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Huge MLM Leader, Trainer, and Coach invites you to join his Xango team. Carlos will lead you to the top and teach you the how to personally.
13 Jun 2007
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What do people join? Why should they join your business? visit me at or go to Why should someone join your business with out knowing anything about you. I use to say the same thing as you about my business, best compentation best leadership best opperunity best timing best growth ect. But truly we all think that about all of our compnaies. Then why does someone join a mlm every 12 seconds and its not yours? Why do we all think the same thing about all of our compnaies? Why is it, your best friends or neighbors join other compnies than the one your in? Why do we always have to say next? Its because we join for other resons. WE ALL KNOW PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE not businesses. If its that way then WHY ARE YOU MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS FIRST??? LET US HELP YOU do it RIGHT Boy scouts girl scouts strategies girl scout cookies boy scout cookies strategic managing strategic planning strategic plan stragegic ways for money business growth business growth strategy history of mlm history of growth sales leads shopping timing people joining traffic leads goldine success secret law of attraction new represntative next level marketing posture cold market warm market generation leaders joiners cold calls (more) (less)
29 Jun 2007
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Rhain Davis The Whiz Kids Join Manchester United A Great Young Talent 9 Years Old ! THE world's most famous soccer club - Manchester United - has offered nine-year-old Brisbane whiz kid Rhain Davis a shot at stardom. Rhain has been invited to join Manchester United's famed academy, the breeding ground of current Red Devils' star Ryan Giggs and 1966 World Cup-winning England hero Bobby Charlton
25 Jul 2007
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This is a guide on how to we can all join up to get a free iPhone. Here is the link:
11 Aug 2007
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After Uria, Aviad was selected to join the new MyAudition production for channel 10. Anyone can enter the site and take an audition. Http://
26 Aug 2007
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Mario explains why you should join our Virtual Community.
29 Aug 2007
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Ian decides to join Dawn after all, on her quest to find all 26 other siblings.
30 Aug 2007
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1-CLICK Batch Download & JOIN 100s of YouTube videos into mp4, wmv, mov, avi. Currently supports User/Channel/Playlist/Group/Favorite Batch Download! flv videos will be converted automatically to your favorite file formats. no more cut & paste url. no more renaming to .flv
21 Sep 2007
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Mario reminds you to join us in one or all channel virtual communities.
24 Sep 2007
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1-Click JOIN, Download & Convert 100s of YouTube Videos
3 Oct 2007
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As we all know, many of us are disappointed that Bungie has decided not to include their custom games browser (code-named XBL Public) in Halo 3. So that inspired me to create the next best thing: the Halo 3 Custom Match Finder! This video shows you how to get your custom match listed on the site so that people can find it and join. Finding a match is easy; you browse by game type. If you're looking for something like a specific variant (say Alpha Zombie), you can narrow it down by clicking on the game type (in this case, it's Infection), then clicking "Search". Other things you can search for include cetain maps, gamertags, the time the game's starting, etc. By the way, when posting your match listing, try to use Eastern Standard Time when posting the time the match starts at (I've included a clock in the site that displays the current time in EST to help), that way there's no confusion as to when exactly to show up for the match. Oh, and one more thing: although everything should work just fine, the site is only about 70% complete, and unexpected errors could occur. Just let me know if you're having any problems, or would like to make suggestions. The song was done by me, and was made specifically for this video.
14 Oct 2007
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Well known french vlog entertainer Vinvin joins Seesmic as VP of Content. Check to learn who he is !
26 Oct 2007
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Do you have a business online? Do you want to profit from the developments of web 2.0? Join the e-commerce experts and have your say about the new wave that's building on the internet! Find out more about this new wave of the internet - watch TV shows at
26 Oct 2007
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uVme is a fantastic new business with a global audience and is launching towards the end of 2007. Sign up for FREE now & download your free report from or Join for free now!
29 Oct 2007
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mercedes join noah of ark
3 Nov 2007
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2:23 In this video I discuss the importance of joining a good team. I was very fortunate that I joined with such a great team. I show just a few of the bonuses that my team has given me. There's plenty more that I didn't even mention! The Reverse Funnel System works! You drive the traffic and let the system do the work. Who doesn't want to make some more money? If you're looking to make money online or interested in starting a home based business you need to check out The Reverse Funnel System. Find more info at:
5 Nov 2007
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