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Gina from Hauntedflower**** and HauntedflowerReviews**** reviews "Tactical Force" starring Stone Cold Steve Austin released on DVD on August 9th, "Jane Eyre" starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender released on DVD August 16th, and "Something Borrowed" starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Jon Krasinski, and Colin Egglesfield released on Blu-ray August 16th. *******www.hauntedflower**** *******www.hauntedflowerreviews**** *******www.facebook****/hauntedflower *******twitter****/haunted_flower
16 Aug 2011
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20 Aug 2011
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Jane eyre Junket
13 Sep 2011
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Efter att ha vuxit upp på ett hem för föräldralösa barn hamnar Jane Eyre som guvernant hos den mystiske Mr. Rochester. På hans isolerade och imponerande egendom fascineras hon av den tungsinte ägaren som snart har vunnit hennes hjärta. Men allt är inte som det ser ut att vara på det hedomgärdade Thornfield. Här döljer sig mörka hemligheter och det viskas om sedan länge begravda svek. För att Jane ska kunna finna lyckan hos sin älskade krävs all hennes viljestyrka, allt hennes mod – och inte minst en brinnande kärlek. I rollerna: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Sally Hawkins, Judy Dench Regi: Gary Fukungaga
19 Sep 2011
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Jane Austen - A Letter To Her Niece - Read by Kate Reading A Letter To Her Niece by Jane Austen (1775-1817) Friday, November 18, 1814 I feel quite as doubtful as you could be, my dearest Fanny, as to when my letter may be finished, for I can command very little quiet time at present; but yet I must begin, for I know you will be glad to hear as soon as possible, and I really am impatient myself to be writing something on so very interesting a subject, though I have no hope of writing anything to the purpose. I shall do very little more, I dare say, than say over again what you have said before. I was certainly a good deal surprised at first, as I had no suspicion of any change in your feelings, and I have no scruple in saying that you cannot be in love. My dear Fanny, I am ready to laugh at the idea, and yet it is no laughing matter to have had you so mistaken as to your own feelings. And with all my heart I wish I had cautioned you on that point when first you spoke to me; but, though I did not think you then so much in love, I did consider you as being attached in a degree quite sufficiently for happiness, as I had no doubt it would increase with opportunity, and from the time of our being in London together I thought you really very much in love. But you certainly are not at all — there is no concealing it. What strange creatures we are! It seems as if your being secure of him had made you indifferent. There was a little disgust, I suspect, at the races, and I do not wonder at it. His expressions then would not do for one who had rather more acuteness, penetration, and taste, than love, which was your case. And yet, after all, I am surprised that the change in your feelings should be so great. He is just what he ever was, only more evidently and uniformly devoted to you. This is all the difference. How shall we account for it? My dearest Fanny, I am writing what will not be of the smallest use to you. I am feeling differently every moment, and shall not be able to suggest a single thing that can assist your mind. I could lament in one sentence and laugh in the next, but as to opinion or counsel I am sure that none will be extracted worth having from this letter. I read yours through the very evening I received it, getting away by myself. I could not bear to leave off when I had once begun. I was full of curiosity and concern. Luckily your Aunt Cassandra dined at the other house; therefore I had not to manoeuvre away from her, and as to anybody else, I do not care. Poor dear Mr. A.! Oh, dear Fanny! your mistake has been one that thousands of women fall into. He was the first young man who attached himself to you. That was the charm, and most powerful it is. Among the multitudes, however, that make the same mistake with yourself, there can be few indeed who have so little reason to regret it; his character and his attachment leave you nothing to be ashamed of. Upon the whole, what is to be done? You certainly have encouraged him to such a point as to make him feel almost secure of you. You have no inclination for any other person. His situation in life, family, friends, and, above all, his character, his uncommonly amiable mind, strict principles, just notions, good habits, all that you know so well how to value, all that is really of the first importance, everything of this nature pleads his cause most strongly. You have no doubt of his having superior abilities, he has proved it at the University; he is, I dare say, such a scholar as your agreeable, idle brothers would ill bear a comparison with. Oh, my dear Fanny! the more I write about him, the warmer my feelings become — the more strongly I feel the sterling worth of such a young man and the desirableness of your growing in love with him again. I recommend this most thoroughly. There are such beings in the world, perhaps one in a thousand, as the creature you and I should think perfection, where grace and spirit are united to worth, where the manners are equal to the heart and understanding, but such a person may not come in your way, or, if he does, he may not be the eldest son of a man of fortune, the near relation of your particular friend and belonging to your own county. Think of all this, Fanny. Mr. A. has advantages which do not often meet in one person. His only fault, indeed, seems modesty. If he were