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December is National Constipation Awareness Month. Stress, travel and changes in diet and routine can all contribute to occasional constipation, but constipation that keeps coming back may be diagnosed as IBS-C or CIC. Dr. Jonathan Rosenberg shares how to identify signs of IBS-C or CIC early on as well as ways to take charge and manage recurring symptoms.
11 Dec 2017
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Synopsis: A group of friends stays every week for a game night organized mainly by one of them, Brooks. In one of those hangouts, the game becomes reality and these friends are involved in a real murder. Sarah, girlfriend of one of them creates a parallel plan for that night that will mainly affect Brooks. A film directed by Jonathan M. Goldstein (Vacation) and John Francis Daley (TV Series Bones). It will feature actors such as Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes), Jason Bateman (How to kill your boss) and Jesse Plemons (Battlership), among others.
19 Nov 2017
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The Mayo Clinic states that a small amount of mercury (two to 20 micrograms a day) is released from an amalgam filling whenever it’s mechanically manipulated, such as by chewing. Chewing gum is one of the worst things you can do if you have amalgam fillings because it releases an amount of mercury “greatly above normal.” It also says that the normal flora present in our mouths changes some of the mercury into other forms, like methylmercury, which have been shown to be incorporated into the body’s tissues. So mercury vapors released from amalgam fillings increase with any type of of mechanical manipulation or stimulation. What does stimulation mean exactly? Think chewing, as in chewing your food, chewing on some gum or grinding your teeth. But stimulation can also come in the form of heat or dental procedures, such as a tooth cleaning. With simple stimulation that occurs every day in a person’s mouth, the dangerous, toxic mercury vapors released increases. Do you ever drink hot tea or coffee? This simple, enjoyable indulgence raises the temperatures in your mouth, which is yet another cause of increased mercury vapor release. Ever get a piece of meat that’s a bit tough or pop a stick of gum in your mouth? This agitation again increases the mercury vapors released into your mouth, which then travels through the rest of your body. Mercury exposure, both in one large dose and through low-level exposure over time, is linked through scientific data to kidney, brain, urological, fertility, neurological and renal problems. These problems are even more severe in children and developing fetuses. One 2013 article written by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine talks about the conflicting research that has taken place in Sweden and the United States. In Sweden, several studies demonstrated that when people with pre-existing neurological and health issues (like chronic fatigue-type symptoms) had amalgams removed, 78 percent of the subjects reported improvement in their health status.
29 Nov 2017
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Jonathan Bris
17 Dec 2006
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30 second clip of Jonathan Ross' mum in TJ Hughes' new advertising campaign.
4 Apr 2007
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Thought reader and Psychic Entertainer, Jonathan Pritchard, demonstrates his ability to read thoughts, project his own thoughts into other people's minds, and forecast their decisions.
9 Aug 2007
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Psychic Entertainer and Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard performs incredible feats of prognostication and mental communication!
9 Aug 2007
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Luli Fernández junto a Jonathan López Luna en la Gala número 3 de Música Disco.
24 Aug 2007
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Jonathan Coulton Mr. Fancypants intro
15 Sep 2007
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Jonathan Coulton plays Mr. Fancypants on his new Zendrum device
16 Sep 2007
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Disfruta del Stand Up Comedy "Me Flosharon" con Jonathan Ocasio quien ha demostrado una capacidad única para hacerte reir y reflexionar nos muestra su primer DVD. Miralo te encantara.
3 Oct 2007
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Chapter 1 concepts from the book Simulation Theory by Jonathan Lippe discussed.
25 Dec 2007
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