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We go to the forth floor in Abyssal Ruins while having the three (3) legendary birds, Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres in our party. This activates a secret event, where a lady from Jhoto is seen. Lugia is at level 45, and is genderless. This Lugia is supposedly the child of the Lugia that is seen in Jhoto. Lugia's aura is seen behind the final stone cube, which calls Lugia. Lugia then clears the water out of the place, and battles you. This is a spoof created by TyranitarTube, and it is not a true event. However, it was created to make it seem like a possible event.
13 Oct 2012
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I'm not really good at Pokemon Stadium 2, but I used to love Pokemon Red when I was a kid. So I tried play Pokemon Stadium 2 again. This game is probably one of the hardest pokemon games out there. Without a buffed up team, the AI can take you out easily. Unlike the gameboy games, the AI in these gets one too many lucky breaks, such as Thunder missing more than twice in a row, depsite the accuracy being 70%, or a move like Cross Chop or Fissure hitting you 90% of the time, even though the accuracy is way less. And the worst ones are the moves that can cause you to Flinch, which just so happens to MAKE you flinch multiple times in a row. Anyway, this is Round 2. Once you beat everything in Round 1, you have to do it all over again in Round 2. The difference between the two is Round 2 has more difficult Pokemon with higher stats. Which makes it NEAR possible to beat with the horrible rental Pokemon. It would be less difficult if the AI didn't cheat as much as it does. But to save agrivation, I re-played Pokemon Red and built a team that maximusair suggested. Lance is the Champion of the Jhoto Castle. Beat him, and you go to the Kanto (which I personally find easier) Gym Leader Castle. Lance is still a Dragon trainer, so that shouldn't be a surprise. Electabuzz was basically my fodder starter to paralyze whatever shows up first. Then Lapras to confuse and take everything down. Snorlax was the backup. Sometimes Tryanitar doesn't start though, which would make this even easier as Electabuzz wouldn't go down as easy to anything else. When I get to Rival in R2 I'll record that too, but I'm not gunna record anything else from the game, I only wanted to do this one because Lance is a cool opponent and the music is cool. *******www.stickam****/profile/Bizkit047
15 Dec 2012
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