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Jaci Velasquez Imagine Me Without You Превод
11 Feb 2010
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29 May 2010
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Jaci Monet always asks me to "help her talk better". Every time I visit, We make games out of her speech homework. The ONLY thing I have ever seen this girl get somewhat conscious about is her speech; she was able to sign fluently before speaking understandably. Now she can do both but she strives for 100%. So at the end of speech games she gives me a face to tell me how she is feeling about how well she is using her voice. I recorded it because she likes to see too.
15 May 2010
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Hey hey everybody! I'm new here so hi! Check out my channel for more info about me. I'm not bothered to rewrite it :P (Yes I'm lazy) I was reading one of my parents books one day (It was lying around and I picked it up) In the first chapter it had a story about the Christian Organistation Open Doors and how they organised seven years of prayer for the countries behind the iron curtain. I do realise that other people had been praying as well. I just thought this was a class story about the power of prayer. The song is one of my favourites by a singer called Jaci Velasquez. She's soooo cool! Look her up! The pictures are not necessarily of the countries behind the iron curtain, they just came up when I google image searched persecution.
28 Aug 2009
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I did this video for an easter teen event my youth group was organising. It's another Jaci Velasquez song. Flower in the Rain. It's a bit more weighty than my last one, but I like how it turned out. One of the girls who saw it thought it looked extremely professional. Ha! As if! Please comment people! I'd really love to know what you think. I'm no professor of theology or anything, but I'll try and answer any questions as best I can.
13 Apr 2011
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30 May 2010
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Directed by Jacy Teh Cigar man played by Ivy Fox, Lawrence Blakeley and Marty Lyford-Pyke Scripting, Production, Lighting, Camera, Editing, VFX, Colour Correction by Jacy Teh The Dance Sequence: Choreography and Editing by Lisa Gloufchis Dancers - Alisha Henderson, Lisa Gloufchis, Miranda D'Unienville, Tash Grech Set Dresser - Julia De Rosayro Ivy's Dance Costume created by Mandy Murphy Make Up - Nina Kennedy. -------------- Special Thanks to Moni Storz for the film location and video production equipment. This video was shot in Brighton and St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. For any video production queries please email: JcyTeh****
1 Jul 2013
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Artist - Simon Marrocco Album "Samskara Radio" Produced by Jeff Martin. *******www.facebook****/pages/Samskara-Radio/326647117360199 Video Written and Directed by Jacy Teh Produced by Jacy Teh and Simon Marrocco Cast in order of appearance; Alicia Henderson, Simon Marrocco, Lorry Cachia, The Colonel, Tewedross (Ted) Gebbruwubet, Jeff Martin Production Design, Props, Location Scout - Julia de Rosayro Special Thanks to Darren Orr Shot in St Kilda, locations around Melbourne as well as Sandy Point.
1 Jul 2013
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Dragana, Sinan, Kemal, Mile i Semsa
30 Sep 2008
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Reportaż ukazujący trzy różne, kontrastujące ze sobą osoby, które mimo wszystko mają wspólną refleksje o swej przyszłości w kraju.
10 May 2009
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Report Stresses Need for Better Patient, Doctor and Food Service Staff Education A new report on fatalities from food induced anaphylaxis, which follows up an earlier study, suggests that little progress has been made in effectively preventing and treating food allergy reactions over the past five years. The findings support, alarmingly, earlier statistics showing that adolescents and young adults are at highest risk for fatalities. The need for more education on the part of the medical community and patients, more attention focused on reading labels and avoiding allergens, and the importance of carrying and using epinephrine are some of the major areas which need to be improved. The report, which appears in the April 2007 issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology JACI looks at 31 individuals who died as a result of their food allergies. This report follows up one from 2001 in which 32 food induced fatalities were examined. These statistics are disturbing, says Anne Munoz Furlong, Founder and CEO of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network FAAN, because they show we are not making the progress we hoped to in preventing food allergy related deaths or in protecting teens, the highest at risk group for fatal reactions. It is going to take more awareness and action to make a difference. The foods primarily responsible continue to be peanuts and tree nuts, such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, but also include milk and shrimp. The most common food sources were restaurant or food service items with hidden allergens 46% and packaged food with undeclared allergens 27%. Desserts, particularly cookies and bakery items, and Chinese food such as egg rolls caused a significant number of the reactions. In 13% of cases, the food items were homemade. In addition, every individual, for whom there was information, had asthma. Most of the individuals were not carrying their self-injectable epinephrine, and some had never been prescribed this life saving drug. A June 2006 study entitled Risk Taking and Coping Strategies of Food Allergic Adolescents and Young Adults, also published in JACI, showed that adolescents often don't carry their epinephrine self injectors because they are self conscious about carrying something that makes them look different from their friends. The solution starts with better education of medical professionals at all levels. Physicians need to do a better job of diagnosing patients and providing adequate evaluation. They also need to redouble their efforts to emphasize the importance of allergen avoidance and carrying epinephrine at all times, reports the study co-author Allan Bock, M.D., an allergist in Colorado.
