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PickupTrucks****'s Mike Levine talks to Chrysler about the Jeep J8. Shot by: Eric Rossi Editing & Graphic Design by: Matthew Avery
4 Jul 2008
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J8 Lorient - Bordeaux
21 Jan 2009
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Watch the Jeep Wrangler J8 Sarge Prototype video by Auto123****. The Canadian source for new and used cars, automotive news, car reviews, prototypes and much more.
9 Oct 2009
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28 Oct 2008
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13 Oct 2010
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Tony G goes all in with J8 vs 66. Trash Talking!!!
10 Jan 2009
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Kent TV takes a look at the controversial Kent International Gateway development and the battle between developers, planners and campaigners over the proposed rail freight depot. KIG (Kent International Gateway) is a planning application for a rail/road freight interchange incorporating buildings for warehousing and distribution and offices, research and development and light industrial units, on 112 hectares west of M20 J8 Bearsted/Hollingbourne. It includes earthworks, acoustic measures, retaining walls, access works with internal roads and bridges. Put forward by the AXA Group. Follow our tweets on www.twitter****/KentTV
4 Jun 2009
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download file here *******loadftp****/Stabilealexagg05/Texas [Preflop_score_adjust] raise =.5 call_any =.3 call_upto_high =.25 call_upto_mid =.2 call_upto_low =.2 call_once =.2 small_blind =.2 [Suited_Hands] all_in = raise = call_any =AK AQ call_upto_high =AJ AT KQ KJ KT QJ QT JT T9 98 87 call_upto_mid =A9 A8 A7 K9 Q9 Q8 J9 J8 J7 T8 97 76 65 54 43 32 call_upto_low =A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 K8 K7 K6 K5 K4 K3 K2 call_once =T7 T6 96 95 86 85 84 75 74 73 64 63 62 53 52 42 small_blind =
25 Oct 2011
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Savoy Engineering Group offers ACCA Compliant Manual J8 Load Calculations, Manual S HVAC equipment selection and Manual D Duct Design services performed by Masters level engineer utilizing the ACCA Certified WrightSoft Universal software based on Manual J8. We are Fast, Accurate and Affordable! See our easy to understand pricing & project submission process at *******www.load-calculations****/Pricing.html
17 Oct 2012
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cartoon about fighters,F22 VS J10+J8+J7+F4,have fun! 《飞机总动员》所有角色都是当今世界正在服役的各型飞机出演,就连短片的导演也由飞机担当,是纯粹的发生在天空中的飞机的故事,短片讲述的是飞机们排队等候空中加油过程中发生的众多有趣的故事。全球能源紧张,油价上涨影响到了飞机们的正常燃料需求,燃料越来越珍贵,飞机们排队加油的情况越来越严重,可恶的是众飞机中也有些不良飞机仗势欺人不遵守秩序,冒然插队使天空中充满了不和谐的气氛。 本片是华南农业大学艺术学院04动画涅源工作室汤远铭的3D动画毕业作品。
23 Jun 2009
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Sagen Media and Expeditions West take a first drive in the all new AEV J8 MILSPEC diesel jeep and discuss what makes this a great platform for overlanding and adventure travel and alternative to the Land Rover Defender 110 TDi and Toyota 70-series Land Cruiser.
