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******* Jelqing exercises are beneficial to improving penis health, because the exercises stimulate increased blood flow to the penis, while also building mass and strength to the penile chambers and muscular texture of the penis. The basic function of jelq exercises is to lengthen and thicken the penis size by exerting a downward motion on the penis which forces more blood into the Corpora Cavernosa (spongy tissue of the penis). Continued use of jelqing exercises will cause the penis to stretch allowing it to naturally become larger and larger.
17 Aug 2008
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******* Proper Jelqing Exercises Explained - Jelqing in detail
16 Apr 2010
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*******www.thirdlegreviews**** If you are wondering about the basics of jelqing or what it is exactly, this will be a quick intro. This I am not attempting to make a full jelqing video, or to show various jelqing exercises, this is really just a basic video about the jelqing technique. For more great information, check out the website and for any video requests make sure to send us an email.
3 Dec 2010
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Jelqing increases the size by improving blood flow and enhancing circulation. After doing it successfully for many years, my friends and a lot of other people kept asking me questions about how to jelq? Instead of answering them one by one I made this jelqing video so everyone can benefit from it. Another important question is, does jelqing work? Yes it does but you have to know the right way, if you don't do it right you can harm yourself. I can say from my personal experience that jelqing is the best, natural and safe way to add inches. Just follow the instructions given in the video and you will see great results. It takes some time to achieve but don't give up. If you want to increase your size or impress your girlfriend, the answer is jelqing exercises.
9 May 2014
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