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"There Are No Goodbyes" is a story about choices and finding purpose in one's life in the context of the current sociopolitical climate of blue-collar America. Synopsis: Born and raised in a quiet, industrial city, Oliver (Matthew King) has grown comfortable, but without direction. Still living in his deceased parents' house, he is contacted by Fenris (Frederick Williams), a mysterious gentleman who gives him an odd task to complete. Without knowing the man or his motivation, he complies and is rewarded. The tasks continue and provide purpose, but soon he begins to question the man and his intentions. Frustrated and back on his own, Oliver crosses paths with a young photographer named Raina (Jennifer Hooper), who introduces new energy to his life. The two fall in love, and all is well until the man returns with one more task to complete. Will Oliver succumb to his demands and does he have a choice? For more information: *******ThereAreNoGoodbyes**** *******Facebook****/ThereAreNoGoodbyes "There Are No Goodbyes" is the second feature film from the award-winning filmmakers at Lyons Den Productions. This true independent production filmed in four countries and is expected to release in 2012. © 2011 Lyons Den Productions
29 Dec 2011
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