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Only on A&E’s PRIVATE SESSIONS - They’ve sold over 70 million records and have had at least 18 American hit singles to date- iconic band Duran Duran perform their monstrous hits “Notorious” and “Girls on Film” as well as treat us to their new “Falling Down”, “Nite Runner” and “Skin Divers” off their new release Red Carpet Massacre. Plus, don’t miss their in-depth conversation with host Lynn Hoffman about their substantial and successful career and a surprise appearance by Ricky Gervais ("The Office")! Don’t miss PRIVATE SESSIONS every Sunday morning on A&E Television!
21 Nov 2007
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Shah Rukh Khan took his homosexual image to a whole new level when he was caught kissing a man full on! In the pic, SRK is seen in a tight lip lock with another man. The authenticity of this picture is debatable
3 Dec 2010
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There's a very surreal phone that can help stop AIDS in Africa - WEIRD !
4 Dec 2006
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Now and then... Scenes of the real Animal House guys - Pinto, Bluto, Otter etc. in their early 1960s fraternity at Dartmouth College that inspired the 1978 National Lampoon movie classic, as told in Chris Miller's The REAL Animal House. One of a kind unseen footage of the real Alpha Delta. Video by Jonathon E. Stewart. *******www.myspace****/therealanimalhouse
10 Aug 2007
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snippets of Jonathon Acorn's Street show in Purmerand Holland, includes magic, puppetry and madness
22 Aug 2007
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www.pmphoto****.au V8 super car drive Jonathon Webb marries the true love of his life Kobe Webb at Kings College in North Parramatta and reception at Park Hyatt in The Rocks.
5 Feb 2011
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I’ve been working on this for a while now, and it’s finally done! It’s a vid of all the ships (pairings, couplings, whatever you want to call them) I’m on right now. Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything used is the property of the owners, which unfortunately I am not. The Bartimaeus Trilogy --- Nathaniel x Kitty Jones --- Fanarts belong to various owners --- Belongs to Jonathon Stroud, not me Warriors --- Leafpool x Crowfeather --- Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw --- Fanarts belong to various owners --- Belongs to Erin Hunter, not me The Mentalist --- Patrick Jane x Teresa Lisbon --- Wayne Rigsby x Grace Van Pelt --- Clips from The Mentalist --- Belongs to CBS, not me Artemis Fowl --- Artemis Fowl II x Holly Short --- Fanarts belong to various owners --- Belongs to Eoin Colfer, not me Eleventh Hour --- Jacob Hood x Rachel Young --- Clips from Eleventh Hour --- Belongs to CBS, not me NCIS --- Tony DiNozzo x Ziva David --- Tim McGee x Abby Scutio --- L. J. Gibbs x Jenny Shepard --- Clips from NCIS --- Belongs to CBS, not me Monk --- Adrian Monk x Natalie Teeger --- Clips from Monk --- Belongs to CBS, not me X-Men Evolution --- Kitty Pryde x Kurt Wagner --- Rogue x Remy LeBeau --- Clips from X-Men Evolution --- Belongs to Marvel, not me "Accidentally in Love" --- belongs to Counting Crows & UMG, not me --- Ahem, NOT MINE!
11 Sep 2009
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2 Nov 2010
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Spencer (from "Farting in Public") buys a hamster and takes him on a walk. I've posted 5 minutes of raw footage if you want to try editing it yourself. To download the .mov file, click here: *******hamster.ofnalts****/ To just see it, click here: *******revver****/video/640054/hamster-on-a-walk-unedited/ I know it's not safe to jam so many kids in the car. And I don't think we hurt Beawolf, but you're not supposed to handle new hamsters for 4 days after you buy 'em. Sorry PETA and car-safety advocates. There can be no satire without ire. Thanks to Jonathon Roberts for the most excellent music: *******www.jmtr**** And thanks, Spencer, and his buds (one of whom is my nephew). Entirely his idea. And sorry, Katie. I know you weren't excited to see Beawolf in a noose-like leash.
18 Apr 2009
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20 Mar 2008
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Spencer buys a hamster and takes him on a walk. To see 5 minutes of unedited footage, click here: disabled the ratings and comments because there is a small but vocal group that gets touchy when I put a hamster in a blender with fava beans and a nice chianti. Actually the thing people should be getting upset about is the children without seat belts. The hamster is a rodent who spent his days in a 1 foot smelly petstore cage, and wasn't hurt (harness around chest not neck). He's since forgotten his 5-minute walk in the fresh air. But that's mostly because we strapped his leash to the back bumper and kinda forgot about that until we got home. Poor little guy probably kept up with us for the first mile or so from Target. There can be no satire without ire. Sorry to those of you that unsubscribed over this like TheMeltingSnowman. You'll miss our celebrated "Midgets Tossing Kittens" video next week. Thanks to Jonathon Roberts for the most excellent music:
1 Feb 2008
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Jonathon 'The Impaler' Sharkey is a Satanic Vampire running for the President of the United States. He wants to make the greatest documentary about himself in the world. Little does he know that the entire production is an elaborate prank at his expense. Directed By: Richard Mullenax Executive Producers: W. Tray White, Brian Dickson, and Richard Mullenax
7 Nov 2009
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