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John Miller of Adirondack Energy Services in Hudson Falls, NY performed the Energystar certification testing on this model. Watch as Kevin interviews John about the process of testing that goes into an Energystar rating for a New York home
23 Aug 2008
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Here Kevin of Schuyler Builders asks John Miller of Adirondack Energy Services about the ways in which a home's mechanical ventilation system is tested to insure the home meets Energy Star standards for energy efficiency in new home construction.
26 Aug 2008
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Kevin of watches John Miller of Adirondack Energy Services perform the blower door test on this new Lincoln model home.
3 Sep 2008
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John Miller of Adirondack Energy Services completes the Energy Star audit testing and explains new home Energy Star compliance in New York to Kevin of a Capital region home building contractor offering greenbuilt ecohousing featuring sustainable design.
6 Sep 2008
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【新唐人2009年1月11日訊】神韻的演出融合了大屏幕動畫特效, 再配上中英文翻譯, 讓現場的觀眾充融入神的境界. 下面來聽一下幾位美國舊金山灣區公司總裁的體會. 醫療器械公司總裁 Jerry Hansen: 「我覺得這個演出你可能在其他地方看不到。」 地產公司總裁羅佩茨朗: 「演出超凡」 保險公司總裁 John Miller: 「我夫人, 我還有我的朋友都認為演出令人驚嘆」 地產公司老闆 James Swarthout: 「非常人性化, 我在這裡看感覺很好」 醫療器械公司總裁 Jerry Hansen一家四口人驅車一個小時趕到舊金山來觀看神韻的演出, 他表示, 演出中的音效超越了語言. Jerry Hansen 「我覺得聲音很美好,我從來沒有體會在不同語言境界的感覺, 這次演出讓你覺得好像被帶進音樂和舞蹈的境界。」 保險公司總裁 John Miller夫婦和他們朋友則對演出傳達的信息所吸引. John Miller: 「演出中的幾個信息都和精神信仰有關, 令人驚嘆。」 軟件工程師 Tom: 「是的, 關於尋找真相的信息, 期望未來的信息, 跨越時代, 我覺得做的非常出色。」 新唐人記者 袁科 舊金山報導 其他推薦: 神韻晚會-神韻藝術團全球巡演 神韻藝術團-展現神傳文化 中國面臨經濟蕭條和日益增長的社會不滿情緒
19 Jan 2009
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Every day outstanding organizations do things and promote values that ensure they will retain customers, grow revenues, increase market share, and build their reputations. Learn to do exactly that as John Miller visits with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation(tm).
16 Jan 2010
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BY ALLAN VESTAL ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy It sounds like the plot of a bad movie - but a Long Island school district is investigating a group of students for allegedly plotting an SAT “cheating ring.” KPTV: “Some teenagers are accused of paying college students to take the SAT for them. Examine administrators confirm they are checking on the cheating ring. They reportedly hired someone from a top midwestern university to take the college admission test.” The students are reportedly seniors at Long Island’s prestigious John Miller Great Neck North High School -- which counts Francis Ford Coppola and designer Kenneth Cole among its alumni. A junior at the school tells WCBS he's not surprised at the allegations. "When kids have access to so much money to pay other kids to take it for them, it's gonna happen." But another junior tells WABC that cheating is no more acceptable in Great Neck than anywhere else. "People think that because we have money, that we're allowed to do this and this is acceptable in our community. That's so not true." Observers say the scandal proves a larger trend nationwide. For The Huffington Post - David Callahan - editor of - says this might be a good time to reflect on the stress applying to college puts on high school students. "An SAT cheating scandal at one of the top-ranked high schools in America is almost certain to provoke one of those periodic moments of soul searching about how today's youth are so stressed out and anxious about their futures that they'll chuck their ethics out the window to get ahead." But a contributing writer for New City Patch puts at least some of the blame on the business of standardized testing. "It seems to me that the biggest winners from the standardized testing hype are The College Board, which charges $47 per test and encourages students to take it several times, and the test prep companies and tutors. None of this feels like it’s for the good of the student." The Educational Testing Service says out of two million tests -- only a few thousand per year are seen as “questionable.” 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
19 Mar 2011