less modest he would be more agreeable, speak louder, and look impudenter; and is not it a fine character of which modesty is the only defect? I have no doubt he will get more lively and more like yourselves as he is more with you; he will catch your ways if he belongs to you. And, as to there being any objection from his goodness, from the danger of his becoming even evangelical, I cannot admit that. I am by no means convinced that we ought not all to be evangelicals, and am at least persuaded that they who are so from reason and feeling must be happiest and safest. Do not be frightened from the connection by your brothers having most wit — wisdom is better than wit, and in the long run will certainly have the laugh on her side; and don't be frightened by the idea of his acting more strictly up to the precepts of the New Testament than others. And now, my dear Fanny, having written so much on one side of the question, I shall turn round and entreat you not to commit yourself farther, and not to think of accepting him unless you really do like him. Anything is to be preferred or endured rather than marrying without affection; and if his deficiences of manner, &c. &c., strike you more than all his good qualities, if you continue to think strongly of them, give him up at once. Things are now in such a state that you must resolve upon one or the other — either to allow him to go on as he has done, or whenever you are together behave with a coldness which may convince him that he has been deceiving himself. I have no doubt of his suffering a good deal for a time — a great deal when he feels that he must give you up; but it is no creed of mine, as you must be well aware, that such sort of disappointments kill anybody. Your sending the music was an admirable device, it made everything easy, and I do not know how I could have accounted for the parcel otherwise; for though your dear papa most conscientiously hunted about till he found me alone in the dining-parlour, your Aunt Cassandra had seen that he had a parcel to deliver. As it was, however, I do not think anything was suspected. We have heard nothing fresh from Anna. I trust she is very comfortable in her new home. Her letters have been very sensible and satisfactory, with no parade of happiness, which I liked them the better for. I have often known young married women write in a way I did not like in that respect. You will be glad to hear that the first edition of Mansfield Park is all sold. Your uncle Henry is rather wanting me to come to town to settle about a second edition, but as I could not very conveniently leave home now, I have written him my will and pleasure, and, unless he still urges it, shall not go. I am very greedy and want to make the most of it, but as you are much above caring about money I shall not plague you with any particulars. The pleasures of vanity are more within your comprehension, and you will enter into mine at receiving the praise which every now and then comes to me through some channel or other. Saturday. — Mr. Palmer spent yesterday with us, and is gone off with Cassandra this morning. We have been expecting Miss Lloyd the last two days, and feel sure of her to-day. Mr. Knight and Mr. Edward. Knight are to dine with us, and on Monday they are to dine with us again, accompanied by their respectable host and hostess. Sunday. — Your papa had given me messages to you, but they are unnecessary, as he writes by this post to Aunt Louisa. We had a pleasant party yesterday, at least we found it so. It is delightful to see him so cheerful and confident. Aunt Cassandra and I dine at the Great House today. We shall be a snug half-dozen. Miss Lloyd came, as we expected, yesterday, and desires her love. She is very happy to hear of your learning the harp. I do not mean to send you what I owe Miss Hare, because I think you would rather not be paid beforehand. Yours very affectionately, Jane Austen
20 Sep 2011
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Movietrailer van Jane Eyre
29 Sep 2011
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Una donna fragile e forte, un’eroina senza tempo, appassionata e oscura, percorre prati, corridoi e castelli dell’Inghilterra del XIX secolo. Amore, passione, dolore, sogni e paure in un film che seduce, sorprende e commuove. Jane, dopo un’infanzia di crudeltà, è determinata a vivere la propria vita senza paura, intensamente. L’incontro con Rochester le spalancherà le porte di un amore travolgente, segnato però, da incomprensibili lampi di tenebra e inquietudine. Un folle segreto la terrà lontana dalla felicità e la porterà a reinventarsi ancora una volta, salvo poi capire, finalmente, di poter esistere solo nell’amore, ad ogni costo. L’audace rilettura in chiave gotica di un capolavoro della letteratura di tutti i tempi ci accompagna in un incubo da sogno, come solo le grandi storie sanno fare.
7 Oct 2011
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Jane Iredale is one of the most in-demand mineral make up brands particularly because of their makeup foundations simply because they provide a great deal of shades unlike a number of other natural cosmetics brands. <br /><br />*******www.musthave******/acatalog/Jane-Iredale.html
11 Oct 2011
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En dristig, ny version af den tidløse klassiker. I 1800-tallet vokser den forældreløse og fattige Jane Eyre op, og efter en hård barndom og barsk skoletid får hun arbejde på Thornfield Hall - et stort gods, som gemmer på dystre hemmeligheder. Jane Eyre forelsker sig i godsejeren Edward Rochester, men hun må flygte, da hun afslører hans hemmeligheder. Jane får tilbud om ægteskab fra anden side, men hun beslutter sig for at tage skæbnen i egen hånd og vende tilbage til Thornfield for at konfrontere fortiden og Edward Rochester.
