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Michelle Phan is the queen of YouTube beauty tutorials and one of the most-viewed women on the Web. Phan sits down with WSJ Speakeasy editor Chris Farley to discuss her beauty tips, secret to going viral and her hidden talent.
25 May 2012
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John Farley, explains, in detail, how the Harrier takes of vertically and maintains control whilst in the hover. This is a clip from the video "Harrier: The Vertical Reality" An excellent and highly recommended piece of work. John Farley first flew the P.1127 in 1964 while a test pilot at the Royal Aircraft Establishment. He spent 19 years contributing to the development of the Harrier, retiring as Chief Test Pilot BAe Dunsfold. In 1990 he became the first Western test pilot to fly the MiG-29 fighter
6 Jan 2010
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