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Based out of Toronto for the past three years, Davao native Jenny James has just released her promising debut CD Aspiring 2 B Me. The title speaks to her evolution from cover singer, to original recording artist. From a family of professional musicians, James was singing at the “barrio fiestas” by the age of five, later stepping up to hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. “All my life I’ve been performing on stage and doing diva cover songs, and now I’m aspiring to be me,” she relates. “When we were meeting with different producers, they were saying, “Who is Jenny James? What kind of music?” She spans atmospheric pop (It’s Alright), techno dance (Release The Beast), Smooth Jazz (Love 101), plaintive piano ballads (Forgive Me), and more on her disc, produced by Eddie Bullen, a prominent figure on Toronto’s Caribbean/Urban music scene. James and her husband Brian Mann co-wrote several songs on the record. The standout ballad Till I Capture You features the savvy turn of phrase, “I don’t ask you to give me any commission/All I ask is that you pay attention”. “I was watching TV and this guy was talking about paying a commission, and that got me started,” she relates. Since moving to Toronto in 2008, James ( has become an in-demand session singer, and a bit of an unstoppable force onstage (with her band Jen And The Men) – between her chameleon-like vocals, and appealing stage personna. “I think they’re mesmerized with my voice,” she says, in softspoken tones. “They just kind of stare at me. “How does a little girl like me have such a big voice?” I get that a lot.” And now after years of covering idols like Whitney Houston, Shakira, Beyonce, and Celine Dion, she has a product of her own for the masses. It has plenty of crossover potential for radio, but who knows? “The Canadian market, lots of what I hear is more of an electronica club mix,” she relates.“Personally, I like to listen to ballads and love songs – and electronica, too. I wanted to put a little bit of disco sound to it and see what happens.” “I think there is a chance. I really believe so – if not here, maybe somewhere else in the world, with the Internet.”