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Check out new music this week from Jem, Buckcherry, and Nelly.
17 Sep 2008
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A montage of the ukrainian figure skater Galina Efremenko at the 2006 Olympics. Music: Flying High by Jem
1 Nov 2008
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This is cover of "Love Thing" by Joe Satriani from his album- Crystal Planet. This is one of the melodious & soulful song of JS. I have used Ibanez JEM 555 with EMU Tracker & Guitar Rig. I had hard time controlling the noise from the patch, so sound quality is regretted. Anyway, Enjoy!!!
28 Jun 2011
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Vote for the winner
12 Feb 2007
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an animation we made 4 collage while studying history of architecture iT is a Church here in eGypT ,...but unfortunately the doctors told us that it was like "an action movie trailer" HeHe,..they wanted it to be more educational ,...."these guyZz r LooZers " ,.anywayZ ,...***nsider urselF the judge n' giv us ur opinion ,...thnX softwares used.....3dmaX ,...adobe' premiere and humble movie maker
20 May 2007
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CherryJem**** attempts to pick up a jogger
29 Aug 2008
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In the days of yore when i was young, at school, had rdiculously long hair. It should be noted that I attended a Catholic school, and i can be clearly heard saying "For Christ's sake!" :) Enjoy. (yes, most of it is made up and half of it is wrong, but i was young and drunk and didn't care. So i'd rather you never flamed with "OMG MISSED THE ASCENDING PART" because i know and knew and can play it just fine.)
18 Apr 2008
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Amir Motlagh, famed DIY provocateur presents his first narrative feature length film. -whale- Cameron, a writer who seems to have never finished his first novel, returns home to his mother's house in Orange County Ca., after a failed relationship and lack of direction with life. Back home, Cameron spends his time reacquainting with old high school friends, only to find that life has only gotten more confusing for everyone. What is a young man to do when he seems to have lost all hope? -The film uses a cast made up of mostly non-actors, including Motlagh's real life parents. Many of the cast were first seen in Amir Motlagh's short film, Dino Adino (2001). By using an alternative narrative style, the film destroys the lines of fiction and documentary by engaging the audience in a way that traditional narrative fictions cannot. Motlagh utilized an approach that mixed the cinematic language, using influences ranging from Dogme 95, No Budget DIY, Iranian Cinema, Collage and Youtube to string together the film. -Quotes- "DIY meets cinema art" "A collage of life, weaved with a sparring, gentle narrative that says more, without hardly saying anything" "An autistic vision of cinema, equal parts beautiful, indulgent, and raw" "Life unfolds in Amir Motlagh's new film whale" -Cast- Amir Motlagh Darren Oneil Mike Flowers Atefeh Galledari Yousef Motlagh Rastin Ashtiani Kindy Barr Martin Nilchian -Company Credits- Production Company - AYA Films Produced by - Amir Motlagh, Darren Oneil Music- Shanks and the Dreamers Running Length: 72 Minutes
15 Nov 2009
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Routine for Sedina Fiati's 80's Cabaret A 1980's themed comedy routine for Sedina Fiati's Cabaret, at Kensington Market's Bread and Circus. October 19th 2008
17 Nov 2008
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Routine for Sedina Fiati's 80's Cabaret A 1980's themed comedy routine for Sedina Fiati's Cabaret, at Kensington Market's Bread and Circus. October 19th 2008
17 Nov 2008
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Heres my rough attempt at Joe Satriani's Summer Song. Ignore the bad editing and effects..i was jus messin with em to highlight my 2 favorite parts n then i cudnt edit the video back together so like .01 seconds is missin on each end or so...o well..Also, no i don have a wah that i like...if neone wants to buy me one thats great...otherwise dont ask why i dont use 1
17 Sep 2009
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A video about another GREAT anime, but don't take our word for it.
13 Oct 2010
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