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Nick and Erik doing there Jedi thing. Sorry about the Quality.
28 Jan 2008
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a full plate this week, starting with the mystery of the five severed undersea cables in the past two weeks. ghostface killah slams his myspace fans, we run down a few of our favorite things about the internet, find out about the jedi church, and we see the work of amazing sculptor nemo gould. the FU of the week is served by a site helping create informed U.S. voters, and as usual our viewers contributed buttloads of stuff to the show! for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
28 Feb 2008
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Wildcat Hybrid- 50% Internet Geek, 50% Youth Culture Hang out at Wildcat Home! wildcathome.ning**** This week, the writer strike has ended, cuddly rabbit tells kids to eat Jews, and take your best profile picture for MySpace, Facebook, etc. Don't forget to subscribe to get new episodes. Features: The New Pornographers- "Myriad Harbor" *******www.thenewpornographers****/ *******youtube****/watch?v=xO_VONrCJQE End Credits: Calvin Harris- "The Girls" ******* *******youtube****/watch?v=nh2oseTibx4 Bumper Video: iAno- the iPhone Piano ***********/watch?v=ycIjt-ykWRo Intro Music: Radiohead- "15 Steps" *******radiohead****/deadairspace/ Participate in Forum: *******tinyurl****/2jwyfm Stories: Writer Strike *******tinyurl****/ysyjax Previously on Lost *******www.myspace****/previouslyonlostmusic Amie Street *******amiestreet**** REM *******www.supernaturalsuperserious****/ Church of Jedi *******www.jedichurch****/ *******tinyurl****/3dxhvj School Shooting *******tinyurl****/2x4bse Palestinian TV (Link Bunch) ******* How to Take Pics *******tinyurl****/38w7du
14 Mar 2008
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my grandson`s first try at using the "Force" (maybe a jedi of the future?)
7 May 2011
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Jet li fight the student of a martial arts room with light saber(laser Sword) color green!Like star wars , jedi
21 May 2010
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Making the JEDI LIGHTSABERS (no special effects), COLORING YOUR SKIN green,orange or any other glowing color and OTHER EXPERIMENTS.
9 Jul 2008
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What do Jedis do when faced with life's ultimate choice? Created by Benny & Rafi Fine *******www.RavenStake****
18 Aug 2008
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When the world's most elite spy, spies on a Jedi Knight
21 Aug 2008
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A l'occasion: "Heiltz le Hutier fait son cinema !" 2008. Escrime -Intemporel et Fantastique- _ Duel aux épées de feux _ Combat aux sabres laser __ Images: Armand GAUTRON __ __ Alexis DIENNA: __ *******escrimecascade.ifrance**** __ *******blog.ifrance****/lexxus __ Frédéric TRIN: __ ******* __ . . . . . . . . . . Mots clefs: escrime artistique,theatrale, bretteur, bretteuse,de theatre,spectacle, comedien, comedian, heiltz le hutier fait son cinema ! marne,centre chevalier chevalerie, feodal feodale feodaux bouclier lance hallebarde batarde hast estramaçon plilori magicien feodalite ordalie jugement de dieux lice campement guerrier pietaille banquet pouvoir magique sort tournoi joute cote de maille casque heaume heraldie heraldique blason baniere drapeau rondache paysan gueux gueuse villageois villageoise pouilleux pouilleuse chatelain seigneur seigneurie heretique ensorcellement ensorcelle envoute envoutement divertissement, acteur, actor,europe, france, picardie, oise, senlis,cinema, theatre,creation artistique,escrimeur, escrimeuse,tireur, demonstration, alexis dienna, scenique, theatre de rue, arts du spectacle, interpretation,performing arts, entertainment, divertissements, manifestations culturelles,culturelle,manifes​tations,festivals,prestation,pr​ esentations,representations,ani​mations loisirs, cultures, sports,artistique,ancienne,scè​ne, cape et epee,feu,fire sword,fencing, artistic, theatrical, troupe de theatre, femme d'arme, homme d'arme , medievale, renaissance, epoque, intemporel, fantastique, timeless, fantastic, la force, cote oscur, jedi, sith, star wars, spectacle historique, renaissance faires , historical reenactment, services, historic, assaut, parade,riposte,estoc, Cyrano, Scaramouche, Milady, mousquetaires, Musketeers, marquis, marquise, mignon, valet,pirate, flibustier,flibustière, d'Artagnan, Zorro, Elena, Robin des bois, petit jean, Don Quichotte, Roméo, le Cid, Jack Sparow, Barbosa, Will Turner, Elisabeth Swan, fleuret, foil, sabre, saber, epee, sword, rapiere, rapier, dague, dagger, main gauche, sabre laser, light saber, batarde, cimetere, katana, sai, matraque telescopique, hache, fleaux, bouclier, glaive, filet, couteau, arme blanche, canne, demonstration, scene d'action, mouvement d'enssemble, mouvement collectif, duel de courtoisie, baiser volé, kiss stolen, romantic, romantisme, romantique, cane, cascade,cascadeur, performeur,performers, stunt, duel,combat,bagarre,bataille,b​attle,street,fight,spectacle,sh​ow
