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The clip who's Tai Cobb? from BASEketball (1998) The Beers win their 10th consecutive game... Who's this bimbo Coop's got the hots for? Jenna Reed, the director of some kids' charity, "Dream Come True Foundation. " I know 6 men on their board. Baxter Cain is not going quietly into the good night. Baxter? Who is Ty Cobb? Oh, my God! Did I just fart?
25 Nov 2011
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The clip signing Jennas balls from BASEketball (1998) Everybody in. One at a time. There he is! Coop! Oh, man! Can we talk to him? Excuse me. Would you mind signing autographs for the kids? The Dallas locker room's over there. I know, but it was so crowded. They'd really rather have your autograph. Really? Would you mind signing these? Sure. It's nice to meet you, Miss...? Reed. Jenna Reed. Joe Cooper, Coop. I know. Are all these kids with you? I've been the director of the "Dream Come True Foundation" since October. The one that grants wishes to sick and dying kids, right? We prefer to think of them as health and survival-impaired. You're a big fan of baseketball? No. I mean, the kids are! I try to keep them interested in permanent things. Permanent? Professional athletes come and go. Not in baseketball. There's rules against it. Hello! Miss Reed, this is Remer. Like a fresh pretzel? I baked it myself. Oh, thank you. Goes great with mustard. Miss Reed?
26 Nov 2011
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