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PERSIAN MEDIUM I AM POWER Fiona, better known as “Persian Medium; I AM Power,” was born and raised by her loving family in Iran. When she was seven years old, she began to feel that messages were being sent to her. “I felt a connection beyond this world,” she says. She would often receive warnings concerning a relative or friend and, each time she shared one of these feelings, her predictions were right. “I can’t explain how I know or why I get the messages. The feelings sometimes come in the form of a person who is trying to tell me something, but often, thoughts will just manifest, and they won’t leave me alone until I listen.” Early on, Fiona’s family encouraged her not to share her psychic talent with others. “They were afraid someone would try to hurt me or take advantage of my gift,” she says. When she was 18, however, Fiona decided to leave Iran to explore her abilities and connect with her spirituality. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she knew of several programs that could help her hone her talents. “I wanted to know why I had this gift and how I could use it for good.” Three months after she arrived in the country, while walking around the lake near her home, Fiona sensed that someone had been killed close by. Unable to speak Swedish, she asked her uncle to translate, and they went to the police. “My uncle was afraid the police would either think I was crazy or that I was involved in the murder, but they were interested in hearing what I had to say. I told them I could feel the presence of a girl named Jessica. She came into my thoughts constantly, and I couldn’t sleep.” The police had been working on a missing person case involving a woman named Jessica for more than year, and Fiona had only been in the country a few months. Fiona
9 Apr 2018
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Jessica Simpson - from the movie The Dukes of Hazzard. I told you she was hot...:)
9 Apr 2006
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Someone jacks a car from an old lady, so sexy Jessica Alba comes to save the day - once a Dark Angel, always a Dark Angel.
2 Jul 2006
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Jessica Simpson on That 70's Show.
24 Jul 2006
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Jessica Simpson eating an ice cream not the regular way...
26 Jul 2006
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I have to say this dress really compliments Sarah Jessica Parker. Some scenes from Honeymoon in Vegas.
14 Aug 2006
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<p>Hot clip of Jessica Simpson from The Dukes Of Hazzard</p>
29 Oct 2006
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Jessica Simpson
4 Nov 2006
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Jessica Alba As Jessica Simpson On Newlyweds
8 Nov 2006
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Jessica Simpson Surprises
26 Dec 2006
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Jessica Simpson very sexy pictures compilation.
1 Feb 2007
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Jessica Simpson's Donation and new brunette doo, a pissed Prince Harry and the truth behind Anna Nicole Smith's demise. From Show #11
4 Apr 2007
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