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When sweet baby Jesus was born, three wise men gave unto him three precious gifts -- gold, frankincense, and this episode of The Jimquisition about Sony's PSN debacle.
10 Nov 2011
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Another Jimquisition? I bet you can't believe your luck. This week, you have the honor of learning how to avoid the trap that many "weird" games fall into.
17 Nov 2011
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Maturity and reason are considered virtues in the realm of debate, but when one side insists on childishness, the other can never win. That side may think it'll prove itself superior with logic and facts, but you cannot teach the terminally stupid. You can only fight fire with the fire, and The Jimquisition embraces that.
1 Feb 2012
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In the first part of a series of Jimquisitions on used games and their place in the industry, Sterling tackles the most recent tactic used by publishers in the fight against traded products -- online passes -- and examines why they're bad for everybody. Be you a publisher, a used gamer, or a NEW one, online passes are bad news, and Jim Sterling will force the truth down your little lie gullet.
19 Mar 2012
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Over the years, Jim Sterling has seen many games proudly proclaiming their disinterest in Apple products and smugly questioning why such products should be considered videogame related topics. This only intensified when Steve Jobs died and those same people demanded answers -- why is Steve Jobs related to videogames at all? Well, the Jimquisition will answer!
17 Apr 2012
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Are you at work? Well tell your bosses that they have no right to keep you? Today is a national holiday and if you're not paying tribute to the pink one, you've got some explaining to do. National Kirby Day is a day to be observed by everybody, and the Jimquisition will find you if you're not celebrating.
25 Apr 2012
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Grand Theft Auto IV turned the GTA series into something more serious and dark, removing a lot of the ribald humor and outrageous gameplay. Some have said this caused the series to get too tame, and have already complained that GTA V's trailer hints at more of the same. So, has GTA lost its balls? Will GTA V be tame? Does it matter? Let the Jimquisition form your opinion for you!
7 May 2012
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The Stop Online Piracy Act may sound innocuous, but it's a nasty little proposition that gives corporations uncontested rights to control what you enjoy on the Internet. Naturally, being a horrible thing, EA can't wait to climb aboard, along with a number of other publishers. The Internet shouldn't be censored by cowardly companies who are afraid of it, and The Jimquisition urges you take note of what these organizations want to do.
21 May 2012
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What does a huge, open-world roleplaying game and a linear point-and-click adventure from the 90's have in common? Well, aside from the fact they have the honor of The Jimquisition's attention, they both succeed in delivering the same thing, despite using almost completely opposite methods to do so. Confused? You won't be after you watch this intense, sexy episode!
12 Jun 2012
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The year is almost out, and we must celebrate it by publishing meaningless award ceremonies. In true Jimquisition style, our noble hero celebrates the crappest of the crap, with the ten shittiest games to have been released in 2011. Oh, revel in the glory.
27 Jun 2012
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The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) could change the Internet forever if enforced. Having been written in such broad and vague terms, giving corporations maximum power to black out websites, a chilling effect could be seen, as the Internet's content creators become too afraid to risk anything, lest they lose everything. This week's Jimquisition is speculative fiction, showing a future Jim Sterling who is bound to toil under SOPA's oppressive rule. It's all very conceptual and clever, I think you'll agree.
10 Jul 2012
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The Jimquisition has criticized many game publishers, especially Electronic Arts. Jim Sterling's wise judgements have been just and fair, but not altogether inclusive. EA isn't the only weasel in the lavatory, and it's high time that Ubisoft got a kick up the arse for its litany of crimes. The EA of Europe thinks nobody has caught onto its BS, but one man has. One man has the insight that everybody else in the whole world lacks. God bless that man.
22 Aug 2012
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Apparently last week's episode of Jimquisition was far too subtle for some folk, and it threw up a lot more questions than answers. It also sparked a debate in which some of the dumbest arguments against the inclusion of a gay game protagonist were ever heard. Fortunately, Jim Sterling is the national authority on doing kissing with men, and lends his razor-sharp insight to this discussion for the final, righteous time.
6 Sep 2012
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In this bonus episode of Jimquisition, we share rare footage from an obscure, aborted television show, Virgillio Armarndio's Art Hole. Dubbed the most emotionally engaging videogame journalist in the solar system, Virgillio brought wise insight and artistic interpretations of leading videogames to his audience. An audience that ultimately never watched him, because test audiences unanimously categorized the show as "pure sh*t drivel."
16 Sep 2012
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The past week has seen much discussion concerning FEZ and its creator, Phil Fish. It's struck up some fascinating conversations about whether or not we should support art even if we don't like the artist, and whether someone being an "asshole" ought to factor into the purchase of a product. This week's Jimquisition examines the idea, and attempts to find the middle ground of the debate. After all, few people are more qualified on the subject of providing content while being a massive dick.
17 Oct 2012
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There are explanations for games that ship with downloadable content already included. There are, however, no excuses. While you may have a reason, you do not have validation, because on-disc DLC is a problem willingly created by the industry, and it doesn't have to exist in the first place. You cannot justify a problem arranged by design, no matter how much you try and pretend it's out of your hands. This week, the Jimquisition takes on one of this generation's growing aggravations, and you won't even get charged for it.
24 Oct 2012
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