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Who is the real Jason Morgan! The guy that said he never loved everyone as much as he loved Sam or the man Sam told if you could just keep walking away for what he and Sam had just because it didn't go his way in his mind then he doesn't know what love is! Don't get me wrong I always liked JaSam and it being a soap and knowing the way soaps work to be honest I really took this couple like every other soap couple for granted! Even though at the time I was mad at Jason for the way he handled things with Sam around this time he's speech actually inspired me and made me totally love and not what to give up JaSam! There was that magic I felt! But are we going around and around Jason when will we ever believe you again when it comes to love at least! Clips/Credit Go To Holsgem at Dominoes & Tequila
1 Nov 2009
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During The Train Wreck! Emily looks after both Jason and Reese while Manny holds Sam, Sonny and Robin at gunpoint then Max sees it and goes to let Jason know! After a struggle with Sonny over the gun, Robin gets shot then Manny is all ready to shot Sonny then Jason stabs Manny from behind! Then Sam gives Jason a shot and go to find Carly but instead find s another dangerous surprise! Clips/Credit go to Hella Good!
6 Sep 2009
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720 PLEASE! Quality is shot without it :( My number one complaint on Jasam vids is that they're too short so I really tried to make this longer, still not the full song though. (the vid) Heavily focused on the reunion and all from Jason's POV of willing to wait for her to be ready to get past her fear and be with him. That's why there's a bunch of Jason just being there for Sam and loving her unconditionally. Finally, in the end, they get all they really need: each other ♥
6 Mar 2011
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