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Tobin’s career as a high school teacher took him on a tour of inner city high schools that left him frustrated about the lack of advocacy on the behalf of troubled students. Parents who were overtaxed working several jobs just to keep the family above water or parents who were absent due to a variety of less altruistic reasons were the plight of more than 50% of students in inner city high schools. He saw how easily the kids could be swayed off track and how many of those kids had been very good students before lack of supervision and lack of economic opportunities caused them to take a different path in life. Tobin runs after school and weekend tutoring clinics to give these troubled students a place to go that is an alternative to hanging out on the streets. He has created an internship program in his thriving law practice to offer avenues of education that might otherwise not be available to some of these students. Tobin’s wife Annelise is also an educator and participates in these programs with her husband. Two of the couple’s daughters are also intimately involved in the tutoring program and internships. Tobin’s oldest daughter, Carolynn is an attorney in his firm and his youngest daughter Sondra is an elementary school teacher. Their middle daughter, Kirsten is an actress in New York City. When Tobin is not advocating for disadvantaged youth or helping to further their education, he likes to travel to New York City with his wife to visit their daughter Kirsten. Tobin and Annelise are big fans of Broadway and make a point of seeing at least a show or two on every visit to New York. The entire family recently took a cruise through the Mexican Riviera to celebrate Todd and Annelise’s 40th wedding anniversary. No one in the Tobin family dares mention that Todd is nearing retirement. Education and advocacy have been his life’s calling and his wife and daughters fully expect him to be an active participant in the firm he built until the day he dies.