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The clip meeting alien in pyramid Part 2 from Land of the Lost (2009) with John Boylan, Will Ferrell Wow, that is an efficient use of space. It's like Snoopy's doghouse. Look, there's a gold one. Let's stomp its head in. Do not fear me. I am Enik the Altrusian. Thank Vindok you've come to my aid, Rick Marshall. You know me? Of course. Even in the farthest reaches of the universe, we have seen your Matt Lauer video. I am a prisoner in this land of the lost. Only you can help me escape. The fate of the universe depends on you. Well. That's very flattering, Enik, but I think you've found the wrong guy. I... No, Rick Marshall. I have summoned you here specifically to help me stop an evil madman who has already conquered my world and now plans to conquer yours. His name is the Zarn. I am the Zarn! Heed my warning or be destroyed! The Zarn became obsessed with using the power of these crystals to conquer the universe. If he is not stopped, he will open a doorway to your world and lead his army of Sleestak on a rampage across time and space. He must be stopped. Enik, buddy. I'm a scientist. You're a scientist. I think together you and I can figure this out. Now... You mustn't touch the crystals! Okay! The wrong manipulation of the crystals could turn time and space inside out.
28 Nov 2011
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The clip fighting in pyramid from Land of the Lost (2009) with Will Ferrell, John Boylan Thank you, Dr. Marshall. And now, the doorway opens. Enik! It's over. You're not going anywhere. You think you can challenge me? I wrestled at Purdue. J.V. Fight, fight, fight! Chaka! Nicaraguan ball breaker! Marshall! I'm coming in! Misfire! What have you done? The door. It's closing forever! It's barely holding. Let's go! It's your home or your comrade, Dr. Marshall. No, it isn't. Reverse! You go! I've got this yellow bastard in lockdown. I'm gonna stay. What? What? Yeah. I've been talking to my man Chaka. He pitches a pretty good world. I mean, think about it. My home was never in the real world. I never belonged. This could be a fresh start for me. You know, make some new friends. I could be somebody, a winner. Ow!
29 Nov 2011
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