafe.webs****
9 Oct 2008
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BANNED WEBSITE!!! BUT NOW YOU CAN SEE IT...YOU USED TO BE UNABLE TO SEE THIS SITE CAUSE IT WAS BANNED, BUT NOW YOU CAN!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOIN ON!!! ALSO: My site itself NO LONGER COMES UP IN GOOGLE SEARCH. WHY??? IT USED TO BE #2 on the list when you searched for Obamaganda!!! DESPITE SOME GOOD NEWS, I STILL CAN'T LOG INTO MY WEEBLY ACCOUNT, IT SAYS 'YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED' SO I CAN'T MAKE ADDITIONS/EDIT THE SITE!!!! WHAT IS THIS CENSORSHIP IS THIS AMERICA????? SEND WEEBLY AN E-MAIL AT SUPPORT.WEEBLY.COM AND TELL THEM TO UN-BAN MY OBAMAGANDA ACCOUNT!!! I put tons of hours into this website compiling obama propaganda. Then it was banned or censored or something ill-conceived! The site was getting thousands of views!!! They shut it down it in 2 days though! -THEY (WEEBLY) ARE STILL NOT EVEN ANSWERING MY E-MAILS. Even I CANNOT EVEN LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT. IT ALWAYS SAYS, "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED) IT'S LIKE IT NEVER EXISTED AND THIS IS VERY SCARY :::UPDATE::: MY WEBSITE IS BACK UP!!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS HAPPENING!!! HOWEVER, I STILL CAN'T LOG INTO MY WEEBLY ACCOUNT, IT ALWAYS SAYS "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED!" SAY "no" to the USSA!I don't believe this i put so much work into that site and it was getting thousands of views!!! Some Biased Person also BANNED my "No You Can't" Anti-Obamaganda video off of youtube. BUT, YOU CAN STILL WATCH it (for now) at: AN E-MAIL TO COMPLAIN LIKE I AM COMPLAINING, TELL THEM TO REOPEN MY WEBSITE ACCOUNT: OR AT LEAST ANSWER MY E-MAILS! SOMEHOW THE SITE ITSELF IS BACK UP, BUT MY ACCOUNT IS STILL BANNED AND I CAN'T LOG IN AND CHANGE MY SITE/ADD TO IT!! SUPPORT.WEEBLY.COM I am SO tired and I am giving up the "HOPE" for freedom of opinion in America. :( :( :( I SENT THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL TO WEEBLY (they hosted my website): THEY BANNED MY SITE!!! WHERE IS THE FREEDOM??? EVERYTHING IS BANNED SUCH CENSORSHIP!!! ""HELLO WEEBLY, PLEASE TELL ME WHY MY ACCOUNT WAS BANNED AT WWW.OBAMAGANDA.WEEBLY.COM IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN CHANGE TO GET THE SITE UP AGAIN???? WHICH TERM DID I VIOLATE EXACTLY??? HOW CAN I CHANGE THAT??? PLEASE RESPOND.... I JUST WANT SOME FREEDOM!!! please let me put up my site...i will change what u need me to change...what is the issue???" ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE??? PLEASE HELP ME SEND ME AN E-MAIL!!! I don't know what steps to take!! I put sooo much time and effort into that site!!!!"Youtube Just Banned my "No You Can't" Parody of the "Yes We Can" Obama propaganda song. It was receiving thousands of views before it was taken off, for no apparent reason. I am almost positive it was removed because of some individual's / individuals' bias. SAD. I didn't get the message. I uploaded "No You Can't to my website: it for yourself. Originals of this "OBAMA YOUTH" video have been removed, including the original original, and the 2nd posting of it by keepitwildtv that made it famous. It was on the front page of foxnews**** and drudgereport**** THEN, FOR SOME UNKNOWN and DUMBFOUNDING reason, keepitwildtv REMOVED it!! I can't believe it! It could have got MILLIONS more views, but now all those foxnews links and drudge links went to NOWHERE. Do America a favor and spread this link around: Propaganda: The Obama Youth: Indoctrination for the Next Generation Original video posted at: of Obama, I'm inspired to move to Canada. Because of the obama, I am inspired to be the next lemming / blind sheep led to the slaughter. For an even worse video of Obama supporters' atrocious propoganda see this video "SING FOR CHANGE." an entire nation be brainwashed by the repetition of YESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANYESWECANCHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGECHANGEYESWECANESWECANESWECANESWECAN I'm Beggining to Worry.. We in America and Around the World should not idolize our politicians. Jesus Christ is Lord/Savior/Messiah; not Barack Obama or John Mccain. May God Bless You, and May God Bless America.
12 Oct 2008
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Top business advice from David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, on why your sales copy might just be egocentric nonsense that customers hate to read. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****. David Meerman Scott: Most organisations when they generate information about themselves do it in an egotistical, product-centric way. Like for example technology businesses are notorious for this. They talk about their flexible scalable solutions for improving business process which is a bunch of gobbledegook that nobody cares about. The best way to reach people is to understand what their problems are and create for example a press release that helps to address the problems that people have. So if your problem is that you want to move data from point A to point B, well that’s what you should write a press release about and not about flexible scalable solutions for business process. So I always suggest to people that it always starts from your buyers and what your buyer’s issues are and what your buyer’s problems are and how your organisation helps people. It does not start with your products; it does not start with your services. That is really, really hard for people to do because we have been taught for decades to talk about our product messages and communicate what our company does which is not as effective online as talking about what we are doing to help solve people’s problems. Have you got a great business, idea, product or service, but you just can't get the revenue growth you are looking for? If you'd like your business to be considered for the Million Dollar Challenge click here *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/SyndicatorShow.aspx?spk=295 Find out more about the very latest in Million Dollar team developments and news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/ResourceCentre/Snap/blog.aspx
24 Oct 2008
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Music has a powerful effect on people. It always has. And when added to web video, that effect can be instantly multiplied. But how, where and why can you effectively mix music in with your videos? Well, here's everything you need to know...
15 Nov 2008
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This Video is of Daughtry's "What About Now" and is set to scenes of Claire and Zach from Heroes. I did the best i could seeing as there is very little actual footage of the two of them together! (It always seems like much more until you sit down and actually search through it and see what's usable...but for what there was i like the way it came out...ENJOY :P --Vince
23 Nov 2008
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