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The clip fighting rival gang in warehouse from Darkman (1990) with Jessie Lawrence Ferguson 'Cause he's an asshole! Tell him no. Tell him no, too. Him, tell fuck you. No, I'll be here a minute. Got some guy coming up who thinks he'll muscle me out of my property. Another tough guy, that's all. They're driving up. Get their pieces. Hmm. We got a surprise for these gentlemen. Robert Durant, you and your girls are going to stand for a search. All right, move it. There you go. Oh, a bunch of cuties, huh? Just hold it there, cueball. Bum leg?
27 Oct 2011
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The clip fighting rival gang in warehouse Part 2 from Darkman (1990) with Dan Hicks, Jessie Lawrence Ferguson No leg. I was engaged to a girl with a wooden leg. What happened? Had to break it off. All right, cut the crap. I got three things to say to you, Durant. One, I ain't selling my property. Two, nobody muscles Eddie Black, especially a bunch of dinks. And three, if y'alls don't like that, which I can already see you don't, we can cut your balls off. Maybe that would be more satisfactory to you. Ha ha ha ha! Die! Take them down! Take him down! Take that one with the goddamn gun!
27 Oct 2011
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From the movie Boyz n the Hood - Furious (Laurence Fishburne) shoots at a burglar during the first night that Tre (Desi Arnez Hines Ii) spends in the house.
30 Nov 2011
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