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The King of Kings is back thats his message to the Jewish people
16 Mar 2017
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by MillionDollarExtreme
23 Mar 2017
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Very Funny - one of many of his collection of clips fooling people.A deep conversation with a priest a jew an and an atheist. Watch how pissed the priest gets...hilarious
24 May 2006
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Proof that world media, including Reuters, AP, and The New York Times, alter their photos and publish them with the intent of making Israel look bad and Hezbollah look like the victims. Whoever says the media is controlled by the Jews should see this.
15 Aug 2006
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Clip showing ethiopian jews. "Close My Eys" by "Matisyahu".
11 Sep 2006
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This is murder hatred. Unbelievable speeches where they agitate people to kill Jews and americans. Horrible reality of the muslim religion.
11 Oct 2006
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The ultimate reasons why Jews stick together...
4 Oct 2006
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A simple and powerfull letter to all the people around the globe from Jews. It has a lot to say about the state of Israel , jews and the palestinian , arab and muslim conflict with Yehudim in israel around the world. Jerusalem.
17 Dec 2006
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the super jew and friends singing the a.b.c from a tv show in israel
12 Jan 2007
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www.Islam4nonmuslims**** This is what a Real Muslim would do Islam is about love and peace Don’t ask Muslims, ask the Arab Christians and Jews who lived peacefully among Muslims for 1400 years
18 Jan 2007
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Today Dave talks about the “Manchurian” candidate John McCain trying to silence the internet bloggers, Yemen Jews being extorted, and Hillary letting everyone know about Barak Obama’s Islamic Ties. The Message for today is from Eph. 1:9, God is Sovereign!
6 Mar 2007
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Israel's Islamic Movement claims Jews are digging tunnels under Jerusalem's holiest site. The Media Line investigates... www.themedialine****
2 Feb 2007
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This is a MUST SEE! This has to be the funniest and most informative Christian Dave talks about Iran NOT backing down on Nuclear Weapons, Iraqi Generals Betraying US Forces, Attacks on Jews in Britain at All Time High, Paris Hilton a Racist?, Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh Nobel Prize Nominees. Today’s Message: Jesus Calls Them Fools Part 4
2 Feb 2007
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Video Travel PostCard: Andalusia, Spain.Our Spain Video Postcard takes travelers on a trip to Spain. Takes them to Grenada and Seville, the most cultural cites in Spain. The Video PostCard is a unique travel experience taking viewers through the exciting Andalusian cities in Spain. The travel Video PostCard takes us to Grenada and the Video Travel PostCard takes us to the elegant Alhambra, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.Come to Spain. Travel with us and our Travel Video Postcard that unites sound and video to bring you a unique Travel Video experience. This Spain Travel Video Postcard is a special way to see Spain, especially Andalusia. These Travel Video PostCards are only one minute, but the Travel Video PostCards are vivid, and help travelers to Spain see the great cities of Seville and Grenada and their achievements. Jews, Christian, Muslims all succeeded in Andalusia. They created art and literature and lived in peace. The Christian, Jews and Muslims worked together and accepted each others religion. Too bad the Middle East today cant learn from Andalusia, Spain.Our travel video takes us there. We hear the wonderful flamenco music with its mournful guitars and beautiful women. Spanish eyes and Spanish hearts. We dont quite taste Spanish cooking but our travel video gives us the flavors we want. Come to Spains Andalusia.
19 Feb 2007
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That is how jews party their holidays.
