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John Madden, Dr. Phil, Charles Barkley, Bill Walton, George Bush, Al Pacino. You name it, Frank Caliendo can impersonate it. He stopped by WGN-TV and did 'em all. Check it out.
25 Apr 2009
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Al Pacino. George W. Bush. John Madden. Charles Barkley. The man is an impersonation MACHINE! Frank Caliendo stops by WGN Morning News and does his shtick with some new material, including his take on Al Pacino meeting George W. Bush in a library, the Favre of July, and the Redeem Team. Does he ever turn it off? Good stuff
25 Apr 2009
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Christopher Walken, John Madden, and Morgan Freeman go to Burning Man to get high and have a good time. But killer bees and Dennis Hopper's mysterious murder create a lot of burning questions. Follow us on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/aaronyonda (Matt) *******www.twitter****/mattsloan11
27 Sep 2009
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This will probably get removed and is a little juvenile, but... I'm just not a huge fan of John Madden. I think he's just a little too old and senile to still be on television. He says and does just about the dumbest things during sports broadcasts. This video is just an example of how he made me laugh tonight.
23 Jun 2011
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***********/watch?v=6hHrK-X8xpM Click here to watch Ten FTW: Our Top 10 Favorite Gaming MODS! Ten FTW - Top 10 Slowest Characters in Gaming (S03E002) Steve and Larson give you all a special education of the slowest characters in gaming history. Want more Steve and Larson? Then like us on the Facebook at www.facebook****/steveandlarson or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter****/steveandlarson. This video will show you: HOW TO play QWOP HOW TO improve your CoD K/D HOW TO kill necromorphs with the Plasma Cutter HOW TO friendo Steve and Larson on Facebook and Twitter - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima *******twitter****/machinima_com Inside Gaming *******twitter****/insidegaming Machinima Respawn *******twitter****/mcom_respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture *******twitter****/machinima_etc FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinima FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimarespawn FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimasports FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimarealm FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimatrailer TAGS: Ten FTW TFTW Top 10 Steve Larson yt:quality=high Noid avoid Dominos Lester Unlikely Lemmings Rockstar North John Madden Football NFL Big The Cat Hamburger Grimace Big Bird Curly Three Stooges Grunts Halo Covenant QWOP Waluigi Slippy Toad StarFox
7 Sep 2011
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John Madden questions the comedy stylings of Ellen Degeneres while appearing as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
31 Aug 2012
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Dug up from the bowels of our archives, we bring you a talk with the Legend himself John Madden from his very own Mancave Features & Reviews - ***********/user/gamespot Gameplay & Guides - ***********/user/gamespotgameplay Trailers - ***********/user/gamespottrailers MLG, NASL & eSports - ***********/user/gamespotesports Mobile Gaming - ***********/user/gamespotmobile Like - *******www.facebook****/GameSpot Follow - *******www.twitter****/GameSpot Stream Live - ******* *******www.gamespot****/
30 Aug 2013
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Frank Caliendo on ESPN
2 Nov 2008
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To kick off the end of the football season and to hype up the hilarious commentary for football, here is a short video of what it would be like to live with sports cast announcers. Enjoy the Super Bowl... of salad. www.TrashOnRubbish**** --- Brad Bischoff Wes Bischoff Tyler Bischoff Nick Santore Jason O'Malley Bob Zegler
9 Nov 2008
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Since the founding of JDRF in 1970, the organization's largest and most successful fundraising program, the Walk to Cure Diabetes, has raised over 90 million dollars to go towards Type 1 diabetes research. Kevin Kline gives you his top 10 reasons to participate in JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes
12 Sep 2009
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Access Hollywood Dwayne was certainly excited to be at the 2009 Super Bowl, but what does he think about the preview for his film, "Race to Witch Mountain," premiering during the game?
25 Apr 2010
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Access Hollywood Rainn talks about the special episode of "The Office" that aired right after the Super Bowl. Plus, what does he think about Jennifer Hudson performing the national anthem?
25 Apr 2010
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Access Hollywood How well did the Super Bowl sports stars do when Access put them to the Hollywood trivia test?
25 Apr 2010
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Have you ever wanted to watch two guys recreate pick-up lines that never actually happened? Have you ever wanted those two guys to impersonate famous athletes and sports figures, yet not put any effort whatsoever into costuming or accurate impersonations? And have you ever wanted those two guys to hit on the same girl repeatedly and have her be eerily into it? If so, you should REALLY watch this video! Check out the first installment, "Great Pick-Up Lines in American History" here: ***********/watch?v=qi7Y121LgY0 Girl: Melissa Russell - ***********/user/MelissaFilmTV Dude: Aaron Wise DP: Aaron Massey - ***********/user/PodunkPictures Follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/baratsandbereta Subscribe to us on Facebook and Like the heck out of us: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298?v=wall *******apps.facebook****/baratsandbereta/
19 Apr 2011
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The shift in focus for this year's game will excite some, but others might be disappointed.
19 Jul 2011
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15 Aug 2011
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