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Dr. Cameron Rokhsar performs his non surgical 15 minute nose job on entertainment tonight, the most widely watched entertainement news program on TV. Dr. Rokhsar uses Radiesse to reshape a patients' nose in less than 15 minutes through a knifeless technique.
10 Oct 2007
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Dr. Cameron Rokhsar explains the principles behind the non surgical 15 minute nose job in this ABC new piece.
10 Oct 2007
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Dr. Cameron Rokhsar from New york uses his latest non surgical technique to hide away nose bumps using his non surgical 15 minute nose job with Radiesse, which is the key to his procedure. Dr. Rokhsar explains that bumps, nasal irregularities, dents, to create a more symmetric look which makes the appearance of a smaller nose.
11 Oct 2007
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Ross "the Intern" Mathews and the SodaHead**** team interview celebrities to find out, what was their worse job ever.
11 Oct 2007
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Rear brake job on 2005 Dodge Caravan (This is a simplified tutorial meant to introduce the basic procedure and is not exhaustive.)
17 Oct 2007
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How to make your job find you rather than you finding it. Tips on monster**** from the employer's view to help you tune your profile
18 Oct 2007
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Mike Rowe hits a milestone with 150 Dirty Jobs under his belt! Watch a two-hour 150th extravaganza episode premiering Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 9PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Channel. *******www.discovery****/dirtyjobs
22 Oct 2007
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you should find new job
29 Oct 2007
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You Thought Your Job Bad And this guy thought he had a shit job
25 Oct 2007
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Matt's first day on the job working for the rather eccentric taskmaster Clay Cooley.
31 Oct 2007
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This is episode 3 of the popular animated web series: George Bush Job Interviews in which George tries to talk his way into a job with Planned Parenthood
2 Nov 2007
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Heckuva Job, Hughesie! Karen Hughes, the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs - the woman essentially in charge of making sure the rest of the world really likes America - announced on Wednesday that she would be retiring from her post by the end of the year. In today's episode of TPMtv we take a look back at just how wildly successful she has been in promoting America's image abroad over the past few years ...
1 Nov 2007
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with so many bird here, they will work non stop. absolutely not my dream job
6 Nov 2007
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Dick knows that landing your dream job can be difficult. In this segment he will teach you the time-tested methods for scoring a job that's better than you deserve. He reveals the secrets of creating a resume that really works and how to ace your interview. This is a must-see for anyone who's in the job market or wishes they had a better job.
7 Nov 2007
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This is probably one of the coolest jobs you can have, working with a killer whale and getting it to interact with you.
9 Nov 2007
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A story of two guys from the Czech Republic, that wanted a Mac, but can't afford it as many people in our country, because it is so much expensive than the US. Why? Please send this to Steve Jobs, we want a Mac! But for a price, which is at least acceptible. But if we have to pay 3500$ for a Mac which casts only 2500$ in the US! Why?! Please Apple, lower the prices for us, we love MAC
16 Nov 2007
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