11 Nov 2011
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Subscribe: *******  Official iPad App Review Web Site: *******www.crazymikesapps**** iPad App Download: *******  Cost: $0.99  Category: Education Developer:  JANES Works Co.  Size: 26.3 MB Rating: 4 out of 5 "CrazyMikesapps Heads" Store: iTunes App Store.  iPad App Review, by CrazyMike, *******www.crazymikesapps****. For more awesome iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac video app reviews check out our YouTube channels:  ***********/crazymikesapps - iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac ***********/mikevallez     - Android  JANES ABCs 123s iPad App Details Title: JANES ABCs 123s Price: $0.99 Size: 26.3 MB Category: Education Developer: JANES Works Co. Store:  iTunes App Store *******www.crazymikesapps****  ******* Follow Us on Twitter ******* Like Us on Facebook ******* Watch Us on YouTube ******* Download Us on iTunes ******* Get our app here   JANES ABCs 123s iPad App Developers Description iOS Universal Prepare your pre-schooler to read with JANES ABCs 123s. JANES ABCs 123s teaches your child the following skills:  * Letter recognition * Letter sounds * Read words * Spelling * Counting from 0 to 20 * 12 Colors * 12 Shapes  JANES ABCs 123s is a set of interactive flash cards, developed mainly to teach children their ABCs and letter sounds to prepare children how to read. The program also includes Numbers, Colors, and Shapes. What's new Fixed a minor bug with the number pages.
16 Nov 2011
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Eine der ergreifendsten Liebesgeschichten der Weltliteratur in Aufsehen erregendem, neuem Gewand! Nach einer entbehrungsreichen Jugend im Waisenhaus tritt die 18-jährige Jane Eyre eine Stelle als Gouvernante auf dem entlegenen Landsitz Thornfield Hall an. Mr. Rochester, Herr des Hauses, ist ein knorriger und verschlossener Mann. Dennoch entbrennt Jane langsam aber sicher in stürmischer Liebe zu ihm. Er aber scheint zu ihrem großen Unglück eine andere zu bevorzugen. Außerdem gehen auf dem einsamen Anwesen in der wilden Moorlandschaft unheimliche und beängstigende Dinge vor sich, die dunkle Geheimnisse aus der Vergangenheit erahnen lassen … Regie-Shootingstar Cary Fukunaga, dessen Erstling SIN NOMBRE international für Furore sorgte, bringt Charlotte Brontes berühmten viktorianischen Liebesroman ausgesprochen unviktorianisch, frisch und aufregend auf die Leinwand. Neben etablierten Größen wie Oscar-Preisträgerin Judi Dench und Golden Globe-Gewinnerin Sally Hawkins unterstützen ihn dabei zwei der angesagtesten Newcomer des internationalen Kinos: Hauptdarstellerin Mia Wasikowska, die gerade in Tim Burtons ALICE IM WUNDERLAND brillierte, und Michael Fassbender, der zuletzt in Quentin Tarantinos Blockbuster INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS zu überzeugen wusste.
1 Dec 2011
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Jane Eyre huye de Thornfield House, donde trabaja como institutriz contratada por el apuesto y acaudalado Edward Rochester. La aislada mansión, así como la frialdad del Sr. Rochester han puesto a prueba la resistencia y fortaleza de la joven. Pero al reflexionar sobre su pasado, Jane regresará a la mansión para descubrir el secreto que esconde el Sr. Rochester.
2 Dec 2011
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Jane Rynbrandt talks to Cyclingnews after day 3 of La Ruta de los Conquistadores. She spent some of today racing in the top three and finished in fourth place.
6 Dec 2011
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Edoardo Bennato - Io Tarzan, Tu Jane (Partanna - TP - 20 Agosto Live 2010).
9 Dec 2011
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Jane Rynbrandt talks to Cyclingnews after day 3 of La Ruta de los Conquistadores. She spent some of today racing in the top three and finished in fourth place. ‪*******www.cyclingnews****‬Follow us: ‪*******twitter****/#!/cyclingnewsfeed
14 Dec 2011
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Glee star Jane Lynch talks to us about her holiday plans while shopping at a trendy shopping center in Los Angeles.
15 Dec 2011
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