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Katil aata
21 May 2018
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The EB-3 Visa is a permanent residence US visa/Green Card, that’s for Skilled Workers. The EB-3 Visas is also known as the Labour Cert or PERM and its where an American company will sample the job market to determine that there are no American’s or Green Card holders, that are eligible or interested in working the job that they want. This is done by advertising. There are several that need to go on. One of the mandatory pieces is that, they file documents with a state workforce agency that’s going to layout all the requirement’s like, the job and salary. Then the state workforce agency will put that out sometimes of veterans and other people looking for the job. And you need to say where is the jo is, and if travel is necessary for the job and what the requirement are for the job and what are the basic duties for the job, and must meet the minimum reequipment’s. If you want more information about EB-3 Visas Green Card, Check out OnlineVisas. Contact us: 405-310-4333 and we’ll have a strategy session.
1 Jun 2018
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Japanese masters practise wooden sword against Jo. (Check out my other martial arts videos here on Metacafe)
6 Jun 2007
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The 31 jo kata trained in aikido is here modified to shiho, four directions instead of the usual two, by aikido instructor Stefan Stenudd, 6 dan Aikikai. For more about aikido and 31 jo kata, see my website.
30 Sep 2007
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This Jo Kata is as taught by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Tomio Otani in the late 1950’s / 60’s with some slight modifications by The Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido. Jo Kata by Mark Eastman and Brad Beeden,,,,,Shinai by Derek and Mark Eastman.....Toe to Toe punching Mark Eastman and Brad Beeden.
17 Jan 2008
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Watch and learn from the internet marketing duo - Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok. This is an excerpt from Ambar Hamid's Secret Yellow Seminar DVD 1 out of 6.
10 Feb 2008
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