13 Feb 2007
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WW2 footage - Tunisia - Allied air raid 88mm guns,FW190s in action Part of German Newsreel from 6th of February 1943 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 cold hot iraq iran israel hezbollah idf jew arab food war angelina best trick world memento techniques piano wrote song ever speech during show match score game past future present time star trek relax relaxing soothing calming vs more want wrong right left forward backward now katrina disaster stargate emmy animal awards microphone mic speaker award ambience mortal immortal skin power lower higher low high dense shallow brass eye jam day today shower cloud rain thunder lightening snow sleet slide ice blizzard nyc new york boat sea ocean weather wand cast magick wicca love hate insane jihad happy angry poker upgrade AMD intel korean break dancing video pop locking howard stern family guy and extra, commercial, family guy, south park, simpsons, youtube demon threat emo diy ethics afi sound music video mtv dead rabbit bugs bunny chair crazy desc description diablo date prank accident cruel fall death animal horse island survivior trailer movie tom and jerry drake josh spanish brazil bus uncle argentina bob burnquist tony hawk captain crunch macdonalds mcdonalds spam xbox 360 wii weird guitars drums drum solo bass band punk sex joke beach waves surfing skating ice matt stone trey parker worst video yt unique enigma jay leno dell computers easy because macaroni and cheese black people famous watermelon chicken search most viewed only real game play also snowboarding mountain fatal plane die crash fire explode explosion gun weapon m16 m4 assault rifle carbine machine processor created driving wreck wallride kickflip project physics realistic flip trucks truck punch fights ps3 playstation three threesome naked intercourse woman show tv live news mistake short movie tribute monty python jesus allah religion religious psychic uri geller acorah white color ghost ufo fade supernatural paranormal enter exit fight braindance historic rare care hypnotic astral ben mike peter samuel snakes lakes open close master slave first last final recent new old blue yellow red pink orange bam margera grenade pokemon smosh naruto simpsons groening kicker nike promotion short mad angry wrestling pro tv andy milonakis fallujah iraq looney toons tex machina coca cola greenday green day myspace movie markleung napoleon dynamite college uncle rico kip eggtea tag pop paris tasha nigger neversoft project 8 rail hippo shoes theater seet airplane 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 oops cops arrest nintendo revolution dANCE EVOLUTION funeral cocky chinks dell boarder stroodles imps axe d&d dungeons dragons bush president tool music video erols shot team griffin chris all american rejects nirvana slayer guns n roses maddox japan pearl jam nofx anti flag less jake sponsered blunt gg allin fuck yeah fantastic fracture arm leg nose skull brain brains good charlotte hurly punk fake smart wow world of warcraft underground band pantera danzig misfits dk baked potatoes boogles elvis presley rock metal speed thrash suicidal poopie cake licking contest tendencies gorillaz alice cooper linkin park john mayer jimmy eat world foo fighters beck aqua korn bad religion a.f.i. cypress hill x-japan cradle of filth david grey smashing pumpkins icp deftones weird al yankovich harry potter sequel steven parks drop episode xxx fetish unbelievable faces of death hockey mike jones pirate newegg limewire willy wonka mario ds metroid zero resident guy evil god win lose sport galloway labour tory conservative liberal BNP UKIP green party independant soccer wolrd world cup insane clown posse ICP parody recut lion king disney aladdin beautiful girls sleep lick looney lezbians pussy cat home familyguy bikes motorcycle crashes rolls dies guy spyder paintball blood tippman iron maiden judas priest maple story tree hippy runescape runeword kal silkroad online answers rock n roll george bush beatles great wall of china danny way daniel dog cat kitten spider bite poison legs beer alcohol wine comedian joke nick ryan sheckler worldcup world steve irwin death footage barb stingray diving coast reef port stab sting cup frog legs advertisement foot washington crease comic rejected comics cartoon funny hillarious myspace aim whore bdsm tags funny cool amazing the access bill clinton phonecam azn asian beatbox beatboxing cunt beat box boxing diddy TV spice hugo chavez ass marco tempest lynx pk actroid fembot powers alanis numa torture amazing caught tape fresh blog fake plastic alien area 51 ufo x files mulder scully skinner cigarette smoking man chain cancer disease fit UK England Great Britain polka pollka horrorfest ending naruto clip kissing tongue swap cigar lol OMG LOLZ Teh Meh ROFL ROFFL IMO science urban
19 Feb 2007
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