28 Mar 2007
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Title "Drift" Agency Shanghai Advertising City Shanghai Production Company: Carrot Films Advertiser VW Volkswagen Brand Name Volkswagen Product Name Polo Business Sector Cars Market China Country of Production China Language Mandarin Type Television Length 60 seconds Tagline A VW Polo driver never leaves his car Creative Director Kit Yuchun Director Eric Will Production Company Producer Jacie Tan Editing Company Post Bangkok Post Production Post Bangkok Photographer Eric Yeong Music Pascal Bonifay Music Company / Composer Attention o Chien
21 Feb 2008
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After the I Love Joe song, I got many requests for a Nick song, so here it is! For a short period of time I asked girls who loved Nick to send in their names to be put into the song & I actually was able to fit everyone's name in! ***I am not currently taking names for other songs - sorry!*** A video for the Kevin song is on the way but for now you can check it out here: NICK JONAS SONG There's Vera, Danielle, Nicollette And don't forget sweet Caroline So many girls that think your mighty fine Who could blame them? If I said Madison and Lydia and Natalie Would do anything to hang with you I know they'd agree Amy, Raven, Polina, Kat, and Cassie All know you're way hotter than a tamale! When I heard you sing for the very first time The sweetest sound that I've heard all my life Too many reasons to name Why you rock our worlds Please stay the same You know, Jacie, Amber, Paran and Joanna Rose Love you from your head to your toes And the biggest fans that you'll ever see Are Katie and Jess x4 counting me! Hilary, Nikki, Lemy, Michelle, Crystal, and Sophie Whenever you're near, they can hardly breathe So hear me now, there's not much time left You taught us to Hold On and Take A Breath When things get too rough don't give up and go That's why we love you, just thought you should know N-I-C-K J-O-N-A-S ...overlap voice -------------------
25 Oct 2008
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28 Nov 2008
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Tribute to aco228 - video koji je postavio aco228 a koji je nestao i koji zasluzuje da se opet postavi. Niko ne moze da zna Kako otvoris oci vec znas da ceka te borba, kao kroz resetke kroz prozor gledas :Daleko je sloboda i ako si odan i boris se na strani dobra cim izadjes na ulicu osetis gorcinu zivota. Narod trpi dok smradovi se bogate,ja nemogu da cutim ne dozvoljavam da me poraze,kamen pada sa srca kao na papir suza, jedini ventil moja zika esencija Beogradskog bluza. Da li osecas patnju provucenu kroz svaki stih,da li osecas bol koji ko motiv koristim nakon prepreka svih puteva trnovitih rane su zarasle dobro nece se ponoviti. Svetlost ugledao sam jasno i ka njoj se krecem pokrecem lavinu emocija u potrazi srece prepusten sebi,vodjen instiktima u surovom svetu gde jaci slabijeg jede cim ovaj napravi gresku. Svi znate kako je tesko kada prazno je zato moje ljudstvo, moj sindikat,moja snaga je sloboda