6 Aug 2009
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Version 1.00 v1.01 Patch Note: I briefly tested these combos and setups, and they should all work except 2A 2A 623C which is now just 2A 623C. Also some moves' startups and recovery might be different so linking combos maybe be easier or harder. Buffering is stricter as well, making combos harder. And not only is the E button shield, but 6E can be used as the 5BC overhead and 236E can be used as the 236BC super. ~~~~ Knockdown 2D BC (whiff) crossup ... Throw 2D j8.2B (3-way mixup) ... - (whiff) crossup 2B 2A 2A 623C - 5C 214C - (whiff) 2B j.C 623C 6D j.C (whiff) 2B ... Near Corner: j.C 5C 5D 214C bounce 236BC 22C 2D 214C bounce 236BC 22C 214C bounce 6D 236BC 623C 22C 214C bounce 2D 236BC 623C Corner: 2C 2D j.B crossup 2A 2A 623C j.B crossup 2A 2A 623C 3A (CH) 2A 623C j.C 5C 5D 214C 3D 623B 623B 623C j.C 5C 5D 214C 3D 623B 214B 623C 6D j.C (blocked) instant j.B ... Throw or 2C 6D (oki): - 2A 2B 623C - 2A 2B dash in 2A 2A 623C - 2A 2B 214C (bounce) ... - 22C 623C (or replace 2A 2B with 5BC for overhead) [214C (bounce) only works near corner] ~~~~ 5BC Oki Mixup: When an opponent is knocked down, you can use 5BC to cross them up, or you can use it as an overhead, or with great timing, you can cross them up AND hit with the overhead which means they won't block it unless they are walking forward on wakeup. Won't work against Eri after throwing. j8.2B 3-way Mixup: After a throw, you can 6D or 2D and use j8.2B to land behind them and 2B, in front of them and 2B, or hit them for an overhead with j.2B as they wake up. Timing depends on the opponent's character. Some characters are smaller and thus you cross them up easier, and some characters wake up sooner and thus you hit them with j.2B easier. j.C (whiff) 2B Mixup: You can perform a j.C really close to the ground to shave off some landing recovery time to 2B for a low. Be sure to do 6D before you jump if you want to combo it. 22A/B/C: You can use it as a crossup with 6D or 2D into combo or you can use it avoid attacks but you're vulnerable during startup and recovery. 22A will cross up a cornered opponent in the left corner even when they're holding back! j.B Corner Crossup: If you do j.B at a certain height, it will cross them up in the corner. 2C Corner Crossup: If your opponent is backed against the corner, 2C will knock them down and make them fall a bit forward (away from the wall), this creates a gap in which you can jump over and cross them up with j.B. 623B/C (CH) j.C (whiff) or j.B 2A ... Crossup: Only works on CH or if they don't tech (which is unlikely). You can throw a 6D before you jump if you want to combo. Depending on the spacing and the wakeup time, you may be able to cross up with j.B. Corner Oki Crossup Vs. Eri: All you do is walk/run against a grounded Eri. In order for it to work, it has to be against Eri, it has to be in the left corner, and the knockdown can't be from a throw. Fuzzy Guard: She can perform a Fuzzy Guard with either j.B or j.C blocked into instant j.B. Throw a 2D or 6D to combo from it. 236BC Super Freeze: When this move is performed, Saki freezes both players but not either assists! If you performed an assist and you freeze while they aren't blocking, they can't block the assist. However, if your assist can hit them out of freeze while you're still frozen making them able to block the super if they aren't in hitstun. ~~~~ Character Notes: Not all setups or combos will work on all characters due to different wakeup durations and hitboxes. 22B will whiff some crouchers. Assist Notes: 6D consumes at most 2.2~ levels. If you don't have 2.2~ levels you can still use it as long as you have at least 1 level to use. 2D consumes around 3.3~ levels, 3D consumes around 3 levels, but both takes at least 2 levels to use. 5D and 4D consumes 0.5~ levels but you need to have at least 1 level to use. Damage Notes: Character takes most damage in the air, additional damage when crouching, and least damage when standing. Also CHs add more damage on top of that. Different characters have different HPs. Other Notes: I haven't tested everything with all characters, so some things may be wrong. Feel free to point out any mistakes or whatever. ~~~~ Quick guide for the game and netplay: 1) Make sure all of your folders are in English (C:\blah\vp101\Vanguard Princess). 2) Change ヴァンガードプリンセス.exe and the ヴァンガードプリンセス.kgt to game.exe and game.kgt. 3) Copy the content of LunaPort into the folder with the files in step (2). Backup game.ini before doing this just in case. 4) Configure lunaport.ini. Run game.exe or LunaPort.exe (netplay) in AppLocale for Japanese. Quick Links ~ Homepage: *******suge9.blog58.fc2****/ Download: *******www.vector***.jp/download/file/win95/game/fh483557.html Japanese Wiki: ******* English Wiki: *******vp.mizuumi****/index.php/Main_Page