7 Sep 2008
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"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" is one of the most buzzed about video games of the year, and now you can play a minimal version of the game on your iPhone. In the game, you play as Darth Vader's "secret apprentice," and you're sent on a mission to kill any remaining Jedi by using the Force in ways we've never before seen in the movies. The next gen console version of “Force Unlashed” has killer graphics and game play... but the iPhone version isn't half bad. This pocket sized version of the game takes full advantage of the iPhone's touch screen tech, allowing you to tap, touch, and swipe the screen to use your powerful force attacks on anybody who is foolish enough to get in your way. With a $9.99 price tag on the small version of “Force Unleashed,” it's worth the higher end price point to literally hold the power of the Force in your fingertips. I'm Marc Gittleman for TekieTV.Com. Keep watching for answers and updates on all your science and technology needs.
12 Nov 2008
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TDOF Clan Mardegot'un Gölgesi Fragman.. Star Wars Jedi Academy JA CLAN TDOF's Trailer. TDOF Clan tanıtım ve Mardegot'un Gölgesi Fragman.. Daha fazlası için --> *******tdof.freehostia****/
2 Dec 2008
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Star Wars Jedi Knight 3:New Emperor
14 Mar 2009
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pacman eats some guys b4 explodin and it has a jedi and goku
30 Apr 2009
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Then check out the New York Jedi! *******www.theresident****
8 May 2009
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Jedi Knights and iphones: Made for each other! *******www.britethorn****
9 Jun 2009
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*******www.JomaDeals****: Fossil Diamond Collection Mens Watch FS4360. A classy yet unique watch that enhances your personal style. This deal of the day is $38 (64% off the $105 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). September 7, 2009. I’ve literally never looked at a Fossil watch and thought to myself, “Man, that’s a boring watch. I’m going to buy it to help me fall asleep at night because it’s so humdrum and boring.” Fossil is the watch brand for you if you want something different and stylish. It’s like Yoda told Luke on Dagoba: “What you wear is an expression of your inner, ideal self.” Turns out Yoda didn’t have very keen fashion sense (good thing that whole Jedi Master thing worked out for him), but I’m willing to bet you do. And if you do, I’m also willing to bet (I promise I don’t have a gambling problem, I only bet using rocks and marshmallow when I play poker) that you can think of a million different places and outfits where this watch will amplify your style and let everyone know how hard you rock (as if they didn’t know already, you stud, you). If you wear this, and your friends don’t instantly worship you and beg to become your roadies, poke their eyes out, cuz they’re not using them right (another kill bill reference you ask? Well, it didn’t start out that way, but now it is. Lay off me, I like that movie). This particular Fossil watch is from the Diamond collection and has that breathtaking clean face with a single diamond at the top (the type of diamond that says, I like a little bling, but not 1990’s rap-star type bling) for understated elegance mixed with smooth masculinity. The most striking feature is the brushed and polished Brown anodized stainless steel case and bracelet, a unique color to the watch world that for sure will fit in with your hipster fedora and leather bracelets (or your suit with that paisley tie you wear for more formal, work-related events; working in an office is tough sometimes, but it was either this or my friend Jake’s tattoo parlor, and needles scare me). But whatever you choose or are forced to wear, this watch will enhance your own personal style so that you stand out in any situation (stand out in the good way, not stand out as in “just wet my pants riding the Triple Death Bizzarro Coaster and the stupid roller coaster souvenir camera caught it on film and all my friends bought a copy and still show it to everyone who comes over” stand out). And with the JomaDeals 2-year warranty, if something goes wrong with the watch, we’ll make it all better.
7 Sep 2009
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