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IVFmeds.ORG, a U.S. organization, was created to people save money on their fertility treatment. U.S. fertility pharmacies have many discount programs available to patients, but not many patients know how to take advantage of the savings that are available to them. By providing fertility patients access to multiple U.S. fertility pharmacies, we are maximizing their chance to save. The staff at IVFmeds.ORG has worked in the fertility field for over 15 years. During that time, we have met hundreds of people who have struggled with infertility. IVFmeds.ORG is not a pharmacy and does not sell pharmaceuticals. We are an information platform that helps patients see all of their options in the United States for fertility pharmacies.
Listen to this patient's testimonial about her experience having an IVF cycle in Guatemala city. Procrea is the on of the most advanced fertility clinics in Latin America. We offer: In vitro fertilization, ICSI, embryo freezing, sperm freezing, donor egg, donor sperm and much more. To get a free quote contact us at: drnovalesangelsabroad**** USA: (239) 6037452 Guatemala: (502) 5177-7774
25 Feb 2010
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Affordable in vitro fertilization available for americans and anyone looking for affordable in vitro fertilization. Our fertility clinic has state-of-the-art technology and much experience. Save thousands of U.S. dollars and come to Guatemala, right next to Mexico. Contact us at: drnovalesangelsabroad**** or visit our web site: *******fertility-clinic-guatemala.angelsabroad****/ Español: *******fertilizacion-in-vitro-guatemala.angelsabroad****
25 Sep 2010
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