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Music video by Ja Rule performing Daddy's Little Baby. (C) 1999 The Island Def Jam Music Group
22 Oct 2010
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C4 Yourself Ent. Battles Presents.... 50 Cent & Ja Rule First Up Is... 50 Cent With 'Back Down' Next Is Ja Rule With ' Who Shot Ya'
23 Oct 2010
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1. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - pain is love (skit) 2. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - dial m for murder 3. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - livin it up ft case 4. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - the inc ft caddillac tah black 5. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - always on time ft ashanti 6. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - down a b ch ft chuck 7. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - never again 8. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - worldwide gangsta ft caddillac 9. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - leo (skit) 10. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - im real (murder remix ft jenni 11. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - smokin n ridin ft jodie mack n 12. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - X ft missy misdemeanor elliot 13. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - big remo (skit) 14. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - lost little girl 15. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - so much pain ft 2pac 16. Ja Rule - Pain Is Love - pain is love Pop hits free downloads ja rule - so much pain ft 2pac - Pain Is Love
5 Nov 2010
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DMX Feat Nas Method Man Ja Rule Belly soundtrack 1998
6 Dec 2010
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Music video by Ja Rule performing Down A** Chick. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group
7 Jan 2011
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Ja Rule Feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss - New York (Official Video)
9 Jan 2011
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Another Murder Inc classic...Ja Rule's "Put it on Me remix" feat. Vita & Lil Mo, off of Ja Rule's 3:36 album.
21 Feb 2011
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Music video by Ja Rule performing Thug Lovin'. (C) 2002 The Island Def Jam Music Group
1 Mar 2011
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Song is off Ja Rule's 2nd album, "Rule 3:36" and climbed as high as #11 on the charts.
20 Mar 2011
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Music video by Ja Rule performing Holla Holla. (C) 1999 Island Def Jam Records
25 Mar 2011
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yup niggaz...lets see what can 2gangstars do when they have a track together.... ja rule is the best and he still with the new album 'the Mirror'
19 May 2011
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Ja RUle - Down Ass Bitch Lyrics: Ja Rule, Chuck B-more Every thug needs a lady And every thug needs a down ass bitch, huh, feel me Every thug needs a lady Baby I'm convinced, you my down ass bitch [Chorus - Ja Rule] Baby say yeah, (baby say yeah) If you'd lie for me, like you lovin me Baby say yeah, (baby say yeah) If you'd die for me, like you cry for me Baby say yeah, (baby say yeah) If you'd kill for me, like you comfort me Baby say yeah, (baby say yeah) Girl I'm convinced, you're my down ass bitch [Ja Rule] Uh I know that you're lovin me, 'cause you thug with me, who bust slugs for me? My baby Who gon' kill for you, like I comfort you, who else but the Rule? You feel me Girl when we connect the dots we hit the spot Twin Benz's, you ride hard, I ride drop And to make it better, baby got the nina' Beretta tucked low And I'm two cars back with the four-four And it freaks you out, on your momma's couch, that's what us thugs be 'bout You know me And when I pray for love, baby pray for us, who celebrates the thugs? My lady Got me seekin capital game when I spit sixteen Whether bars or sixteens in the doors of cars A star is born In the hood, made a name live on, R-U-L-E, ladies, feel me [Chorus] [Charli Baltimore] Now I'm show you blood or love, there's no belly you bounce from Blow sellin, dough amounts to no tellin There'll be no tellin, snitches get it back Those gats to your backs for my boy What part of the game is that, huh? Niggas and they feelings 'cause I handle your dealings, keep your name in tact My fame's in tact so cops won't know what it's hittin for Now hoes wanna know what you shittin for 'Cause I'm your bitch, the Bonnie to your Clyde It's mental, mash your enemies, we out in the rental I'm your bitch, niggas run up on ya, shift ya lungs, who's your organ donor? What they know about, extreme meausures I'm a ride with you And my baby three-eighty at my side And we lock the town, I'm as down as any thug My love, they gotta take us in blood, what [Chorus] [Ja Rule] You could die from love, at any given time I could die from slugs But that's what this life is capable of The death and the life of a bitch and a thug, is what I'm scared of But got a woman who ain't afraid to, tuck the toast in the Escalade Pop on niggas that showin me shade, but only for the Rule 'cause that's my baby Got me a down ass bitch with red hair, that don't care Blazed by the shots and flares Girl c'mon, follow me, and bust back at police, conceal ya heat It's a bit much to blaze up, Rule and Chuck, N-I-G, the Murderous, I-N-C With one on the hip, one in the holster, nigga will toast ya quick Especially a down ass bitch [Chorus] [Ja Rule] Thug on, 'cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, ladies Thug on, 'cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, baby Thug on, 'cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, ladies Thug on, 'cause you my down ass bitch Thug on, baby [Chorus 2x] Baby say yeah, (baby say yeah)
16 Jul 2011
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Ja Rule diss. It was on his first album Power Of The Dollar (1999) and its now on Get Rich Or Die Tryin (2003) as well.
