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AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW back in 2005 =) For everyone that keeps saying this isn't them... This IS the real JabbaWockeez. I've been a fan of them since 2003 and I was actually there when they performed this. Also, stop comparing them to Expressions Crew. Expressions got the mask idea because it went well with their Marionette Performance. The masks are inspired from Media Sirkus AKA Demons of the Mind, an old school popping/strutting crew who has been dancing since the 70's. Also, there are more than just 7 members in the Jabbawockeez. I think some of them just cant perform every time because of other responsibilities that they have. Jobs, family, other dance teams, ect.
12 Jul 2008
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JabbawockeeZ pay tribute to the amazing late Gary Kendall!
7 Apr 2009
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KID RAINEN one of the best jabba bboy. this is the bboy side of the jabbawockeez.
19 May 2009
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The JabbaWockeeZ recently won the title of "America's Best Dance Crew" on MTV's new hit series. Cristyle of the JabbaWockeeZ talks about his experience on Randy Jackson's show and what's next for the JabbaWockeeZ.
7 Jul 2008
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JabbaWockeeZ is a diverse all-male dance crew, established in 2003, created by Joe Larot, Kevin Brewer, and Phil Tayag (3 Musky from Sacramento, California), and originating from San Diego, California. The group gained fame by appearing on America's Got Talent before winning the MTV hip hop dance reality series America's Best Dance Crew on March 27, 2008. The crew is known for wearing plain white Kabuki-style masks and gloves and performing synchronized dance moves. Their name is derived from the Lewis Carroll poem Jabberwocky (featured in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland): " Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch! " Members: Ben "B-Tek" Chung Chris "Cristyles" Gatdula Kevin "Keibee" Brewer Rynan "Kid Rainen" Paguio Jeff "Phi" Nguyen Phil "Swaggerboy" Tayag Eddie "Eddie Styles" Gutierrez Saso "Saso Fresh" Jimenez Randy "DJ Wish One" Bernal Joe "Emajoenation/Punkee" Larot Former members: Ryan Ellis Gary "Gee One" Kendell Beware of the Jabbawockeez my friends, the B-boys that rip, the freestylers that rock, Friend or foes, nobody knows these anomalies of hip hop. Beware of the beats that make them move their mesmerizing mysterious groove, boom boom kat, boom kat and just like that... vanished. The Jabbawockeez crew, established in 2003 was the result of a group of friends who wanted to showcase freestyle dance. It was a time when the "garage crew" no longer existed. The hip hop scene was flooded with "dance troupes" that seemed to "clone" dancers. There was no balance between, "dancing to music" and "dancing as artistic expression". Thus the birth of the Jabbawockeez crew. Each member came from different backgrounds both in dance and in life and offers to the collective, a variety of styles and perspectives. The idea of the Jabbawockee is the brainchild of Joseph Larot, Kevin Brewer and Phil Tayag also known as 3 Musky but the crew consisted of 5 other members who collaborated and created the "style" of the Jabbawockeez. The 8 original members are : Randy Bernal, Kevin Brewer, Ryan Ellis, Chris Gatdula, Gary Kendell, Joseph Larot, Rainen Paguio and Phil Tayag. Through the course of the last 5 years the members of the Jabbawockeez have shifted in number to a current total of 11 members. The added 4 members are: Ben Chung, Eddie Gutierrez, Saso Jimenez and Phi Nguyen. Initially, the Jabbawockeez made appearances at local showcases and club events in San Diego and Los Angeles. Their impact on the hip hop community has awarded them worldwide recognition. Some pioneers of hip hop such as Poppin' Pete, Mr. Wiggles and Crazy Legs to name a few, have offered their support of the Jabbawockeez crew. It is the mission of the Jabbawockeez to "inspire the world through music and dance" and gaining recognition from these pioneers is extremely important to the members and they feel blessed and honored to continue to carry the legacy of hip hop for the next generation to follow. Hope you like my video.. thanks for the view! ^_^
13 Nov 2008
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JabbaWockeeZ JabbaWockeeZ JabbaWockeeZ JabbaWockeeZ JabbaWockeeZ JabbaWockeeZ Here is the download link to watch on your computer. You will need a flv player. *******d01.megashares****/?d01=9a545a6 From the movie Step Up 2. A performance by the one and only JabbaWockeeZ!!!!!!!! This the full performance from the deleted scenes DVD. *******jabbawockeez****
21 May 2009
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Hollyscoop**** went backstage for Mtv's hit TV show Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew. We caught up with the boys who won season one the JabbaWockeeZ who gave us the scoop on season 2. We also caught up with judge JC Chasez (N Sync), Layla Kayleigh, Shane Sparks ("You Got Served") and the dancers who were backstage getting ready to audition for the show. Footage from the show features Mario Lopez and Randy Jackson backstage. Check out the video below as a dance off takes ...
21 Oct 2008
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Famous NBA star, Shaquille O'neal dances with the season 1 champions of ABDC to the song Hero by Nas. HD, raHONORS : jabbawockeez shaq neal o'neal dance dancing americas best crew season abdc shaquille nba basketball allstart 32 kobe b
17 Feb 2009
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Jabbawockeez cover team thailand
26 Feb 2009
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Galz, the Best Dancer Ever, submits his audition tape to be the newest member of the Jabbawockeez.
4 Oct 2009
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JabbaWockeeZ ASAP 09 - (September 6)^^ *No copyright infringement intended. Video/production courtesy of ABS-CBN and TFC.* PLEASE DO NOT DELETE or own - My First Video!! (after my old account has been closed) Proud Pinoy bcuz of JabbaWockeeZ!!!^^
20 Sep 2009
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Jabbawockeez INTRO and first performance on ASAP XV 31 January 2010 There was a technical difficulty, I think they couldn't hear the music? IDK. My friend said a similar situation happened to a different guest on the show last week. * Too bad the network doesn't broadcast in HD yet. Video would've been better quality * COMMENTS - Moderated for now. Please keep it clean people and don't argue!
11 Mar 2010
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ABDC Champions For Charity Opening Number Jabbawockeez Super Cr3w Quest Crew We Are Heroes and Poreotics
18 Apr 2010
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