moga naroda tako daleko je al ne gubim nadu dok god se istina provlaci kroz redove. Kao da sam ceo zivot sanjao,a sad se budim ovo je moja zemlja, ovo nisu moji ljudi. Kazu:Ovde nemas sta da trazis,bolje miran budi jer ovde kadija te tuzi ovde kadija ti sudi;. Gledam skrnavljena groblja,nepostuju ni mrtve,gledam spaljene kuce,gledam spaljene crkve. Kazu:gledaj nasu snagu mi smo nepobedivi;pitam:znate li za Boga; kazu:sila Boga ne moli;. Pazite na ovom polju koplja su se lomila,pravoslavlje u Srba vera nesalomiva jer to je zemlja hranila, to je majka rodila, to je snaga branila ,to je vera vodila. ref.Niko ne moze da zna sta to sapuce vetar niko ne moze da zna sta nosi grom iz vedra neba,nevreme se sprema iznad geta pada zvezda moja zelja moja zebnja je nocas ova zemlja 2x 2004. prolazi mojih ljudi i dalje puni su zatvori na drevnoj zemlji uzurpatori,tudja ruka nam red zavodi, znakovi djavolji,transporter na barikadi nas nagoni da se drzimo po strani bez naglih pokreta,a kamoli da ih imamo na kameri kako senluce po nasoj bastini dosli su iz picke materine da ucare nesto na nasoj nemastini,a ko ce da nas zastiti moji ljudi i daje nisu slobodni taj osecaj da su bez pomoci, ko nocna mora me progoni.I politicari sto su dosli sve su dusmanima prodali a ovde se po skupstini sire kako su Bog zna kako pomogli.Beograd nezna za patnje onih retkih sto su ostali zar smo u trci za boljim zivotom; preko noci hladni postali.ZVONE ZVONA U PANICI,PADA BOMBA NA MANASTIR SRBI NEDAJTE POHLEPI DA NAS U NASOJ MUCI ZAVADI.MOZDA MI JESMO DINOSAURUSI ONA VRSTA KOJA ODLAZI I ZIVIMO U NASIM SNOVIMA GDE NIKO NE MOZE DA NAS PORAZI I NEMA TE FLOSKULE KOJA BI MOGLA BOL DA IZRAZI JA OPET DOLE SILAZIM AKO TREBA KRV CE PRICATI Ref. IZMEDJU BUNKERA I SNAJPERA SLOBODA JE ZATVOR,PORED TRANSPORTERA U PARKU ZIVOT JE NAPOR. prdim POKRETE TUDJINA OVO JE ZRTVAMA SUDJENJE NAMA POTREBNO BUDJENJE LAZI DOSTA JE I MUCENJA IZA IBRA KO LINIJE NASIH PUNE SU CELIJE OVDE UJEDINJENE DELUJU SVE DJAVOLJE LEGIJE,PA MOJE U BLOKU ZNAM PO SUZI U OKU A KOJI TO MOGU STOJE UPRKOS BOLU.ARNAUTSKE KOBRE U HODU NAS UJEDAJU ZA NOGU, A OTROV U KRVI GLASNO POZIVA NA BORBU JER ZELJA DA OTMU SVE ONO STO JE NAJDRAZE TERA MI GORKU PLJUVACKU U USTA.KO KAD STRANCI ME UHAPSE NA MENE KEROVE PUSTE DA ME ZAPLASE VEZANOG DOK DRZE ME BESANOG ALI JA NE ZNAM ZA SLOM MENE SAMO RAZDRAZE JER SRBI OVO JE NASE.VICEM DOK TRPIM BOLOVE STRASNE DOK MI CUPAJU IZ RUKU MOJU ZEMLJU MOJU MUKU KRVLJU NATOPLJEN BUSEN SVET HOCE DA MI UZME, I DA UNISTI USPEH KOSTI MOJIH PREDAKA MOSTI MOJIH SVETACA DA DOZVOLIM JER NE DAM VAM JER SVIMA NAM ZBOG SINOVA NEDOZVOLJENA PREDAJA.VAS PONOVNI DOLAZAK NA MOSTU CEKAM SAD ALBAN NO PASSARAN SA SRBIMA IL SAM Ref.
28 Oct 2009
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*******www.fiddleit****. 3x National Fancy Fiddle Champion Jacie Sites demonstrates how to size for a violin/fiddle. Use Jacie's easy tips to get the right size the first time! More great FAQs and a free week violin/fiddle lesson at www.fiddleit****.
16 Dec 2009
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