9 Aug 2011
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Ja Rule featuring Lloyd - Where I'm from Lyrics: [Lloyd] Umm hey, comin from Where I'm From (I'm from) ohhh yea [Ja Rule] Kids get killed in ghettos, shot up over the Carmello's While they mom was at home, tears hittin the pillow Where women in the middle in a serminal funereal Shed a tear cause he lost his son the same way a year ago It's the same egospiritual, we thuggin in harmony They say death brings life, there exchange no robbery If I'm wrong pardon me, me I'm just tired of poverty Why them niggaz in the hood never hit the lottery Unless they go lottery, first round in the draft First we dustin off the rounds and we slip in the mag' Then we slip on the masks, and go out and mash And we call it feeding our family Ya'll call it a tragedy, Damn How I could just kill a man His blood flow like a river and rinse his blood off of my hand If you hearing me speak please Lord give me a chance Please forgive me of my sins, cause we cleansed where I'm from [Chorus - Lloyd] Me and my niggaz ride Even when the sun don't shine and its cold outside I never run in or hide, cause some niggaz hate it But I can't get faded cause I done made it Instead of struggling or strive Survive my weight how these ghetto streets of mine This is coming from Where I'm From (I'm from) We all walk back in line (yeah) [Ja Rule] Now everybody know that everybody said nobody can hide from beef Except but us, who surprised when these kids get killed on the streets Look how these animals eat that's how they talk bout us While they shed they joke and laugh puttin a choke round us Can I get a moment of SILENCE Cause they claimin it's the murders that's causin all the violence What bout the ones that protect to serve our honor Poppin the blue colla', with shots soon to follow The ghettos in horror, cause in this boy shot went back And now the neighborhood hot and he can't move the crack When it's all about the dollars And he'll individually get murdered cause money is power But then the snitch's get to talking and he's caught within hours Cuffed and cryin' on the bus heading straight to the Island He was only 13, but tried as an adult in the highest of courts Cause ain't no more children in the ghetto where I'm from [Chorus] [Ja Rule] We ain't all killers in prison Matter fact that's a stereo typical thought of livin Cause they don't know about the hood and them love in it Summer time top down with the wood finish Pushin hard uptown windows slightly tinted Back to back Benz and jeeps, blowin weed with my niggaz On our way to a house party, gonna fuck with some bitchs Let's get some liquor for shorty who said she make us some chicken And if we get 'em drunk enough we probably could freak em, and do it every other weekend If I ain't have to kill niggaz, I never would leave the ghetto I'm like an angel that put on a halo, cradle the grave of my niggaz that we lost in the ghetto Cause where I'm from in the ghetto we rock white tee's and nike's Roll 3 dice and name our dope ice cream Set trends and ya'll follow our lead But in New Yitti niggaz follow they dreams, where I'm from [Chorus] Now I lay me down and sleep And I pray to the Lord, for my soul to keep If I should die before I wake Pray to the Lord, for my soul to take (Pray to the Lord, for my soul to take) [Chorus till song fades out]
10 Sep 2011
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Ja Rule ft. Ashanti, Charli Baltimore & Vita performing Down 4 U (2002)
30 Sep 2011
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Ok... I'm Real REMIX by Jennifer Lopez feat. Ja Rule Back up Vocals: Ashanti haha thanks DnARulez!! LYRICS FROM METROLYRICS.COM: I'm Real- Jennifer Lopez feat. Ja Rule Whisper:murder inc Whats my mother f**king name? R-U-L-E Blowin back on this mary jane i'm analyzing the game. (And the game done unchose me.) Bring painto pussy niggas and pussy holes they one in the same (Ever since you told me) Theres only room for 2 i been making less room for you. Now only GOD can hold me) Hug me,love me,judge me,the only man hovers above me....... Holla! [jlo] I met so many men, Its like they'er all the same. My appetite for lovin' Is now my hunger pain! And when i'm feeling sexy Who's come for me? My only problem is, Their insecurity. [both] Are you tierd of bein' alone.(Yeah,Yeah) Sick of argiin'on the phone.(Yeah,Yeah) Why you telling all ya friends.(Yeah,Yeah) Bout your nigga don't love. [chorus] 'cause I'm real. The way you walk The way you move The way you talk. 'cause I'm real. The way you stare The way you look your style your hair. 'cause I'm real. The way you smile The way you smell It drives my wild. 'cause I'm real. And I can'tgo on without you. [Ja Rule]
24 Oct 2011
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