8 Dec 2009
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Women's Samples & Coupons *FREE* ******* (Click Here) "California Girls" Video *******www.mtv****/videos/katy-perry/527631/california-gurls.jhtml#id=1518071 Video w/ my sister ***********/watch?v=dRjTWM9I-J8 Makeup Used: Eye Primer by MICAbella "Trax" e/s by MAC "French Vanilla" e/s by Pandora's Makeup "" e/s by Pandora's Makeup Glitter Glue by Sally Girl "Walk the line" liquid liner by HARD CANDY "#62" Flase Lashes by Red Cherry Purple Glitter by MICAbella "Refined Golden" Bronzer by MAC "Ladyblush" Cream Blush by MAC "901BP" Lipstick by Wet N Wild "baby sparks" dazzleglass lipgloss by MAC
7 Jul 2011
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FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK - *******www.facebook****/Videosgoviral ************ ▶ NEW FOOTAGE Russian marine military Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach (PART TWO) - ******* ▶ HOW CHEEKY! Cheryl Cole reveals her new bum-covering tattoo - ************/watch?v=uqBCAzvu7Oc ▶ 116-year-old woman to celebrate birthday in China - ******* ▶ NASA's Dream Chaser gets a lift from copter - ******* ▶ Sexy Chrissy Teigen is showered in candy on photo shoot - ***********/watch?v=qiwvfH_0Vgc ▶ Giant Panda Gives Birth At US National Zoo - ******* ▶ Woman walking across a Taiwan highway causes pileup - ******* ▶ Incredible wave of fog rolls over Canadian mountain range - ******* ▶ Motorcyclist Crashes Into Brown Bear At 87mph - ******* ▶ Former NFL player Hernandez indicted on murder - ******* ▶ Huge Wave Crashes Into Wall: Over 30 Hurt - ************/watch?v=hTJiP0U042A ▶ British women accused of drug trafficking moved to new prison - ******* ▶ CCTV: Pit bull trashed into dumpster - ******* ▶ Beaver Bites Man To Death - ***********/watch?v=Tq_BEh1dhEw ▶ David Beckham's new loungewear campaign revealed - ******* ▶SHOCKING moment raging angry bull runs at cars - ******* ▶Bull attacks Spanish crowd during famous race in Calp - ******* ▶ Epic fail as robbery attempt goes disastrously wrong in Brazil - ***********/watch?v=MsjZu3kBksQ ▶ Couple point gun at Dunkin' Donuts employee for getting coffee order wrong - ******* ************ Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach Hundreds of sunbathers have their day at the seaside interrupted by a 60-metre hovercraft when it lands unexpectedly on a beach. A huge military hovercraft has made an unexpected landing on a packed beach in Russia. Hundreds of people were sunbathing on the beach when the vessel powered towards them. No one was injured, although witnesses said beachgoers were surrounded by paratroopers and asked to move on. A spokesman for the Russian defence ministry told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that the hovercraft was on a tactical mission in an area owned by the military. "Docking at the beach ... is a normal event," a spokesman was quoted as saying. "What people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military (base) is unclear." However, the newspaper said the base the ministry was referring to was in Khmelevka, several kilometres away. The hovercraft is believed to have been one of the Russian Navy's Zubr-type crafts, which are built in St Petersburg and can travel at speeds of up to 60 knots (110kmh, 68mph). They weigh around 550 tonnes and measure nearly 60 metres in length. The vessels carry up to 500 troops and can be fitted with missile launchers, automatic gun mounts and equipment to lay mines. Десантный корабль Зубр на пляже Russian landing ship Zubr Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach Russian Military Hovercraft Lands on Crowded beach | Close Up + HQ Десантный корабль "Зубр" выплыл на пляж - Russian Military Hovercraft Lands
27 Aug 2013
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