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In der mit höchster Spannung erwarteten neuen Folge des TERMINATOR-Filmfranchises, die im postapokalyptischen Jahr 2018 angelegt ist, spielt Hauptdarsteller Christian Bale John Connor. Connors Schicksal ist es, den Widerstand der Menschen gegen Skynet und seine Armee von Terminators anzuführen. Aber die Zukunft sieht für Connor anders aus als geplant: Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) taucht plötzlich auf – ein Fremder, dessen letzte Erinnerung ist, dass er zum Tode verurteilt wurde. Connor muss entscheiden, ob Marcus aus der Zukunft entsandt worden ist oder aus der Vergangenheit gerettet wurde. Als Skynet seinen finalen Angriff vorbereitet, begeben sich Connor und Marcus auf eine Odyssee, die sie ins Innere der Organisation von Skynet führt, wo sie das schreckliche Geheimnis hinter der möglichen Vernichtung der Menschheit aufdecken. TERMINATOR – DIE ERLÖSUNG markiert die neuste Fortsetzungsfolge des milliardenschweren TERMINATOR-Franchises und ist der erste Film in einer neuen TERMINATOR-Trilogie. TERMINATOR – DIE ERLÖSUNG entstand nach einem Drehbuch von Michael Ferris und John Brancato unter der Regie von McG. Der Film wird von Moritz Borman, Derek Anderson, Victor Kubicek und Jeffrey Silver produziert und von Peter D. Graves, Bahman Naraghi, Mario F. Kassar, Andrew G. Vajna, Joel B. Michaels, Dan Lin und Jeanne Allgood koproduziert. Die Filmmusik stammt von Danny Elfman. In weiteren Rollen sind zu sehen: Anton Yelchin als Kyle Reese, Bryce Dallas Howard als Kate Brewster, Moon Bloodgood als Blair Williams, Helena Bonham Carter als Serena Kogen, sowie Common als Barnes und Jadagrace als Star. Kinostart: 4. Juni 2009
2 Sep 2008
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John O'Connor says he joined Sea Coast Realty's Southport, NC office because of the training, technology, and strong Coldwell Banker brand. However, he says that it's the people and the positive environment there that have really been key to his success. "It really does come back to having an environment where everybody is supporting you to get to the goals that you're trying to achieve," says O'Connor. For more information, please visit www.seacoastrealty**** or find us on Facebook at www.facebook****/seacoastrealty.
26 May 2010
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Founded in 2001, Gravity Co. started out as a side project, working on the soundtrack to the computer game Trans, side project tur Founded in 2001, Gravity Co. started out as a side project, working on the soundtrack to the computer game Trans, side project turned to full-time and they haven't looked back since. In early 2002 Gravity Co. made their debut, releasing their first single 'Away' accompanied by an art-school style video directed by Gravity Co.'s Producer Georgi Stanev. The bands first try topped MM TV's (Bulgaria's most popular music television) International Airplay Chart, holding on to the #1 spot for three consecutive weeks. 'Away' would later be included in NovaXposure - the monthly compilation released by 'Radio Ventures' with songs by Elton John, Sarah Connor, Alcazar and others. Gravity's second single 'Mr. No One' would set the critics straight, as to the bands potential, taking a play-list space in BMG's official weekly video compilation, alongside Carlos Santana and Christina Aguilera. The band stretched the boundaries further when Bill Withers granted official permission to record and release a cover version of his all time classic 'Ain't No Sunshine. *******www.gravityco****/
17 Aug 2008
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NEDS released at Cineeworld Cinemas 21 January 2011 Director Peter Mullan's shocking account of life on the streets of Glasgow in the early 1970s. John McGill (Connor McCarron) starts secondary school. He's bright and gifted, but things are against him. His father (played by Mullan himself) is a violent drunk and his elder brother is a notorious gang leader. With his teachers unwilling to give him a chance before he's even started, John sees all the authority figures in his life dismiss any possibility of him charting his own course. He fights back and falls in with the NEDs - Non-Educational Delinquents - violent gangs who roam the rough Glasgow streets. Feeling so much anger at those around him, John takes to this violent life with alarming ease - but will he ever have a chance at redemption? Mullan guarantees the film's authenticity by working with non-professional actors who embody rather than play their characters. Running time: 124 mins Director: Peter Mullan Starring: Conor McCarron, Martin Bell, Linda Cuthbert
31 Jan 2011
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TÍTULO ORIGINAL: The Six Wives of Henry Lefay AÑO: 2009 DURACIÓN: min. PAÍS: EE.UU DIRECTOR: Howard Michael Gould GUIÓN: Howard Michael Gould MÚSICA: Stephen Barton FOTOGRAFÍA: Nancy Schreiber REPARTO: Tim Allen, Elisha Cuthbert, Jenna Elfman, Paz Vega, Jenna Dewan, Kelli Garner, Andie MacDowell, Eric Christian Olsen, John Farrer, Connor Fox, David Gere PRODUCTORA: Brillstein Entertainment Partners / Holly Wiersma Productions / Ring Productions GÉNERO: Comedia SINOPSIS: Comedia en la que una hija deberá organizar el funeral de su padre, al cual se le da por muerto al desaparecer. El caos reinará en el funeral al tener que lidiar nada menos que con las seis ex-esposas de su papá.......... (FILMAFFINITY)
9 Jan 2013
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