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plenty of sex drugs and rock n roll
15 Mar 2017
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TOMMY STEELE BAND ''SOUNDS LIKE A DOUBLE SHOT OF SOUTHERN BOURBON WITH A DASH OF DETROIT GRIT.'' With a distinctive and immediately identifiable sound, Tommy Steele Band is a blend of influences that brings together the edgy musicianship and rocked-out passion of early Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, with the raw, sparse, lyrical sense of Springsteen. Tommy carries with him life lessons learned in his youth, and they give instant credence to his down-home manner and strong work ethic. With family roots in Detroit’s auto factories and Georgia’s clay soils, “blue collar” and “country strong” are descriptive terms for this entertainer. “Family is everything to me, and fatherhood? Well, that’s the reward! I am humbled to create music with a vision but life experiences and my family are my inspirations.”
15 Mar 2017
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If you want to sell your house in Los Angeles, we are ready to give you a fair all-cash offer. Stop the frustration of your unwanted property. Let us buy your California house now, regardless of condition. Sell Your House In LA is a real estate solutions company based out of Eagle Rock. We’re a family owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem, whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell your house for all kinds of reasons. If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! Call Us Today! (818) 415-4700 If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Add it to a playlist if you want to watch it later. Visit Our Site For More Info: sellyourhouseinla Dot com
16 Mar 2017
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The Boss is back event shows his arrival on the Dom of the Rock
16 Mar 2017
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The Arkansas State and Arkansas football teams will never meet on the field. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with one another. Coach Blake Anderson makes a little pig joke. Little Rock Touchdown Club is a great organization that helps recognize great sport achievements in the state of Arkansas.
18 Mar 2017
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Rip up the rules books and scatter the pieces into oblivion because what you’re about to experience from Chanel & The Circus is beyond anything you’ve ever imagined before. Landing onto UK shores fresh from LA, Chanel & The Circus kick an exciting dent into 2017 with a striking debut dance-rock single entitled ‘High Standards’, released on 24 March. Add theis to a string of UK tour dates this Spring and a debut album planned for the Autumn and you’ll quickly see that Chanel & The Circus are coming to town and they mean business! Punching and pounding its way out of the standard musical genre, Chanel & The Circus deliver a dance-rock twist, fused with a dash of the extraordinary; all shrink-wrapped in the quirky melodic form of ‘High Standards’. This track is the start of the Chanel story, depicting how this pioneering artist fights with her desire for perfection. ‘High Standards’ is a shaking up of those standards, giving everyone liberty to do what they want. A funny upbeat biting love song, ‘High Standards’ was recorded at Blackhill Studios with Tom Gibson in Southampton. In true quirky Chanel style, Chanel ‘won’ Tom in a raffle as a ‘producer for a day’. The chemistry was instantly electric and a full album resulted. ‘High Standards’ and the Chanel & The Circus debut EP are the first releases from that forthcoming album.
20 Mar 2017
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Have you ever been to the Canyons Dive Site in Puerto Galera Philippines? Located along the famous Verde Island Passage and known as the Center of the Center of marine biodiversity of the world lies under a blue water descent the dive site called Canyons. This site is one of the most famous and well visited dive sites by advanced divers in South East Asia. Located in West Escarceo Puerto Galera, Philippines and about 20 minutes from BADLADZ Dive Resort by boat. As you cruise along with the current, It will bring you to the huge split rocks called the Canyons. Hard and soft corals, giant barrel sponges, gorgonian sea fan and whip corals are abundant and grows densely all over the reef. Cheers, Sean
22 Mar 2017
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In this video we're going to the jungle in Puerto Galera and this place is really cool and it's fun for everyone. You can bring your bikini and take a walk through the jungle. Be sure to bring the usual suspects, all your friends and acquaintances all the fun people the you know. You're gonna get your feet wet but it will be a great adventure. If you don't wanna get your feet wet you can take the bus, but like any bus, you gonna watch out for traffic, but i guarantee you the scenery is awesome. Then it’s into the water and time to adventure this Puerto Galera Tukuran Falls is way out there clean, fresh you won't believe it. And the scenery here in the Tukuran Falls Puerto Galera is just special and of course it wouldn't be complete if we didn't have some great food to eat. It really doesn't get much better that this so quite so cool, so beautiful way to spend the day with friends. After lunch time for more swimming and fun fun fun, more exploring, this really takes the stress away. Rock slides, swimming halls. Then it's time to head on back to badladz hang out on the beach, you'll never know what you're gonna see on the way home. Thats our adventure here at Tukuran Falls Puerto Galera. You can Read more about it at our BADLADZ website Cheers, Sean
23 Mar 2017
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Newest music video by the Dutch king of rock&roll. Gipsy rocker William Smulders stars in this Pixystyle productions musicvideo.
24 Mar 2017
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Come to life is the second song of the album BLACKBIRD, which was also the second album of the legendary rock band ALTER BRIDGE. This video is a tribute to my all time favorite band. I want to dedicate this video to my dad who is no more with me today. But I know where ever he is, he is watching me and blessing me with his open arms. I miss you dad and i love you. Artist - Alter bridge Song - Come to life Album - Blackbird (2007) Drums Tribute by - Dipanjan Dey Come to life lyrics Hey tore away the veil of weakness The enemy now lies beneath us I think we're safe Hey Won't be held down any longer No disgrace and no dishonor Keep us chained [Chorus:] There's nothing we should have to fear It's alright We've come to life We'll never shed another tear I'ts alright We've come to life Hey the bulletproof are so resilient To every fool with an opinion They never break By the way We scream to find a reason Never doubt or stop believing And escape [Chorus] Now wicked toungues can speak And rewrite history But you can't keep the truth contained And like this song was sung Just realize we're one And don't forget we're here to stay [Chorus] Dipanjan Dey's drumming career has been a fledgling one thus far, but during his relatively short time as a drummer, he has made quite a good name for himself. Known primarily as the drummer for Shrap, a thrash metal band from Kolkata, Dipanjan has firmly established himself as one of the city's most promising young musicians
25 Mar 2017
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too much charge to make this car does not hold the load of large rocks
26 Mar 2017
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Rock Kills Kids video for "Paralyzed"
11 Apr 2006
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Nice rock music and cool Surfing
27 Mar 2006
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Cab driver? Kid Rock gives you the tour and the Party.
26 Mar 2006
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W.E. Rock Crawling 2004 TTC reunion.
15 May 2006
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Finnish heavy metal band Lordi kept their promise to 'bring rock to Eurovision' and handed their country its first title in the annual song contest's 51-year history. Running since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual televised song contest with participants from numerous countries whose national television broadcasters are members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The Contest is broadcast on television and radio throughout Europe, in selected countries around the world, and on the Internet.
21 May 2006
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