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me doing a run through of how to pick up Jewish Girls. *******www.JamesTheComic****
23 May 2008
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Jewish Girl Converts to Islam
24 Jul 2008
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A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents and tells them she started dating an Italian guy. The fat... A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents and tells them she started dating an Italian guy. The father threatens to kill the guy and the mothers comments are priceless.
7 Apr 2012
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One sure fire way to win over that cute Jewish girl you just met! ***********/user/WholesomeLane *******twitter****/WholesomeLane *******www.facebook****/WholesomeLane
11 Nov 2010
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This 6'5" tall Girl dancing with a smaller Guy and lifting him all the Times. Awesome Height Comparison. No Sound!!!
14 Dec 2006
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funny song by Bradley Fish Video by Fry-the-Fish Productions - frythefishgmail**** Credits at www.bradleyfish****
20 Dec 2008
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My mother wants me to marry a traditional Jewish lady. . .
18 Aug 2011
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Set during the end of WWII, Black Book is the story of a German Jewish girl who narrowly survives the war in Holland. She joins the resistance to find out who betrayed her family after all of them were killed in an attempt to reach the liberated south.
24 Feb 2007
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*******www.DatingMiracle**** - A Jewish girl away from home prank calls her parents telling them she dates an Italian guy. But her father only allow her dating Jewish man.. he threatens to kill the guy and the ending is hilarious!
3 Jul 2007
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Greenhouse Effect Music ; In late 1992, November /early December, Greenhouse Effect's Clark Hagins completely out of money he earned from mowing lawns and landscaping up in Hollywood ( actually Bel Air - at an estate owned by a wealthy Arab ), recorded a couple of final songs ; IT AIN'T EASY, and another track simply called; "BETTER". THESE WOULD BE the absolute final Greenhouse Effect songs ever recorded. Cassette copies of these two final songs were miraculously recently found down in San Diego ! In old memorabilia and old tape boxes, some containing flyers for old gigs played with punk bands from around the South Bay and elsewhere. Its interesting to study these two final songs and the direction Hagins may have been going before he simply ran out of time, money, and youth !! ==================================== ============================== ------------------------- Joe Biden On Barack Obama 32 sec - Aug 22, 2008 - (3,171 Ratings) (53 Ratings) --------------------------- Rudy's Three Words 27 sec - Oct 30, 2007 - (892 Ratings) (37 Ratings) ShareReport Problem- Rate: Watch this video on youtube**** Joe Biden tells it straight about Rudy Giuliani talking about a record of experience. ------------------------------------ Hope For America: Obama/Biden '08 2 min - Jan 5, 2008 - (393 Ratings) (9 Ratings) ------------------------------- Cuba's Angel Valodia Matos kicked the match referee in the head 1 min - Aug 23, 2008 - (103 Ratings) (6 Ratings) --------------------------------- யாடேன் yaadein பாகம் 1 - (Hindi film) (ஹிந்தித் திரைப்படம்) 84 min - Dec 3, 2006 - (3,171 Ratings) (109 Ratings) --------------------------------- Naruto Episode 190 (English Subs) 23 min - (45 Ratings) (48 Ratings) ---------------------------------- Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents 7 min - Aug 21, 2007 - (2,535 Ratings) (2678 Ratings)
28 Sep 2008
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Do shiksas really have more fun? A Jewish girl finds out in Laurie Graff's new novel. shik•sa: n. Yiddish - A non-Jewish woman Manhattan publicist Aimee Albert knows a good spin, and sets her world reeling when she pretends she's a shiksa to catch a Jewish guy. Sharp-witted and poignant. *******www.lauriegraff**** ISBN# (13 Digit)- 9780767927611 Genre(s) of this book Fiction, women
8 Oct 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Israel to release 250 Palestinian prisoners New released report of Ha'aretz, one of the top three Israeli widely distributed newspapers, talks about an expectation of releasing Palestinian prisoners away from any expected deal that linked to Shalit release; the Israeli soldier who had been kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza 2 years ago. Buried in a report on the Sunday decision to release 250 Palestinian prisoners was information concerning the fate of dozens of members of Palestine's Legislative Council (PLC), abducted from Ramallah shortly after the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Obama war policy promises peace and stability There is general skepticism about President elect Barack Obama’s war policy as something effectively bringing peace and stability in the Pak-afghan region. Pakhtoon community residing in Pakistan and Pakistani people in general, are also concerned about safe return of Afghan refugees to their homeland. If President Obama reinforces America’s military presence in Afghanistan not only will these refugees lose hope of getting back to their homeland in peace but more war torn Afghans will arrive in Pakistan to seek shelter. An overburdened economy and poor law and order situation will aggravate making life harder for the people in both the countries. Pakhtoon communities in both the countries therefore expect Mr.Obama to revise his war policy and come up with a peace plan in the region. Mexican army to slow drug fight President Calderon recently promised in a human rights progress report to the United Nations, that the Mexican army would gradually be pulled from the fight against drug trafficking and money laundering, but would not give specifics in when or how. Many have criticized Calderon for deploying more than 40,000 soldiers across Mexico. The National Human Rights Commission says some of them have tortured, raped, and even killed civilians. Authorities argue the use of soldiers is imperative in the nationwide crackdown on the drug trade because police are still too corrupt and ill equipped to take over the battle. Jordanian drama wins Emmy for Al Ijtiyah For the first time in the history of Jordanian drama, the Jordanian television series Al Ijtiyah won an Emmy award last week to be the first Arab production to win this prestigious award. Al Ijtiyah meaning the invasion tackled different love stories during the year 2003 at the same period of time when the Israeli army invaded the Jenin camp in the West Bank. The series was considered a controversial one; most Arab channels had refused to broadcast because the main love story was between a Palestinian freedom fighter and a Jewish girl. The production was shot on Syrian location with Jordanian, Syrian and Palestinian actors. The series was selected from amongst 40 nominees from 16 countries competing for international Emmy categories. *******www.instablogs****/
10 Jun 2010
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When a Jewish girl's family is exterminated by the Nazis, she flees to Paris and meets a kindly woman who takes her in. Working for this woman at her movie theatre, the girl finds herself in a unique situation when an infatuated German war hero persuades his superiors to screen their latest propaganda film at her theatre. Will she seek revenge? Meanwhile, aware of the plans for the movie premiere, a group of Jewish-American soldiers, working deep behind enemy lines enact their own plans to throw a wrench in the German war machine.
2 May 2009
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a jewish girl threw the holocaust card to DR: NORMAN FRINKELSTIEN..who is a RESPECTABLE AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENTIST AND AUTHOR... let`s see what happend.....
23 Mar 2010
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Read the Story - *******tinyurl****/yf8dwf5 - Emmy Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Martin Kent takes his father, Jack Kent, 7,000 miles back to Poland - and indeed 60 years back in time - and ultimately discovering that his father is a hero. For in a time when Jews were being turned in by their neighbors out of fear, hatred or profit, Jack Kent, a Catholic, did what was right and noble. Hed fallen in love with a young Jewish girl on the run, and willingly laid his life on the line for her. *******yearslaterwewouldremember**** - This Holocaust Documentary sshows a story of holocaust, nazi party, nazis, german soldiers, holocaust survivors and gestapo.
3 May 2010
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A Jewish girl's school bans Facebook accounts.
31 Mar 2012
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