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4 Nov 2012
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Career High game in a row! HD Complete and Full Highlights of Jeremy Lin's career night from New York Knicks vs Utah Jazza. Jeremy Lin gets a career high with 28 pts, 8 assists, 2 rebounds, 2 steals on 10-17 FG in 44:52 mins of play on February 6th, 2012 [2/6/2012] Post Game Interview: ***********/watch?v=Dzi1LXL1Bgs For more videos on Jeremy Lin, visit: *******asianathletes.wordpress****/ Special thanks to Shacmng
12 Feb 2012
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Batman doesn't like Bronies. Facebook Fan Page: *******www.facebook****/JamesLeeAnimation Twitter: ********twitter****/#!/jameslee03 Created by James Lee Animation -------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Hania Zdunek ***********/user/TheHaniaShow Batman voiced by Josiah Brooks ***********/user/JazzaStudios Brony voiced by Josh 'TomaMoto' Tomar ***********/user/jaxamoto Special thanks to Sam Green: ***********/user/SamGreenMedia and Ricepirate Mick ***********/user/ricepiratenewgrounds for some useful feedback! -----------------------------Spoiler Warning—--------------- I always find it funny when people on the internet get so angry over things like Bronies, Hipsters, Nickleback etc, so I guess I just wanted to make a cartoon over how strange it is. I didn't want it to be too preachy and sappy, but then I didn't want it to be too aggressive either. I think I've got a good balance, though hopefully I don't just end up pissing everyone off instead: P --------------------------------------------- This one took quite a bit longer than my Pregnetheus cartoon. The 'rough' style actually took more work than my typical cleaner style oddly enough. I was initially thinking of doing something more in the style of Dark Knight Rises, but just decided to do my own style anyway. I'm happy with how it turned out, though I'm eager to get back to something tidier and simpler. We hit a creative roadblock in the last few days of production. We couldn't come up with any music to fit the first half. In the end I came across some Star Wars music (the Emperors Theme) and thought "screw it, lets just parody that". So that's how we ended up with a Batman/ My Little Pony / Star Wars crossover parody thing.... Hania worked her butt off on the score for this one. She did about 5 different versions of the first half, which was my fault. I was like "Needs more DUNDUNDUNDUN dun DUHHHH" and then "Can we pull back the "DunDunDun dunnn?" and then "......Maybe we should get rid of the DunDunDunDun...." Jazza did a fantastic job as usual as Batman. It was my first time working with Josh Tomar (as the voice of the Brony), and he completely nailed it from the get go, I can't wait to work with him again. Special thanks to Sam Green for some useful feedback! The bulk of production was done in Flash, for character animation. I used a lot of Photoshop for the BG art, and composited in After Effects to add some glows and filters just to soften the look a little. I've got a couple more ideas for some parody stuff, but we're going to throw in some original stuff soon too just to even it out a bit more.
23 May 2013
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I love you. and jump cuts are WIN! (ps did u notice my lack of them in this one ;) ) BAM! Get Kristina'd: ***********/italktosnakes I am a Gryffindor though :,( I'm willing to look past our differences if you are. The dance is from the Wonder Girls' Tell Me music video. ***********/watch?v=O7bapnwW5IY (i was kidding about the challenge. I have opted to be friends instead. Jazza has also informed me that she would slaughter me with her dance skills) haha, i OBVIOUSLY have no idea what the lyrics are. *story* okay, so i filmed this in a bit of a hurry to get it up so fast (obviously) So i pretty much ran out my door to film the dance at 2:52(ish) because there wasn't enough room in my apartment. what I didn't know is that that building I'm dancing next to is a school O.o It let out at 3:00 and I ended up filming in front of twentyish dazed and confused thai children and teachers XD THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU! background music copyright free from: *******www.incompetech****/
7 Jun 2013
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and i thought nash grier was an expired jar of mayonnaise twitter - ********twitter****/thethirdpew instagram - *******instagram****/thirdpew vine: ********vine***/u/952640924633165824 "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" - Abe Lincoln MASTER POST: EVERYTHING ABOUT ALL THE YOUTUBERS WHO HAVE SEXUALLY ABUSED OTHERS: *******unpleasantmyles.tumblr****/post/79455706244/tom-milsom-hexachordal-heres-the-post-olga I am so tired of making youtube videos ABOUT youtube. I have had writers block for a majority of the year and I feel like that's all I do now. I had written a funny video about Confidence, but I think that this is more neccessary. I hope this helped anyone in any way. It was kind of scary to upload this.I spent sooo much time making sure I said the right things. Ania's video: ************/watch?v=3Z2R-DA7ryY&list=UUc_mDLLNs3jtAEy7qIorW0w VeeOneEye's response (He just made it private smh... here's a reupload): ************/watch?v=_cNnEqMEIko The BEST video on this topic by TheGeekyBlonde PLEASE watch it: ************/watch?v=3Uc5eNNG60o My friend David helped me with this video, check out his VERY well done Sam Pepper video: ************/watch?v=ahK4HJt18co&list=UU0k_TyDiwTHdLNqq3A5d83g Joshhastime's video on the topic: ************/watch?v=FQVDpWElw6M&list=UUNIYeIv3MjubrfYuUkFtfzg Thank you to Sabrina (ohsololita on twitter) for helping me write the part about why victim blaming is not okay. Other YouTubers Making Videos on The Topic: Laci Green - ************/watch?v=r9qVaMhnJB8 Ophelia Dagger - ******* TimH - ************/watch?v=PVmpGWin78Y Neafcy - ******* Ellen Rose - ************/watch?v=Ghxkw... Evan - ************/watch?v=DtsCH... Lex - ******* Jazza - ******* Mr Repzion - ******* Mr Repzion - 7 Rules - ************/watch?v=8kHi0... Videos About Consent: Charlie - ******* Lex - ************/watch?v=h2kS6... YouTubers Telling Their Stories: Dottie - ************/watch?v=1Wgvi... Savannah - ******* Ania - ******* NeverShoutNessy - ************/watch?v=BA9ZNlQdxaE Anonymous - *******
26 Nov 2014
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