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Jee karda from Movie Singh is Kinng. The beautiful song
7 Aug 2008
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d-jee komt er aan
21 Jan 2009
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Resonance is the best institute for cracking IIT-JEE Exam. Resonance was founded on 11th April, 2001 with a concept to provide objective-centric coaching education in a different, innovative and affable learning environment in the challenging field of IIT-JEE preparation.
20 Apr 2010
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Assalam Un Aleyk Ya..(Ali Shanawar, Ali Jee) 2011
14 Dec 2010
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Learn Physics Mathematics at links *******zookeepersblog.wordpress****/iit-jee-ipho-apho-physics-mathematics-videos-for-std-9-to-12/ for IIT JEE Solutions India IPhO APhO IMO RMO INMO through lectures problems numericals Zookeeper Subhashish Chattopadhyay Projectile Laten Heat Thermodynamics std 11 12 ISc Calculus BE BTech Differentiation Integration Mechanics Surface Tension Viscosity Accelerating Frame velocity wedge mass pulley Moment Inertia Roorkey Joint Entrance Exam CET AIEEE Irodov HCV Verma Bangalore Intermediate Algebra Trigonometry Sexy Free Coaching study material preparation Olympiad Friction sin Modelling cos Potential tan cot Gravitation Electrostatics sec Field cosec Ellipse Parabola Hyperbola inverse string Tuition Kinetic Theory Gases Isothermal Adiabatic Isochoric Isobaric Processes Root Mean Square Differential Equation Soomrit Specific Cp Cv PV Diagram Bending Stress Strain Geostationary Satellite Entropy Coefficient Linear Expansion Alpha Beta Gamma Pendulum Conductivity Latent ice water Hydrometer Glass tube series Parallel travelling standing wave Sound Radiation stefan Boltzmann law Newton cooling cylinder Harmonic Overtone Resonance Sonometer Kunds Beat Frequency vibration tuning Fork Swimmer Young Bulk Modulus welded chamber not similar dissimilar MIT Caltech Yale pipe Magnetic Tesla Lenz LvB Buoyant Buoyancy Rho efflux Bernoullis rare Poiseuilles Torricellis critical Terminal Reynolds Poise coalescing Laplace Ventury Hoop orifice Siphon Foucault stretched compression ball scale constant length shear poisson Ratio clock loosing time tvanausdal1 vkiledj Density Partial Pressure Humidity Leak SmartlearnwebTV Space Puncture Photon RC RLC LR Circuit Electrical Capacitor Inductance Linked Flux Wheatstone Bridge Freelanceteach Projected Area PET Kerala MPPET Delta Star conversion Internal Resistance Battery Trick Questions Infinite Ladder Quadratic Cubic Quartic Quintic Orissa NSEP ckt eqn mesh Folding Lenzs J&K Karnataka RMS instantaneous BCECE Maharastra MHCET RPET stepup stepdown transformer UPSEAT shunt galvanometer susceptibility oscillating magnetometer pole strength Bihar Rajasthan Uttarpradesh Punjab Hariana TN Tamilnadu Andhra WB west Bengal
12 Mar 2011
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Shubham Mehta, 2nd rank holder at IIT-JEE 2011 shares his success with his teachers as he strongly beleives that teachers are more important than insitute.
2 Jun 2011
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Batain ye Kabhi Na Tu Bhulna Koi Teri Khatir Hai Jee Raha Aashiqui 2 Song Beatiful Voice Most Beautiful Voice in The World
28 Jul 2016
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Sarvesh Mehtani has got coaching for IIT JEE from Laskhya Institute Chandigarh and got All India First Rank (AIR 1) in IIT-JEE advanced 2017. Lakshya provide top classs coaching for all type of engineering and medical entrance exams and have its branches all over the India. You can also get the top rank in competitive exams by joining our coaching classes for IIT, JEE, Medical etc.
15 Jun 2017
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Ali Jee Baba 2016
27 Jun 2017
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real madrid
19 Jun 2007
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a love song
29 Jul 2008
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Akshay as Sikh & Katrian in movie Singh is King , Katrina looking hot in Pink Skirt
10 Sep 2008
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