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30 Mar 2011
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0:40 Dog Walking Studio City Dog Walker Studio City Licensed & Insured. Call John Miller (818) 400-5132 email: Hi, my name is John Miller. I grew up in Los Angeles and have always loved spending time outdoors with my dogs. When I was a boy, I had two miniature schnauzers named Dandy and Duke. I love playing fetch with the dog's and taking them on long walks and hikes. I have always believed that a healthy dog is a happy dog. It was very easy leaving the corporate world to help others with their family pets. I look forward to every day when I spend time with my clients' dogs and feel extremely satisfied knowing I am enriching the lives of many animals and giving their owners piece of mind while they are living their busy lives. We also enjoy taking care of your feline friends, birds, reptiles and many other family pets. Everyone on my staff is an animal lover and takes pride in their job of caring for your pets! We look forward to hearing about you and your loved ones and can't wait to meet you all! Please feel free to contact us anytime! Search for us in Studio City using the following search terms: Royalty Dog Care Dog Walking Studio City Dog Walker Studio City Dog walking services Studio City Pet sitting Studio City Pet sitter Studio City Our service area spans across: Camarillo,Thousand Oaks ,Newbury Park ,Westlake Village ,Agoura Hills ,Hidden Hills ,Malibu ,Calabasas ,Topanga,Canoga Park, Valley Circle, Woodland Hills, Tarzana,Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Hollywood, Valley Village, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Los Feliz, SilverLake, Beverly Hills, Beverly Glen, Bel Air Estate, Santa Monica, Venice, Ocean Park, Culver City, LA County, LA, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Oak Park, Pacific Palisades, Sawtelle, Brentwood, Westwood, Rancho Park, Cheviot Hills, South Robertson, Century City, Palms, Miracle Mile, West Hills, Warner Center
7 Mar 2013
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En 1937, la ciudad de Nanking es el principal frente de la Guerra entre China y Japón. John Miller (Christian Bale) llega a una iglesia católica para preparar el entierro de un sacerdote. A su llegada, el joven norteamericano, que trata de aprovecharse de las necesidades de la guerra, se ve convertido en el único adulto entre un grupo de alumnas que viven escondidas en el convento. Poco después, buscarán refugio en la misma iglesia varias prostitutas de un burdel cercano. Cuando John se encuentra en la posición indeseada de protector de los dos grupos ante los horrores del ejército invasor japonés, descubre el significado del sacrificio y el honor.
8 Mar 2013
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John Miller describes what a police commander would do if he believed his officers cornered the armed Boston bombing suspect alive and in a boat behind a house
20 Apr 2013
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1998 - Osama Bin Laden Interview with ABC John Miller;
29 Jun 2013
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Charlie Rose Season: 21 John Miller discusses the NSA leaks with Phil Mudd, Tim Murphy, Marc Rotenberg, Jesselyn Radack and James Bruce.
11 Jul 2013
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Charlie Rose Season: 22 The roots of terrorism with Maajid Nawaz, author of “Radical: My Journey out of Islamic Extremism” and John Miller, correspondent for CBS News and a Former Assistant Director at the FBI.
29 Oct 2013
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The National Security Agency gave John Miller unprecedented access for his upcoming "60 Minutes" report. Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the agency, said he wants to set the record straight about what the NSA is really learning from Americans' phone conversations.
13 Dec 2013
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Over the past two years, senior correspondent John Miller has led CBS News’ coverage of security and law enforcement stories. Miller is going back to the New York Police Department, along with incoming Commissioner William Bratton. Miller previously worked under Bratton at the NYPD and the LAPD.
27 Dec 2013
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