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JavaScript is a language designed to work with webpages. JavaScript was created by Netscape and is not to be confused with the Java Programming Language developed by Sun Microsystems. JavaScript has a syntax similar to the C Language group. JavaScript works on all modern browsers including IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera and others. JavaScripts are put in the body of the HTML code. There are thousands of sites that have free JavaScripts available for placement into your webpages.
- Just be careful of what you download - It is important to know HTML before working with JavaScript. For this tutorial series, NotePad++ will be used. It is a Free download at: 
*******notepad-plus.sourceforge**** I will do my best to have these JavaScripts work with Apple's iWeb Application
27 Oct 2009
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JavaScript tutorial with Don Kiely: "JavaScript 1.8: Objects." Objects in JavaScript 1.8 cover a wide variety of different items. This course will start with how to work with timers using the Window object. Then you will learn to use the Location object to get page information and navigate to other pages. Then you will learn how to create and use windows programmatically. Get full course details *******
7 Mar 2013
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This tutorial will cover the really basic things about JavaScript, mainly proper syntax of strings, method of script inclusion, and the commonly used alert() and document.write(). To those of a keen eye, you'll get a glimpse of my recent history at 1:33, and for that I apologize. "absolutely necessity": that should be "absolute." The error message display comes courtesy of Firebug, an incredibly useful Firefox add-on. The song is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. (Those with epilepsy should stop watching this tutorial about ten seconds before its end to be safe...)
30 Jul 2008
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In this installment, I'll be covering JavaScript variables and how they're used, as well as going back and making sure you've got a thorough understanding of strings and their proper syntax. I apologize for the plethora (I think there are two, actually...) of grammatical mistakes that take place throughout (just one "page," actually...) the course of this tutorial. Bloody YouTube cuts off the last second of the video so the "red to white and back" effect doesn't deliver on its last promise.
10 Oct 2009
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24 Oct 2009
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14 Nov 2009
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21 Oct 2012
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***Subscribe to My Channel to Watch Upcoming Tutorials*** For Complete JavaScript Visit my website: *******www.onlineustaad****, or call me at: 03412221598, however in this video we will learn the basic introduction and usage of JavaScript in Urdu, As we know that JavaScript is a client side scripting language which is used to add interactivity in HTML pages. Other videos of JavaScript can be found on my channel....
29 Dec 2012
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24 Oct 2013
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