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Who is the real Jason Morgan! The guy that said he never loved everyone as much as he loved Sam or the man Sam told if you could just keep walking away for what he and Sam had just because it didn't go his way in his mind then he doesn't know what love is! Don't get me wrong I always liked JaSam and it being a soap and knowing the way soaps work to be honest I really took this couple like every other soap couple for granted! Even though at the time I was mad at Jason for the way he handled things with Sam around this time he's speech actually inspired me and made me totally love and not what to give up JaSam! There was that magic I felt! But are we going around and around Jason when will we ever believe you again when it comes to love at least! Clips/Credit Go To Holsgem at Dominoes & Tequila
1 Nov 2009
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During The Train Wreck! Emily looks after both Jason and Reese while Manny holds Sam, Sonny and Robin at gunpoint then Max sees it and goes to let Jason know! After a struggle with Sonny over the gun, Robin gets shot then Manny is all ready to shot Sonny then Jason stabs Manny from behind! Then Sam gives Jason a shot and go to find Carly but instead find s another dangerous surprise! Clips/Credit go to Hella Good!
6 Sep 2009
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720 PLEASE! Quality is shot without it :( My number one complaint on Jasam vids is that they're too short so I really tried to make this longer, still not the full song though. (the vid) Heavily focused on the reunion and all from Jason's POV of willing to wait for her to be ready to get past her fear and be with him. That's why there's a bunch of Jason just being there for Sam and loving her unconditionally. Finally, in the end, they get all they really need: each other ♥
6 Mar 2011
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These are the scenes of Sam laying it all on the line to help Jason protect Carly and Sonny's son Michael from being brought up on murder charges when everyone including Michael believed he killed his real father AJ! Do those ungrateful bastards remember this! Yeah Carly all Sam did was lay on Jason's couch doing nothing but spend his money! JaSam at it's best also, will those days ever come back! (Note: Michael had that memory of killing AJ implanted in him, something to think about with this crazy s/l going on today!) Clips/Credit go to Holsgem at Dominoes and Tequila
21 Dec 2008
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Before Sam, Jason's life was pretty empty and she changed him! You don't believe me let him tell you! This song fits perfectly for what Jason should be telling Sam! Which he really knows himself! Everything I see the way he looks at her, touch her face, holds her in his arms and kisses her made me see envious to find true love and passion like that! But right now he needs to WTFU and remember all this I also thought you were grateful on what you had too! Despite my anger we need JaSam back! So we need to band together and kick TIIC in the butt to make it happen! Not all angels need to be perfect or wear halo's they just need to be right for you and Sam was and always will be the right one for Jason and vice versa! And me too I'm crazy about the woman, hell I'm no saint, who is! The song is called God Must Of Spent A Little More Time On You by N-Sync! All comments welcome! Clips/Credit Go To Trusted Hearts, Hella Good and Dominoes & Tequila
1 Jan 2009
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yet another older vid of the 2 I love. It was requested with this song, and I think it fits, With Jason, Sam is who she really is, she is most comfortable with him and doesnt have to try and be someone else. Unlike some other people. Clips: Dominoes&Tequila Sandra -- JaSam True Love Geena -- Hellagood Trusted Hearts Song: Jessica Simpson -- With You
2 Jan 2009
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This was the aftermath! When everyone from the train wreck was acounted for except Jason but Sam who was praying for a miracle then once she thought it might be too late she got one! After Sam runs into Jason's arms Robin ask Jason if he's ready for the treatments! But first he went to tell Sonny about Manny and Carly were he had another headache so Sam, Sonny and Emily convinced him to go the the hospital where he agreed to do the treatments after he signed the forms he asked Sam an important question! Dam I miss my old JaSam so much! Clips/Credit go to NickyM96/Trusted Hearts
10 Jan 2009
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JaSam with Spinelli is hiding in a safe house ready to turn themselves in but before that Jason wants to spend some alone time with Sam! After a few really sweet moments and Jason admits he's worried but Sam tries to reassure him! JaSam starts packing heat headed out but is ambushed by Alcazar's men! Just more of JaSam at their best! Maybe we have to wait to November sweeps again! Clips/Credit go to Holsgem at Dominoes and Tequila
24 May 2009
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Sam looks for payback! Scenes of JaSam after Jason woke from surgery just to see Sam's beautiful face staring at him and of course they can't get a moments peace alone! Clips/Credit go to NickyM96/Trusted Hearts
6 Sep 2009
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In honor of the huge Train Wreck S/L that brought out the best in JaSam! Also as a reminder of how JaSam has dominated the last 3 years during all of the soaps biggest period! November Sweeps! Oh yeah what month is coming up! JaSam Will Always Die For Each Others Love! The song is Bring Me To Life by Evanescence feat. Paul McCoy of 12 Stones Clips/Credit Go To Dominoes & Tequila, Trusted Hearts and Hella Good NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
6 Sep 2009
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This is a collection of Jasam clips in chronological order from 12.03.03 (when they met) to 05.25.04 (the airport). The instrumental song is "Creasy's Art Is Death" from the Man On Fire soundtrack. The other song is "Truth" by Vaughan Penn. I would appreciate feedback. Hope you enjoy it. This video is available for download upon request.
6 Oct 2009
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I just had to make a video for all the Jasam lovers out there using todays love scene. It was sooo sensual and sexy! Enjoy the slow motion version and the original love scene! This love scene killed me and brought me to Jasam heaven! :) I hope everyone likes it! :) Song during slow: All I've Ever Wanted Artist: Mariah Carey Clips courtesy of: Favorite Moments**** I dont own the music!
18 Oct 2009
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My latest Mvid when Jason remembers the life he had with Sam and how she was the only one who loved, understood and accepted him no matter what! PS: I kind put it together real quick, because A) When I finally was going through my stuff I found the song and it always had a special place in my heart that made me think of someone that I loved and lost that still holds with me today, so of course why not for the greatest ever JaSam, there's a lot of flash back scenes not really one of my best and B) I hopefully will be using another program besides WWM so bear with me! Hope you all love it, I just had to keep JaSam fate going! JaSam Fan 4Life! The is "She's All I Ever Had" by Ricky Martin I DON"T OWN ANYTHING, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Clips/Credit Go To Dominoes & Tequila, Trusted Hearts and Hella Good
7 Mar 2010
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This is something new I'm doing. I'm going to upload my favorite Jasam moment of every month of 2009. I want to know if this was yours too or was there another episode? 7-13-09 and 7-14-09 SOOO HOTTT! lol. In these scenes, Jason is totally checking Sam out! :) Jason calls Sam over to help him find information on Dominic. She ends up taking off her coat to find her phone and she is wearing a stripper outfit. Jason is stunned into silence! She is going upstairs and she falls and Jason catches her. He helps put ice on her ankle while Sam tries to find information on Dominic. Spinelli and Maxie burst in making out and heading upstairs. Before you know it, they are making a lot of noise with Jason and Sam sitting there giggling. Clips courtesy of: dominoesandtequila****
15 Jul 2010
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Jason and Sam's first official Valentine's Day was sooo amazing and so them! It had love and comedy and sweetness all mixed together! I combined both days because technically both days they are celebrating Valentine's Day! These episodes made me want a Jasam wedding with twins already! Lol. Enjoy! (Because I know I did! :D) Clips courtesy of: Favorite Moments****
15 Jul 2010
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Another older video of my loves Jason and Sam. I really miss them. Clips: Dominoes&Tequila Geena -- Hella Good Sandra -- JaSam True Love Izzy -- Favorite Moments Trusted Hearts Song : Home To Me - Josh Kelley
26 Aug 2010
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