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19 Jan 2013
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Jace has a follow up to his music hit, I Play WoW. The face and voice of Milli Vanilli share some insightful thoughts on their shared controversy. And Jace faces Atari's wrath over an old misunderstanding! Jace has some awesome stuff lined up for future episodes, so subscribe now! Subscribe to START for more original programming: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=start Follow Jace Hall on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/jacehall Visit our FaceBook page: *******www.facebook****/TheJaceHallShow Read the blog: *******www.jacehallshow**** Get ALL the Jace Hall Show music for FREE on our SoundCloud page: *******soundcloud****/jacehallshow/sets/the-jace-hall-show-music-depot/ Having trouble with 3D? Check out Jace's in-depth explanation below! Don't have 3D glasses? Just hit the 3D button on the playlist and turn it off! On this week's episode, Geek Goddess Felicia Day stops by to settle an old score. Special note regarding the 3D: If you are viewing the episode in the anaglyph 3D mode (RED/BLUE GLASSES) you may notice a crosstalk visual effect called "Ghosting." This is normal. Youtube offers other 3D viewing modes that you can choose from, so if you are watching on a 3D TV you can choose the "side-by-side" mode and then your 3D TV will detect it and use the special glasses that came with the TV for 3D viewing. This viewing method will result in far less "ghosting." Executive Producer -- Jace Hall
Producer Todd Roy, Xander Denke
Director -- Todd Roy
Writers -- Jace Hall, Todd Roy Edited -- Todd Roy Episode 1 Cast Jace Hall Todd Roy Felicia Day Jay Wilson Fab Morvan Jon Davis Lee Jacobson Special Thanks to: Everyone at IGN 
Location -- HDFILMS/Victory Studios, 
www.hdfilms**** TAGS: "felicia day" "geek and sundry" "geek & sundry" "the guild" "i play wow" "i play wow music video" "i play wow redux" "milli vanilli" atari "stan lee" blizzard "jay wilson" "error 37" "qwop runner" "diablo 3" "fallout new vegas" fallout "voice acting" "comic con 2012" "jace hall" "todd roy" "fab morvan" "jon davis" "lee jacobson" interview skit music parody humor comedy funny "web series" "web show" START "hd films" 3D HD HQ
5 Mar 2013
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This is a video me and my brtother got at blizzcon 2010 of the wizard in arena battles. If Jay Wilson ever sees this video i want to say thanks and keep up the good work the barbarian is awsome!
17 Sep 2012
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Blizzard's Jay Wilson offers his top tips for surviving Diablo III's Inferno difficulty. Head over to IGN for more Diablo 3: *******pc.ign****/objects/714/714955.html Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment
23 May 2012
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Jay Wilson, Game Director for 'Diablo III', talks to Blair Herter about the announcement of the Monk as the 4th playable class and gives details about the Monk, his combat style, special melee and magic attacks, leveling, skills and more. Check out Brian Leahy's excellent written interview Diablo III's game director, a must for any serious fan of Diablo, here: *******g4tv****/games/pc/28197/diablo-iii/articles/68225/BlizzCon-2009-Diablo-III-Game-Director-Interview/ More Diablo III News, Previews, And Videos: *******g4tv****/games/pc/28197/diablo-iii/index/
15 Mar 2010
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Diablo III's game director Jay Wilson speaks about why Diablo 3 is an always-online game, criticisms about innovation, comparisons with Torchlight and favorite classes.
25 Aug 2012
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